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David Whitehead "djw2000" (Backnang)

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Not what you might have expected from Arcade first..., 28. Oktober 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Reflektor (Audio CD)
As a relative newcomer to AF, I was thrilled to hear that a new album would be coming out. I started with The Suburbs and Funeral, then Neon Bible. I loved Suburbs and marvelled at the emotion of Funeral (Neighborhoods #1 & 3 being personal favourites). Then I heard the Reflektor single. Um, ok, so funky stuff. But, as one press review said, it continuously feels relevant, with not a wasted second. Fine. I agree. Then I saw the Here Comes The Night Time film. And thought "Oh my. This is NOT the Arcade Fire I discovered." I bought the album anyway, in the hope that I would be wrong. I was.

Of course, there is little of the raw, powerful emotion of Funeral here. The pomp of Neon Bible is missing too. But of The Suburbs there is more than a trace. Yes, there are more keyboards on here, but this is definitely Arcade Fire. There are amazingly good tunes, excellent musicianship and it's a great listen (I particularly like Disc 2, which is probably the more AF-like of the two). Is it overblown? Yes, of course, it's Arcade Fire, which is what we like about them, don't we? Yes, they have gone with a few too many gimmicks - cut out the hidden track BEFORE Reflektor and the ambient stuff at the end of Supersymmetry (which would work perfectly on its own) and you've reduced the album by 16 minutes, which would have silenced detractors at a stroke.

And what of the songs? Well, no need to say anything about the title track, which is a real romp (with David Bowie on backing vocals). Other highlights (for me) are a Jackson-esque song on "We Exist", the wild mix of "Here Comes The Night Time" (which has grown on me), the AF of old in the Greek duo of "Awful Sound"/"It's Never Over" (particularly the latter), the great rocker "Afterlife" and the 'just before the lights go out for the night' song "Supersymmetry".

As I have said, it could have been shorter and a single album simply by chopping of the ambient stuff (heck, if I hadn't read Wiki, I wouldn't have guessed that there were ten minutes of music/sound BEFORE Reflektor started), but otherwise, it's a tight, modern band, playing really GREAT music. If you liked The Suburbs, you'll love this one too.

In Rolling Waves
In Rolling Waves
Preis: EUR 7,97

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5.0 von 5 Sternen More of the same, but better, 13. September 2013
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: In Rolling Waves (Audio CD)
The second NAF album is here and, after one listen, it's pretty good. "A Stillness" is a great opener, trumped by the single "Hearts Like Ours" - great electropop. The title track "Rolling Waves" is also pretty good, after which there is a duo of songs, which migh seem familiar. Goodness, "The Mess" runs on the same chords, key and tempo as "Girls Like You" from the first album. That's great, because "Girls" is a great track, but it is somewhat surprising! (I had to check the 'original' to be sure and they ARE very similar!) "Grow Old", the longest track on the album, carries this on, but as a "Part 2", at a much slower speed. The second "half" of the album is a little more sombre than the first, but is still great. "What We Want" is an obvious, radio-friendly single choice for the future and "A Small Reunion" at the end builds and builds with strings coming in, as if it's the soundtrack to the end of a film or a documentary, or, I felt whilst listening to it, a funeral.

If you enjoyed the first album, this is slightly more polished and is a great album for lovers of electropop and synth music - well worth buying!

