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Kim Caldwell "Kim-Bob" (Tennessee)

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The Knowledge of the Holy
The Knowledge of the Holy
von A. W. Tozer
Preis: EUR 13,28

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Tozer challenges us to know the unknowable God!, 26. Oktober 1998
Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Knowledge of the Holy (Taschenbuch)
This book brings the reader to holy ground indeed. To dare to know the all-powerful, all-knowing, infinite, eternal God is beyond human capacity. Yet Tozer, in appropriate awe of God, tells us that our heart can lead us where our intellect cannot. "That God can be known by the soul in tender personal experience while remaining infinitely aloof from the curious eyes of reason constitutes a paradox best described as Darkness to the intellect But sunshine to the heart." says Tozer quoting a Faber poem/saying.
It is easy to say terms like life-changing in our glib spin-oriented world. But the challenge of this book got at me in a way few books (outside the Bible) have. Tozer's statement about the church "Always the most revealing thing about the Church is her idea of God, just as her most significant message is what she says about Him or leaves unsaid, for her silence is often more eloquent than her speech. She can never escape the self-disclosure of her witness concerning God." touched me on a personal level too.
If you get one Christian book this year - make it "Knowledge of the Holy"

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