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Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Guide: The Definitive Reference (Classique Us)
Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Guide: The Definitive Reference (Classique Us)
von Danny Goodman

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5.0 von 5 Sternen You wanted DHTML? You got DHTML!, 24. Februar 2000
I've purchased several books (Javascript: the Definitive Guide, Netscape ONE Developers Guide, etc) relating to Javascript and Web development. I recently became interested in the functionality that DHTML provides and although I have several books on Javascript, I had nothing which directly references DHTML techniques. This is the book if you want to learn BOTH Javascript AND DHTML - the two are linked inextricably as you'll find if you purchase this book.
On the cover, you'll see in smallish lettering "A Comprehensive Resource for HTML, CSS, DOM & JavaScript" - they're not kidding.
Section one contains Applying Dynamic HTML information and covers everything from cross-platform techniques to actual scripting of dynamic events on your webpages.
Section two contains all the reference sections - HTML, Document Objects, Style Sheet Attributes, and a Javascript Core Language reference. This provides everything from supporting browser versions to reference examples, properties and methods for each element - it is exhaustive.
Section three provides cross references so you can find objects or HTML attributes and what elements support them. Ever want to know exactly which objects support the ONCLICK event handler? - here's where you'd go...
Even the 4 appendixes are useful and include a table of color names and RGB values, HTML character entities (special characters), a listing of keyboard events and their character values (useful for initiating code when specific keys are pressed), and finally a reference area for Internet Explorer commands not specifically covered by the document object model.
This is a must buy book for any HTML developer out there - even if you're not at the DHTML level yet.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (Classique Us)
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (Classique Us)
von David Flanagan

5.0 von 5 Sternen Wow - THE best Javascript book available!, 23. August 1998
I purchased the Netscape One Developer's Guide thinking it would provide answers to my Javascript questions - it answered very few, unfortunately. The 'Guide' doesn't begin to approach the ease of use, thoroughness or amount of information contained in "Javascript: The Definitive Guide". Javascript is as completely covered as it can be (with the free-flowing nature of WWW specifications, its hard to keep track of all the changes). I found the descriptions and examples informative, clear and concise and kinda fun sometimes. The layed back nature of the writing won't scare off novice coders/web developers and yet doesn't turn off more advanced developers. The book is cut in half - the first provides an introduction into Javascript and discusses its more important subjects while the second is a complete reference section for Javascript 1.2. It specifically treats the differences between Netscape and Internet Explorer whereas the Netscape One guide left that up to the reader to figure out - an oversight which relegates the Netscape One Developer's Handbook to the dusty bookshelf (way in the back). If you're doing web development and need to use Javascript - this is probably the only book you'll need. If you're doing web development and you're not using Javascript - you NEED this book - it will show you what you can do with simple client-side scripts.

Netscape One Developer's Guide
Netscape One Developer's Guide
von William R. Stanek

3.0 von 5 Sternen Good overall but weak in javascript syntax, 9. Juli 1998
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Netscape One Developer's Guide (Taschenbuch)
My 3 stars might be a little low for a review of this book - Its a good reference for everything Netscape. Having bought the book for Javascripting help, I was a bit dissappointed with its handling of syntax. The Javascript object model provides a logical way to access most any element within an HTML page but the Netscape ONE book failes to specifically cover the object hierarchy syntax. Events and Methods are listed but very few of them are fully described with examples. Also, although some thought was given to cross-platform compatibility, there are some glaring problems that don't seem have solutions. One such problem involves Netscape's method for checking if windows are open and giving them the focus if they are instead of attempting to open a new window. While this works in Netscape, it does not in Internet Explorer - a fact not touched on

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