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Janice Adelson (New York, New York USA)

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Making Music for the JoyoOf It: Enhancing Creativity, Skills and Musical Confidence
Making Music for the JoyoOf It: Enhancing Creativity, Skills and Musical Confidence
von Stephanie Judy

5.0 von 5 Sternen A comprehensive book for musicians of all levels., 7. März 2000
Having begun to study the classical piano in my 40s, I am now, 10 years later, playing for audiences and suffering stagefright. After reading many books on performance anxiety, I came upon Stephanie Judy's very practical "encyclopedia"; this book even has an index! Sparing the reader a great deal of "new age" mysticism, Ms. Judy, in a warm and clear tone, tackles every aspect of making music, from the point of view of both student and teacher. Although no amount of reading can make anxiety disappear without actual practice, this book discusses the problem at length as a normal aspect of studying and playing that can be resolved in a variety of innovative ways. Particularly valuable is the chapter on learning that treats the often delicate relationship between student and teacher. And then there is the whole subject of practicing -- when you want to; when you don't; and when your best efforts miss the end-result point. Stay with each page and don't miss the margin quotes, pearls of wisdom offered by musicians and teachers who are both famous and unknown, but who are all devoted to this most creative and satisfying endeavor.

Effortless Mastery
Effortless Mastery
von Kenny Werner
Preis: EUR 20,25

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3.0 von 5 Sternen Read this book for the wisdom at its climax., 17. Februar 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Effortless Mastery (Taschenbuch)
The title of Werner's book is misleading; the subtitle is much more to the point. Anyone attracted to this interesting work already knows from experience that mastery is anything but effortless, but oh how we yearn for the quick fix this very marketable title promises. I found the most valuable portion of this engaging book close to its end, in the four-step section and in its "Afterthought." Here is where great effort, consistent and correct practice habits, and infinite patience -- along with honest self-evaluation of one's technical ability -- are realistically discussed. Finally, Mr. Werner veers away from his "I Am Perfect (guaranteed to produce anxiety and tension), I Am A Master" mantras in favor of practical, down-to-earth directions. With a candor that seems to be at odds with the greater portion of the book, he discusses the years of serious mental and physical work that is involved in musical mastery. In this excellent section, he leads the musician, always with hope, toward acceptance of all that must be confronted -- which is not effortless -- if goals are to be fulfilled and satisfaction achieved.

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