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Think and Grow Rich
Think and Grow Rich
von Napoleon Hill
  Gebundene Ausgabe

5.0 von 5 Sternen This book should be mandatory reading for kids 13 & up., 12. Januar 1999
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I read this book in 1976 and once I started, I couldn't put it down. After applying the techniques and advice given by Napoleon Hill, my life began to change. I was promoted on my job, time after time. I eventually started my own mail order business which was very succesful and then I branched off into real estate, auction buying and selling and started my own advertising agency. And I ran it all from my own home. I accomplished anything I went after and money just seemed to find me. Whenever I got too happy and forgot about giving back and helping others, I suffered. Napoleon new what he was talking about. I believe that "Think and Grow Rich" can help anybody who cares to put in the time and effort to make their dreams come true and who will conquer the Six Ghost of Fear.....and get serious.

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