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AV "Sliven"

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Eve: Templar One
Eve: Templar One
von Tony Gonzales
Preis: EUR 15,45

2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
4.0 von 5 Sternen Indeed a Templar, 29. Februar 2012
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Eve: Templar One (Taschenbuch)
Quite a seducing book. I've read EVE: Empyrean Age before and this as if not even more thrilling. The constant loops into the past and back into present leave no time to breath. The depiction of the various settings is vivid and while reading one can indeed feel the heat of the combats which are numerous yet never monotonous. To fully understand the circumstances and setting in the book, it's necessary to have read Empyrean Age, but, and that's a strong point of this novel, Templar One also takes up relevant story strings from EA and interlaces them into the TO story. This make the sequel readable, comprehensible and enjoyable even without the lecture of EA. TO continues where EA ended and brings the several not finished storylines to an end. At the same time, however, it also introduces lose ends on the last couple of pages of this novel, indicating that there's more to come.

Another interesting gimmick are the QR codes, which can be also accessed without owning a smartphone and reader app despite stated otherwise. The urls show a couple of interesting covering and tech from EVE Online. This comes in handy when you take into consideration that this book has (at least from what I know) the premise of giving a first glimpse of what the upcoming Dust 514 is about. The surface battles are depicted in a very detailed manner and if Dust 514 is just half as thrilling as described in the novel it can take on current AAA shooter titles hands down. A small downside of the coverings made available via QR codes is the low quality of the videos which is most likely due to them having been made for phones. It'd be nice to have more and of course high-quality material made available this way.

All in all, a sequel and novel that cannot really be counted as a sequel due to the many explanations and time loops back into the EA story. This makes it comprehensible and enjoyable even without having read Empyrean Age, but at times a bit repetitive for those who have read it. The bonus material available through QR codes/urls is a fairly neat move which gives those who haven't played EVE yet a brief insight into what's being talked about there, and for those who play EVE some new information and details on known ships and material.

Practical English Usage - Third Edition: Grammar Book: Kartoniert
Practical English Usage - Third Edition: Grammar Book: Kartoniert
von Michael Swan
Preis: EUR 41,95

12 von 13 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Egal was man zur englischen Grammatik wissen will, dieses Buch hat eine Antwort, 3. Februar 2009
Zeitformen, Modalverben, Konjugationen und Satzstrukturen sind ebenso ausführlich erklärt wie besondere Bedeutungsunterschiede von Verben, Substantiven, Phrasal Verbs, Konjugationen und anderen, tückischen Fallen der Sprache. Untermauert mit kurzen Beispielen zur Verwendung und negativen Beispielen zum aufzeigen von Fehlern, die im umgangsprachlichen Gebrauch oder aus Unwissenheit gemacht werden, wird der Inhalt abgerundet.
Die alphabetische Sortierung der Inhalte ist stellenweise etwas ungewöhnlich, aber nachvollziehbar.
Das einzige, was fehlt, um dieses Buch noch perfekter zu machen, wäre ein ebenso umfassendes Übungsmaterial.

No matter what you want to know, this book has the answer.

Tenses, verbs, phrasal and modal verbs, conjunctions and sentence structures are well explained, as well as subtly differences between different meanings of verbs or other word clases in various structures. Amplified with examples for the use and such to explain made mistakes in colloquial language tops the content off.
The alphabetical order might be confusing at the beginning but is replicable.
The only thing I miss at this book are the exercises.

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