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Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Classique Us)
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Classique Us)
von Louis Rosenfeld

3.0 von 5 Sternen A Good Introduction to Information Architecture, 19. September 2000
Overall, this book is good beginning read in the field of information architecture. For anyone interested in the topic, my recommendation would be to do additional reading. The authors provide an excellent bibliography at the end of the book which could serve as an excellent point of departure for the student of IA.
As far as the readibility of the book is concerned, it is easy to read although the authors bear responsibility for poor grammar and sentence structure in certain parts of the book. It is my opinion that this doesn't make the book less valuable as a resource.
A couple of other points about the book that bear mention. The authors used the example of the Henry Ford Health System Web site throughout the book. This is a great example. There are a few other examples used in the book However, I think the authors could have provided even more examples. My recommendation for the authors would be to provide the public with a second, more detailed edition. Remember this book was published in early 1998. We've come a long way since then and the web is replete with examples of good architecture.
Overall: Thumbs Up!

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