Michael Nyman (1981,Remastered)
Michael Nyman (1981,Remastered)
Preis: EUR 16,62

5.0 von 5 Sternen Great early Nyman, 15. Juni 2013
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Michael Nyman (1981,Remastered) (Audio CD)
This album was released in 1981, a year before Nyman made his breakthrough with The Draughtsman's Contract. If you're used to the music from The Piano or The Claim, this may sound slightly jarring to you. However, if you're a fan of Nyman's rhythmic music, such as that on A Zed And Two Noughts, After Extra Time or Prospero's Books, then you're in for a treat here.
"Bird List Song" and "In Re Don Giovanni" appeared on Michael Nyman live, but suddenly here are the originals. There is a little dissonance on "Waltz", an attempt to deconstruct one of his own pieces (but only a little...the piece is quite charming).
The highlight here though is "M-Work" ("Masterwork"). This is a condensation of music from a 2-hour piece into 21 minutes. It runs through various moods, with different themes appearing and disappearing. You'll even hear some electric guitar and keyboard work on it. The last 2 minutes would be a great ending to a concert or would even work with a rock band playing it.
One thing - you might look puzzled when you open the plastic and think you've been sent a damaged or worn copy. You haven't. The packaging is clearly meant to look old and battered (and I think the fold in the corner of the booklet is a part of that!).
A lost gem rediscovered!

Fly from Here
Fly from Here
Preis: EUR 19,54

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4.0 von 5 Sternen This should have been released 30 years ago!, 4. Juli 2011
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Fly from Here (Audio CD)
As a died-in-the-wool Yes fan, the promise of a new album, 10 years after Magnification ("Time is Time" DID seem like the closing of the Yes' chronicles), was a thrill. Ok, the expansion of We Can Fly From Here was a bit of a surprise, especially as I already had the song as a bonus track on The Buggles' 2nd album. The first listen was an "Ah yes, that bit was Fly From Here" and then, during "Life On A Film Set", I thought "Hey, I've heard this TOO!". Indeed I had as it was another Buggles demo, polished up for 2011. Also, I was interested to hear Benoit David's voice.

So, what about the actual album? Well, it's MUCH shorter than anything the group have released since the 80s. However, as a believer that the maximum length for a single album (or CD) should be around the 50 minute mark (this clocks in at 47 1/2 minutes), Yes aren't trying to outstay their welcome, which is good. There's filler on there too ("Man You Always Wanted Me To Be" and "Hour Of Need"). But The Ladder, the awful Open Your Eyes and also the dreadful Union all contained soft rock filler, so that can't take anything from the album. What this album is, and this has been said frequently, is "Drama Part 2". I am a great fan of the Drama album, and Benoit's voice, though not sounding like Jon Anderson, sounds VERY like Trevor Horn. And they're using a couple of cast-offs from The Buggles 1981 album. So, what we have here is the album which the Downes/Horn/Howe/Squire/White combo of 1980/1981 would have produced in 1981 or 1982. As such, as a new album in 2011, it's completely out of place in the canon. It's a good album (Fly From Here should have been a single track rather than 6...), just very curious as it is not what Yes fans would have expected (i.e. a completely NEW work).

If you like Drama, then you'll love this. If you are looking for Close To The Edge II, look elsewhere. This is a good, pleasant album, with progressive sensibilities, which has simply come 30 years after it SHOULD have come out!
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Hergest Ridge (Deluxe Edition)
Hergest Ridge (Deluxe Edition)
Preis: EUR 20,94

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5.0 von 5 Sternen A transformation!, 11. Juni 2010
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Hergest Ridge (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
For me, Hergest Ridge had always been, well, a bit dull. After the excitment and novelty of TB and before the thrills of Ommadawn, this was the one that didn't make the grade. But as a lifelong Oldfield fan (over 30 years now), I bought the Deluxe Edition. And wow! So different! I never really thought that the different mixes could make such a difference. The 2010 mix sounds almost like a rerecording and the 1974 mix, available for the first time on CD, is a cut above the 1976 Boxed mix which was on every CD up to now. Being a fan of the "thunderstorm" section of Part 2 (with all the multi-tracked guitars), it was always a mystery to me why 90-odd seconds of it just repeated themselves. Well they never did. In 1974, there was an organ playing along and adding variation, sadly lost in the '76 remix. The "new mixes" - one of which is the original, of course - show aspects you never realised were there if you'd only ever heard the 1976 version.

You could ask why you need three versions of an album being rereleased as a 2-CD. Take the afore-mentioned "thunderstorm" as an example. In the demos it's only a few guitars right at the beginning, showing that this was a test of how it would sound. Of course the '74 version was the finished article and beefs the sound up (although is suddenly quiet at the start - not sure about that!). But then comes 2010, which is like a revelation. It simply jumps out of the speakers at you and rocks like the '76 version (which I have had on CD since about 1993) never ever could.

