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Gary Stewart (Galion, OH USA)

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Firecrackers: The Art and History: The Art of History
Firecrackers: The Art and History: The Art of History
von Warren Dotz
Preis: EUR 18,83

5.0 von 5 Sternen Things you were afraid to ask about firecrackers, 26. Juli 2000
(As noted in the last pages of this book, firecrackers are now politically incorrect, suffering the wrath of do-gooders, safety mavens and law enforcement. For those of us old enough to remember a pre-"nanny state" summer, this book brings back wonderful memories. By the time I was old enough to get real cherry bombs, they were outlawed. But I could tell a few stories...)
I always wondered how even today, firecrackers in their millions could be produced. The answer, documented in his book, surprised me. This book reveals the fate of the companies whose names appeared on the labels I saw in the 1960s. Ever wonder what happened to Kwong Hing Tai? The authors reveal how the firecracker trade developed in China and made its way to the United States. Even some of today's importers are mentioned.
Technically speaking, the book is well printed and the illustrations are crisp and sharp, not bad for paper originals that may be most of 100 years old. Although not exhaustive, there is good reference for collectors. I'd recommend you to get a copy of this book while it is still available. I look forward to many hours of pleasure leafing through my copy.

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