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The Book Of Invasions + Bonus Tracks
The Book Of Invasions + Bonus Tracks
Preis: EUR 17,86

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4.0 von 5 Sternen This is the track listing from The Man Who Built america and not the Book of Invasions, 26. Januar 2012
Please get the track listng right!!This track list is from The Man who Built America plus Bonus tracks.By the CD the Man who built America is the Track listing from The Book of Invasions plus Bonus tracks .Come on Amazon get it right.

Notes from San Francisco
Notes from San Francisco

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5.0 von 5 Sternen american music., 5. Juni 2011
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Its very clear why Rory did not release this album.If you listen to all that came before it and all that came after it ,its not bad but there is very little energy in the studio album.Compare it to the live Cd from walldorf (the Real Gem Here) and you can hear why Rory returned to a classic 3 piece combo for Photo Finish. Compare Brute force and Ignorance from CD 1 and Shinkicker/off The handle from CD 2, the winner is clearly not the American music version of Brute force and Ignorance. 5 stars for the Live Album

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