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Marco Kuehnel ( (Bayreuth, Germany)

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The Blindfold (Norton Paperback Fiction)
The Blindfold (Norton Paperback Fiction)
von Siri Hustvedt

4.0 von 5 Sternen An impressive essay on cruelty., 23. August 1998
That the book is dedicated to Paul Auster, you will find in the first chapter. The tone is similary to that of Auster's New York Trilogy. But after this it is really her own style of writing and with every word you read the atmosphere of mystery and adventure turns more and more to hopelessness and cruelty. But this cruelty is not expressed in cruel pictures as one is used to but in words and moods much more subtle so that you are not able to escape from. That's what makes this novel so fascinating. I wonder why the covertext speaks only of the heroines search of identity but not of the cruelty, the underlying theme of every word.

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