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Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate
Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate
von Leila Ahmed
Preis: EUR 18,41

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5.0 von 5 Sternen A Must-Read for Anyone Interested in Women in Islam, 11. Dezember 1999
Leila Ahmed's WOMEN AND GENDER IN ISLAM is a wonderfully iconoclastic history of ideas about Muslim women. Cheerfully debunking every stereotype American readers have about women in the Islamic heartland, Ahmed weaves together theological and literary sources, statistics and travelers' tales, to create a narrative far more complex and even-handed than any other I have read on the topic. Her focus is on the development of ideas rather than the physical details of women's lives, yet many individual women sparkle in her tale. Whether she is identifying the cultural influences which led early Islam toward misogyny and away from egalitarianism (elements of both misogyny and egalitarianism existing in Arab society and thought at the time) or showing how Muslim modernizers were influenced by colonial European racism (which used a pseudo-feminism to denigrate traditional non-Western cultures), her writing is sophisticated and graceful. Never heavy or dogmatic, careful to limit her conclusions and generalizations, Ahmed's integrity is matched only by her feminism. She would be the first to suggest how much more work needs to be done in the study of Muslim women, but WOMEN AND GENDER IN ISLAM is a marvelous beginning.

Living In The Lap of Goddess: The Feminist Spirituality Movement in America
Living In The Lap of Goddess: The Feminist Spirituality Movement in America
von Cynthia Eller
Preis: EUR 17,84

4.0 von 5 Sternen Women in Search of the Divine Feminine, 11. Dezember 1999
Like all scrupulously fair journalism, Cynthia Eller's very readable survey, LIVING IN THE LAP OF THE GODDESS, THE FEMINIST SPIRITUALITY MOVEMENT IN AMERICA, is bound to please and offend in equal measure. Using a decade of research (largely literary but also including personal interviews), Eller attempts to generalize about the feminist spirituality movement in the United States. While her tone is respectful, her eyes are wide open, and inevitably some of her observations must irritate some members of the movement. Her good will, however, seems evident and her information appears to be accurate. Her approach is comprehensive, considering topics from ritual to theology, history to psychology, sociology to magic. The book is an easy read, mostly straight reporting enriched by a little analysis in areas such as psychology of religion. The greatest limitation of the book is that it was published in the early 1990's and does not reflect developments during the last 6-7 years. However, as an even-handed introduction to feminist spirituality, it is still very useful. Unlike most books written by insiders in the movement, it includes information on the historical development of this alternate religion and focuses on issues on which spiritual feminists disagree. For anyone interested in learning just who those "Goddess worshippers" are (witches? pagans? New Agers? flakes?), what they believe, what they do, LIVING IN THE LAP OF THE GODDESS is an excellent beginning.

Women and Redemption
Women and Redemption
von Rosemary Radford Ruether
  Gebundene Ausgabe

5.0 von 5 Sternen Two Thousand Years of Women in Christianity, 11. Dezember 1999
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Women and Redemption (Gebundene Ausgabe)
Rosemary Radford Ruether's WOMEN AND REDEMPTION, A THEOLOGICAL HISTORY is a gem. Don't be put off by the stuffy title or the author's theology professor background. This introductory survey is clearly organized, readable, and thoroughly engaging. Rather than overwhelming the lay reader, Ruether selects just enough details and examples to illuminate the main points of her narrative. Using representative thinkers (male and female) from the last two millenia, Ruether illustrates both the development of Christian views of women over time and the range of views in each era. In the first two chapters, she covers the early church from the various Jesus movements to the establishment Christianity of the fourth century. Chapters three through five follow the story from medieval Europe through the Reformation to 19th century American Shakers and feminist abolitionists. The last three chapters sample comtemporary feminist theology in Europe, North America, and the Third World. Throughout the book, general issues are balanced with close-ups of individual thinkers. This personal emphasis helps to balance occasional stretches of abstraction, anchoring the book to the real world. WOMEN AND REDEMPTION is an excellent introduction to the study of women's role in Christianity, one written with great clarity and a consistent (but never strident) feminist point of view. Ruether's presentation of various points of view is scrupulously fair and even-handed, and her attempt to make her subject accessible to the general reader while maintaining a high intellectual standard is totally successful. I strongly recommend WOMEN AND REDEMPTION to anyone interested in the topic of women in Christianity, but especially to women--whether they believe the Christian Church is a suitable home for a feminist or the opposite. Both groups of readers will find food for thought in this well-written book.

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