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Madeleine Montague Hurd "amateur opera lover" (Stockholm)

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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Die Entführung aus dem Serail
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Die Entführung aus dem Serail
DVD ~ Catherine Naglestad
Preis: EUR 32,74

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5.0 von 5 Sternen An excellent, challenging - but not "easy" Entfuhrung!, 15. Juni 2006
When I first looked at this edition, I thought "What the hell is this?!" Now, it is my favorite Entfuhrung of five. Yes, it is new, and odd, and different, with every singer having a double - with a lot of irony and double-play - with the evocation of many different symbolic levels. I understand why some of the reviewers hate it. It takes getting used to. (Although I think it rather unfair that one reviewer sends in his or her negative review three times!)

But, consider! Here we have the very best Osmin, an extremely effective Pedrillio, the very best Blondchen, and one of the best Belmontes ever. It is worth buying the DVD just to watch Brachts do Osmin. Amazing.

The creative and interesting staging means that the songs never, ever seem long. Nor is the staging irrelevant: it makes one think over the meaning and associations of the songs. Having doubles allows one twice the comic amusement: the interplay between the two, the "singer" and the "actor", is often very, very funny. And yet: great, great singing.

I am personally much less fond of the Konstanze, but this is, as always, a matter of taste. The all-talk part of the Sultan is also less successfully done, in my opinion: without a "singing" double, no comedy at all. The man is, as a result, dull. But the rest - I watch this edition again and again. It is definitely worth at least a try!

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Le nozze di Figaro / Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Opernhaus Zürich [2 DVDs]
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Le nozze di Figaro / Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Opernhaus Zürich [2 DVDs]
DVD ~ Rodney Gilfry

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5.0 von 5 Sternen The women are the real winners here, 15. Juni 2006
The women are really excellent in this edition of the Marriage.
Eva Mei brings a heart-rending personal tone to her Countess-arias; Te Kanawa might have a more magnificant voice, but Mei brings tears to the eyes. She looks, also, like a Spanish Countess: one can understand people thinking that the Count should be interested in her, not Susanna. Also, her voice blends beautifully with Rey's - the "pine groves" duet is a true pleasure.

Von Magnus is an incredibly elegant and cool Marcellina. A very refreshing new interpretation of the role: and, again, what a voice!

The only modern Cherobino that can rival Nikiteanu is von Stade, especially when it comes to looks and presence. When I think of all the unconvincing small, unsexy women I have seen bounce about, singing with full, deep women's voices, in the part - but here we have a Cherobino who truly is seductive. She is very openly sexual around the Countess, too, which makes the various arias lots of fun to watch.

Vogel is very, very funny as Basilio: and again, cool and self-contained, a very new interpretation. Gilfry is very good, of course, although his comic talents are kept strictly under cover: I guess Flimm wanted to bring out the "serious, dark" side of the opera. - Chausson is weak, in my opinion. And too old for the part.

Staging: Of course, Flimm is, as always, perhaps a little hard to take: he sometimes overdoes it, adding slapstick when Mozart's own comedy is perfectly adequate. On the other hand, the actors move very, very well around the stage, sometimes dancing a few steps to the music which is (given, e.g., von Magnus's elegance) surprisingly appropriate and enjoyable.

Conductor, orchestration: Exquisite. And NOTE THIS! Marcellina's and Basilio's last arias are included, for once, and are very, very well done. [] They are FUN.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Le nozze di Figaro (Wiener Philharmoniker/Karl Böhm) [2 DVDs]
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Le nozze di Figaro (Wiener Philharmoniker/Karl Böhm) [2 DVDs]
DVD ~ Mirella Freni
Preis: EUR 19,26

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2.0 von 5 Sternen Great voices, but - the filming!, 15. Juni 2006
I may have various opinions about how well Prey,Fischer, Te Kanawa etc. do their parts - but these are, I believe, a matter of taste. What I do want to warn people about is the filming. It makes it very difficult to enjoy the opera.

(a) The singers often "think" their songs - that is, one hears the voices, but sees only a grimacing, silent face (Cherobino's first song, for instance!!).

(b) The camera is always on the move, rapidly circling the singers, for instance, so that one gets dizzy, or going out the door, or doing a bird's eye view - one cannot concentrate on the acting, much less the singing.

(c) Or, the camera ignores the singers altogether, and we get to stare at a picture of the Count, or out the window, or some such.

Here we have an excellent cast, in short, which is not allowed to act - the camera wants all the attention. Around our house, this DVD is called the "dead fish" edition of the Marriage - just turn off the screen, and listen, if you want to enjoy the singing - or better still, spend your money on a good CD.
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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Don Giovanni [2 DVDs]
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Don Giovanni [2 DVDs]
DVD ~ Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Preis: EUR 28,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Odd, flawed, but very amusing, often outstanding, 15. Juni 2006
The staging here is excellent: the singers are placed just right, and move around in fun and interesting ways (the end scene of dinner-plus-Commendatore is especially effective). The stage director got all the sexuality he could out of the quadrangle Giovanni-Elvira-Anna-Zerlina: everyone wants at Giovanni, and Giovanni is quite willing to let them all have a try. This is fun, especially after Harnoncourt's very chaste interpretation of the various roles (especially Donna Anna's). -- Bryn Terfel as D.G. is indeed a sight for sore eyes. He is large, round, and beetle-browed: looks quite frog-like: and is very, very interesting in the part. He brings, unsurprisingly, a boyish impudence to the role, a bullying self-absorption, which goes excellently with his own particular style of stage-acting. Kringelborn is one of the best Donna Elviras since Schwarzkopf. She can act, and what a voice! The big star, Fleming, is quite all right: the orchestration doesn't give her a proper chance. Groves as Ottavio and Relyea as Masetto are rather wooden and forgettable (especially the latter), but then they so often are. The only really objectionalbe casting is poor Hei-Kyung Hong as Zerlina. It is simply not her part at all - and she is not up to a duet with Terfel. His warm, sweet, deep, expressive voice makes hers seem painfully sharp, frightened and thin; and she is a poor actor. Finally, I object to Levine's pacing in the arias. He plods pedantically when he is not pompous, and several arias, which should be beautiful and moving - Giovanni's, Elvira's - lose interest and contour. If you like Gardiner and Harnoncourt and Abbado, Levine seems obvious and insensitive. But this is, as are so many things, a matter of taste.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Don Giovanni / Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Opernhaus Zürich [2 DVDs]
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Don Giovanni / Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Opernhaus Zürich [2 DVDs]
DVD ~ László Polgár

3 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
4.0 von 5 Sternen Great in parts - but flawed, 15. Juni 2006
Harnoncourt's orchestration is excellent - playful, moving, light, lovely - one misses it when one watches a D.G. done by, say, Levine. Gilfry and Polgar are great together, and Polgar has a cooly charming style - and lovely voice - which I find very appealing. I also find Nikiteanu a great actor, and the love duet between her and Gilfry is extremely pleasant to listen to. I am among the few, however, who object to Bertoli. Not her voice: but she is a very bad actor. Her ludicrous (and self-satisfied) overacting of Donna Elvira makes one cringe. Turn off the screen and just listen - don't look. - Yes, I know, she is all the rage, and one isn't supposed to say such things: but she in fact shames herself. - Flimm's stage directing is always a little odd, but he manages to keep himself more or less under control here (although other productions do much, much better). In short, I very, very much enjoy this D.G. (of the four I own).

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