Why bother repackaging? Well it looks a heck of a lot more attractive than the fish-eye picture before, and really imparts an idea that this is an album about the countryside, which is, of course, what it is. The addition of In Dulci Jubilo (For Maureen) is a new take on a firm favourite (I had only had it as a scratchy MP3) and the Spanish Tune is the single Virgin prepared from the HR album but never released.

Let's just put it this way - I have been listening to HR non-stop since it arrived yesterday and have just Ommadawn as well!
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Opus 1 (Remastered)
Opus 1 (Remastered)
Preis: EUR 16,99

3 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Warum wird dieses Album vergessen?, 21. März 2007
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Opus 1 (Remastered) (Audio CD)
Dieses Album war das Erste von der Gruppe aus Bietigheim. Ja, es mag ganz anders klingen wie Abenteuerland oder Mächtig Viel Theater - auch super Platte - aber sie waren jung und noch am Anfang. Diese Platte gehört viel mehr in Sammlungen von Progressiv oder Neo-Prog - es könnte fast von Marillion, Genesis oder sogar Yes stammen. Für eine Platte, die ursprünglich nur bei Konzerten verkauft wurde, ist die Qualität des Spielens einwandfrei und die Melodien auch super. Warum wird dieses Album vergessen? Unbedingt reinhören!

Rush in Rio-Live
Rush in Rio-Live
Preis: EUR 14,04

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2.0 von 5 Sternen Nicht sehr spannend...., 25. November 2003
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Rush in Rio-Live (Audio CD)
Ok, ich finde Rush sehr gut...ich habe alle ihre Studio-Alben und 3 Live-CDs (von 1976, 1981 und 1989). Ich habe Rush In Rio gekauft, war aber vom Anfang an enttäuscht (und habe gleich Different Stages bestellt). Warum sind die zwei Alben so ähnlich? Ich wette aber, dass DS besser ist, weil der Ton kaum schlechter sein kann wie auf In Rio. YYZ ist ein Graus, weil das Publikum mitsingt und nicht herausgemischt worden ist. Dazu sind das alle Lieder (ok fast alle außer die von Vapor Trails), die auf einer anderen Live-CD mal veröffentlicht worden sind.
Lieber die Finger davonhalten...
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Tout Est Calme
Tout Est Calme
Wird angeboten von EliteDigital DE
Preis: EUR 19,98

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Tiersen - nicht ganz Amélie aber schön...und schön kurz..., 22. August 2003
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Tout Est Calme (Audio CD)
Die 4. Platte vom französischen, der am meisten für die Amélie-Musik bekannt ist. Die Musik ist nicht so ganz traditionell (sprich nicht nur Akkordeon und Geige und so, sondern auch moderne Instrumente). Die Melodien sind, wie immer, super schön und wunderbar arrangiert. Normalerweise würde das für mich 5 Sterne heißen. Aber die die CD dauert nur 26 Min. 17 Sek., was für eine CD aus dem Jahr 1999 etwas kurz ist. (Und dazu war La Rupture schon auf "Le Phare".) Deshalb ein Stern weniger. Aber diejenigen die Amélie mögen, haben bestimmt auch Freude an Tout Est Calme.

Opus 1
Opus 1
Wird angeboten von Smart-DE
Preis: EUR 5,99

5 von 5 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Progressive Pur, 6. August 2002
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Opus 1 (Audio CD)
Es wird gemeint, dieses Album sei einfach. Ganz im Gegenteil. Das Album ist sehr kompliziert und progressiv. Es ist viel besser wie die späteren Alben, die ziemlich ähnlich sind. Hier geht es nicht um soziale Kritik und Massen-Appeal, sondern um Lieder, die, wenn sie auf Englisch wären, gut von Marillion oder Genesis sein könnten. Die Stimmung ist ja ziemlich dunkel, aber es lohnt sich wirklich, diese CD zu kaufen!

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