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Sam Jost ( (Flensburg, Germany)

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Large-Scale C++ Software Design (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing (Paperback))
Large-Scale C++ Software Design (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing (Paperback))
von John S. Lakos
Preis: EUR 61,16

5.0 von 5 Sternen a 'should read' for every programmer., 28. Mai 1998
This book contains a lot of good hints for things to think about and mistakes to avoid in designing and/or coding a large software projekt. John Lakos hints are very well documented and argumented, they are not just like 'make this, do that'. I really recommend this book to everyone programming something larger than 'Hello World'. Sometimes J. Lakos tends to get a bit long winded when getting to something he thinks is important, but the book is still easy to read and very good to understand.

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