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Angelique's Descent (Dark Shadows)
Angelique's Descent (Dark Shadows)
von Lara Parker

5.0 von 5 Sternen Betty's Opinion on "Angelique's Descent", 28. Januar 2000
This is the story of Angelique's development as a witch. The plot covers her childhood and the events that turned her into the nemesis she becomes for the Collins family. The story is rich in imagery and a tightly-written plot (ie., the story moves quickly and keeps the reader wanting to keep reading). After I read it and saw Angelique again on Sci-Fi's Dark Shadows episodes(THANK YOU, Sci-Fi Channel! ), I better understood her motivations and her interactions with the Collins family. I highly recommend this book to fans of Dark Shadows. I always liked the Angelique character and I thought (and still think) Lara Parker, as she appeared in Dark Shadows, was a highly accomplished and experienced actress. Imagine my surprise when I learned recently that she was a novice in that role! Even if Lara were not the author of this book, I would still say this: the author is very talented and I hope she will continue to produce literature for this series. DARK SHADOWS FANS: get this book! You will want it for your collection. And you'll read it several times.. I already have.

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