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The C Programming Language. (Prentice Hall Software)
The C Programming Language. (Prentice Hall Software)
von Brian W. Kernighan
Preis: EUR 49,06

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5.0 von 5 Sternen The C Programming Bible, 15. Juli 2000
As many of the other reviews, I praise this book. This book claim it is not intended for novices, something many other reviewers have confirmed. But I think that is underestimating novices. From knowing very little about programming (read .bat files), I became quite fluent in C by just reading this book. It give a complete picture of the C language, ande the code examples are (imho) clear, concise and the style is good. One thing I like is that many of the examples are complete prgrams, something I found useful when trying to understand the code. This is THE resource for learning C programming. Plus, with it's good index and refernce manual, It is allso a convenient book to keep on the desk for reference. After all this bragging, here's the downside: This book is not meant for "idiots", as C programming language is not for "idiots". You need some ability to think structured and logical. Anyone who have trouble writing simple shell-scripts etc. should opt for a "for dummies" type of book. At last, please remember that this is a subjetive review, based on MY needs and MY experiences, and you may not agree with me.

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