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The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management
The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management
von Tom DeMarco

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5.0 von 5 Sternen The Deadline - A necessity., 28. März 1998
I can not thank you enough for writing this book. The content of the book was not only completetly relevant but so insightful into a topic (sw project management) that is grossly ignored by many people who are in charge of large projects and groups of developers. My experience (7 yrs as a developer) has been that experienced programmers end up "managing" projects. The problem is that they have spent their time developing software and do not seem to know anything about managing a project. The Deadline addressed the important issues of software project management head on by presenting problems to be solved and ways of solving them not just with ideas by specific methods. Not only did I appreciate the material but the format of the book may it enjoyable to read. For a software developer who is starting to realize how much more there is to software development than wich language you know this book is a necessity.

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