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A Love for Life: Level 6 (Cambridge English Readers)
A Love for Life: Level 6 (Cambridge English Readers)
von Penny Hancock
Preis: EUR 9,85

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5.0 von 5 Sternen A real love, 16. März 2009
The book 'A Love for Life' from Penny Hancock deals with a very difficult subject: Adopting a child.

There are a lot of examples where famous persons like Angelina Jolie or Madonna adopt a child in a few weeks. But is this right? The kids sometimes have not the chance to see there biological parents again.

For Fanella, the main character of the book, it is not easy to adopt a child. She has to go trough a lot of watches from social workers. Further her relationship with her ex-partner Steven breaks down. Now Fanella has only one person how is still there for here and listen to her. It is her best friend Teresa. Teresa herself has a little boy called Timothy who is also a little bit like a child for Fanella.
After a long and very sad time Fanella has the chance to adopt a child called Ellie. Ellie is fife years old but some people say that she is a little bit difficult to handle. But this does not matter to Fanella because she is so happy to have a child now. That is why she is ready to take a back seat to her own wishes. But then other men's like Rod , Ellies teacher, appear in her life and Fanella has to do very difficult and hard decisions.

Penny Hancock is not the kind of author who narrate in only one view. She changes between Fanella, Teresa and Rod and this makes the book also very interesting. The author describes very good how Fanella is feeling during her difficult period and I actually had tears in my eyes. But I also was very lucky when I read that everything went well. Sometimes it was so exiting that I read up till 23:00 o'clock because I wanted to know how Fanellas decision would be. I was also impressed that Fanella is not the kind of woman who lets herself get down. After her difficult period she is stronger than before and this is good and desirable.

I gave the book 5 stars because I found that it deals with this subject very good and because it makes it understandable what it is like to adopt a child when you can not get your owns.

If you want to know how Fanella's story goes on and how her relationship with Ellie and Rod develop you really have to read the book.

The War Between the Classes (Klett English Editions - Young Adult Literature)
The War Between the Classes (Klett English Editions - Young Adult Literature)
von Rudolph E. Rau
Preis: EUR 9,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen 'War Between the Classes' from Gloria D. Miklowitz, 23. Oktober 2008
I've got this interesting book from my English teacher Mr. Schaub. Every pupil in our class had to read one English book. We had the choice between lots of books which are not too big because it is the time first time we have to read English books.
When we had the choice to get one I decided to take the book 'The War Between the Classes' from Gloria D. Miklowitz. I have chosen this book because the blurb gives me a first overview that makes me already interested in this book. I like books which show the problems of the society in other countries. The topic of this book isn't too complicated so you can understand immediately the mean sense.
The book is written in the perspective of a seventeen year old girl called Emiko Sumoto but their friends call her Amy. She is Japanese and comes from a traditional and conservative Japanese family. Her boyfriend Adam Tarcher is a white and 'upper class boy' (because his parents are very rich).
But Amy's father doesn't accept the relationship because he doesn't want his daughter to have a boyfriend who isn't Japanese and who isn't in the same class of society.
In my opinion it's a great idea to show these problems because like this everyone can see the difference between the people and their lives in different classes. Another part in the book makes clear what it means to live in different classes and how this can influences everyday life.
In school a teacher (Mr. Otero) plays the 'Colour game' with the pupil. The rules say that every pupil has to pick up a band out of a box without seeing the colour they choose. There are four different colours which decide in which kind of class you are. Adam picks up the lowest class whereas Amy gets the highest one so they aren't allowed to speak to each other. Besides that the pupils who are in the highest class have got more laws than the others.
At first Amy likes to be part of the highest one but after a time she doesn't like it anymore because she isn't allowed to speak to her boyfriend and to all the others who aren't in the same class. In the last chapters the pupils make red bands so everyone is in the same class. After four weeks the game is over and everyone is glad to had the opportunity to make this hard experience.
I'm happy too because this is the most interesting book I have ever read. It isn't only a book for entertainment but it's a book which with you can learn a lot about the differences between the various society classes which unfortunately exist all over the world. All things considered it is worth buying.

Hans Lo.

Cloning Miranda
Cloning Miranda
von Carol Matas

5.0 von 5 Sternen I' m a clone..., 22. Oktober 2008
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Cloning Miranda (Taschenbuch)
Carol Matas ' Cloning Miranda

The book 'Cloning Miranda' by Carol Matas is about a young girl called Miranda.
Miranda is a cute, intelligent and talented young girl.
One day during her dance rehearsal her eyes went blurry.
The doctor told her that she had a tumour.
Later she found out that she is a clone.
Her parents want to sacrifice another clone to save Miranda's life.
Miranda wants to die because she doesn't to sacrifice another clone. She found out bad details about her parent's life.
This book is very interesting because if you read a few pages you want to know how the story goes on and what happens next.
It's interesting to see how a satisfied girl goes through the hardest time in her life, how a happy family can break down and a friend could be the most important person in life.
Also it's not so hard to understand because the unknown words are explained at the end of every page.
Sometimes boring text passages cause adversity, but in the course of the text exciting details grab to read on

In my opinion it's a recommendable book because it's interesting to read and it's about a theme in which everyone is interested.

Steffi T.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven International Edition
The Five People You Meet in Heaven International Edition
von Mitch Albom
Preis: EUR 7,40

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5.0 von 5 Sternen It touched me..., 18. Oktober 2008
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
(Mitch Albom)

I got the book from my English teacher. He told me that the topic of the book corresponds a little bit to 'P.S. I love you' and I agree. The title sounded very interesting to me and so I started to read it straight away. The story gave me a new imagination of how heaven could be and I liked it very much.

The story is told by the narrative perspective of the third-person narrator and is created very interestingly by Mitch Albom.

The story starts with the death of the maintenance worker Eddie who worked his whole life in an amusement park called 'Ruby Pier'. A story which starts with an end or with a death was new to me but when I read it, it touched me because all new beginnings have to start with an end.

After his death Eddie meets five people in heaven, (some he knows some he doesn't) who all tell him something very important about his own past. They all give him lessons about life in general which are also important for my own life to understand how life works and that everything that happens in life has a reason and a meaning. It helped me to understand that my life is good and that I can be proud of my life because this is an important thing Eddie has to learn in heaven the hard way.

The story is interrupted by different birthdays of Eddie. These interruptions show how Eddies life was when he lived. His life wasn't really great or successful but that is life! There are conflicts with people or love with people and also ups and downs. The other sort of interruption in the story narrative is how life goes on in the present when someone dies. Through this we see the contrast between life on earth and life in heaven and how it walks side by side.

I gave the story 5 stars because the idea to write such a book is fantastic. The way M. Albom presents it too.

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