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McClairen's Isle: The Ravishing One
McClairen's Isle: The Ravishing One
von Connie Brockway
Preis: EUR 5,92

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Excellent! You won't want to put it down..., 19. Juli 2000
Connie Brockway delivers her best with the third book in the McClairen's Isle Trilogy. "The Ravishing One" is a must read! From the glitter and glamour of 18th century London to the wild and untamed Scottish island know as McClairen's Isle, Ms. Brockway brings us Fia Merrick, daughter of the dispicable Ronald Merrick, Earl of Carr. Introduced in " The Passionate One," and again revisited in " The Reckless One," Ms. Brockway concludes this majestical trilogy with the best novel of them all. Fia Merrick is raised by her decadent father, Carr, to be nothing more than a high priced whore, or so Thomas Donne aka Thomas McClairen believes. Fia is devestated to learn his low opinion of her, since she fancies herself in love with him at the tender age of fifteen. Fleeing her home, Wanton's Blush, formerly known as Maiden's Blush, Fia hies herself off to London to elope with an aging low-lander Scot. Hoping to inherit his fortune upon his death, Fia is dismayed to learn (after her rather hasty marriage) that he has two heirs, Kay and Cora. When her husband does indeed die, not without some help from Carr of course, Fia is further dismayed to learn that Carr is now the owner of Kay's inheritance and that he has her dancing to his tune to regain it. A tune that Fia has no wish to dance to. Carr wants her to marry into a powerful family, much against Fia's wishes. Without much choice, she sets out to become London's most well known lady, a lady with a somewhat tarnished background known throughout society as "The Black Diamond". When Thomas Donne/McClairen sets eyes upon the lovely Fia Merrick after six years, he is dead set against her, blaming her for the many sins of her father, for she is his daughter after all. When his dear friend and business partner seemingly falls for her, Thomas knows he must do anything to prevent them from wedding. So he 'abducts' her, or tries to since she is rather willing, and sweeps her off to Scotland. To McClairen's Isle, where he is restoring the ruined Wanton's Blush to her former glory, Maiden's Blush. Much to his surprise, he soon finds that there is more to Fia than meets the eye. And Fia herself must learn to trust in Thomas, no small thing since she has never trusted a soul in her life. With heartwarming scenes and wonderful characters, Ms. Brockway makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time to the handsome rogues and beautiful ladies of old. With a surprise ending (involving Gunna and Carr), and all of the beloved characters from the previous books: Ash, Rhiannon, Raine, Favor, and Gunna, this series is a must read. When I turned the last page, after reading the author's note, I was actually sad that their story had come to an end. I am hopeful, however, that Ms. Brockway will take us once again to McClairen's Isle and back to all of our favorite characters. Thank-you Ms. Brockway, for a wonderful and heartwarming trilogy!

A Memory of Love
A Memory of Love
von Bertrice Small

5.0 von 5 Sternen Another Marvelous Read by an Extraordinary Author..., 19. Juli 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: A Memory of Love (Taschenbuch)
Bertrice Small has done it again, this time with A Memory of Love! Way to go, Bertrice! I was expecting another novel in Skye's Legacy, and was somewhat disappointed to discover that this was not it, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed A Memory of Love. I definately had to add this one to my 'Bertrice Small Collection'. Rhonwyn urch Llywelyn, illegitimate daughter of the Prince of Wales in 1257 Wales, was both a strong and compassionate herione. Edward's character was somewhat shallow, therefore I was pleased with the outcome. I did wish, however, that Rafe's character would have played a bigger part throughout the story. The character's of Glynn ap Llywelyn and the abbess were wonderful secondary charaters, along with Katherine (I was glad to see that she did have some spirit toward the end!). Thank you, Bertrice, for another wonderful read! I am looking forward to, and most eagerly awaiting, the next novel in Skye's Legacy, which I know will be coming!

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