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Steven Bucuvalas (Buffalo Creek, CO United States)

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Machine Learning (McGraw-Hill Series in Computer Science)
Machine Learning (McGraw-Hill Series in Computer Science)
von Tom M. Mitchell
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 225,73

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Clear, lucid, rigorous,great coverage, 21. Oktober 1999
It is very rare to find a text that both does rigorous justice to a subject, and also is an enjoyable read. This book is such a rarity

A History of Sparta, 950-192 B. C
A History of Sparta, 950-192 B. C
von W. G. Forrest
Preis: EUR 14,36

3.0 von 5 Sternen Academic but interesting, 15. August 1999
This is a short history with more emphasis on commentary than the story (istoria). Without a background of the politics and historical processes of ancient greece, the reader will be confused by the myriad of allusions to events, trnds and characters. But if one has somewhat of a background with the material, it ties together these themes in the hisotrical development of sparta

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