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Ratón de Biblioteca (Puerto Bories, Chile)

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von Robert Hughes
Preis: EUR 20,76

4.0 von 5 Sternen Good detail on Barcelona and Catalunya, 22. Mai 1998
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Barcelona (Taschenbuch)
Robert Hughes' "Barcelona" is the book that I wish that I had before I went to live in and around Barcelona, and since it came along after that time, reading it made me want to go back to that city again and again. By all means, if you plan to visit Barcelona or any other city in Catalunya, dedicate the time necessary to absorb this book before you go. It is not light reading, nor is it a "guidebook." The format doesn't really lend itself to a brief and casual visit -- but the market is full of those alternatives. Instead, you gain a more fulfilling context and deeper historical perspective. "Barcelona" is a bit like the famous Canaletas fountain near the head of the Ramblas. Once you have drunk from it, as they say, you are thereafter certain to return to the city.

Jupiter's Travels
Jupiter's Travels
von Ted Simon

5.0 von 5 Sternen A book of travel, yes, but infinitely more than that, 3. April 1998
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Jupiter's Travels (Taschenbuch)
Ted Simon was a writer first and a motorcycle rider somewhere after that. Do not confuse this book with a mere description of places visited and how to keep a bike running. Jupiter's Travels includes some of the most insightful writing about carrying on through one's life; now hurtling, now crawling, but always with his senses fully operating and his mind delightfully able to capture and describe penetrating glimpses. Mr Simon reflects on the many ways of dealing with the variable textures of humanity, the testing of one's mettle while admitting to shortcomings, and in doing so this the book involves a greater metaphorical value, something that few so-called travel writers ever attain. Mr Simon's resourcefulness, his strategies, and his often intuitive approach to living on the road for four years will provide any reader, and particularly a prospective long-term traveler, with a book that will be remembered and perhaps even consulted in retrospect. When the boat is late and the sky is dark, when the customs people are being intransigent and the alleys seem full of bandits, when the dust becomes so thick that you can chew it -- you will find yourself wondering: how would Ted Simon deal with a time like this?

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