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Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System Überwachungskamera
Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System Überwachungskamera
Wird angeboten von Alloalarme
Preis: EUR 399,00

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1.0 von 5 Sternen Disappointment - Read if you need night vision range, 9. Oktober 2013
Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
Camera problems:
1. Lack on night vision range;
2. Camera unusable with rain;
3. Halo effect;
4. Disconnections.

In brief, if you are looking for a reliable security outdoor camera, particularly if you are looking for a good night vision device, look elsewhere.

When I first ordered the Logitech camera I had high hopes. I had carefully read both Amazon and Logitech's product description and I was convinced that Logitech was a reliable brand and the product would match my requirements.

I was in need of an outdoor camera with good night vision range (around 60 feet). According to Logitech's description on their website, this product seem to have state of the art night vision technology, that would allow a range of 100 feet in complete darkness, way beyond what I needed.
This camera was going to replace a previous camera (quite cheaper, costed around $80) that could somewhat do the job but the night vision range was only about 50 feet so I couldn't see very clearly what I needed to.

I went ahead and ordered the camera. The delivery was actually quite fast and I was looking forward to set it up. And then the problems started.
When unpacking the main box I could see right away that the actual Logitech box already had been opened. Inside everything was unpacked and just stuffed together to fit the box. There were several parts missing, including one of the main cables, the network adaptor and cd install cd.

I returned the product and had to wait a few weeks to receive another one. Finally it arrived and now everything seemed in order.
This product comes with a specific cable that feeds both network and electrical power in the same cable. So I had to hire an electrician to pass the cable through the wall to the outside and replace the previous camera with the new one that he attached to the same spot.

Once everything was installed I plugged in the camera router and the camera and the software was actually quite good at picking up the camera and setting everything up.
The image looked good, the software was simple to work with and at that moment I was happy that I finally had the camera set up and working.

Unfortunately this only lasted until night fall. While there was some light the camera was great and it kept a very clear image until it was completely dark. At that moment it switched on the night vision.
First all I noticed a big 'halo effect' covering most of the image, filling up a wide circle around it's borders.
I've contacted Logitech's support and was instructed that I should place the camera in a different spot. This camera couldn't have anything within close proximity or it would cause reflection and the halo effect. The night range was also terrible, couldn't see anything past around 20-30 feet.
The previous camera exactly from the same spot didn't have this problem and had much better night range so I was quite surprised that this camera couldn't monitor anything in close proximity.

Next day I've moved the camera to a slight different location that would be in a outside corner of the house with nothing in close proximity of the camera angle.
Waited until nightfall and the halo, had lessened but was still there. The closest visible thing to the camera was actually the pavement, 3 meters down, so there was nothing in range that could reflect.
After a few more days exchanging tickets with support and showing screenshots of the problem, I even directed the camera vertically to the sky to show that the halo was still there even with absolutely anything in range.
It was then suggested that It could be dirt on the outside of the lens. Before each test I always checked to see if there was any dirt but once again I cleared it with a soft cloth and sent another screenshot.

Meanwhile it started raining and another problem became evident. For some reason this camera seem to have reduced frame rate during the night. This causes the picture to always have sort of a trail image for moving objects. With rain this causes the camera to be completely unusable. Every drop of rain leaves a trail and as soon as it starts raining it's not possible to see anything on the screen anymore other than the multiple rain lines.

Again I was astonished that this outdoor camera that advertises state of the art night vision with 100 feet range, in reality didn't have more than 30 feet range (at best), was unusable during the night and had a persistent halo effect.

I've kept communicating these problems to support that then told me that they couldn't do anything to help.
I've threatened to report it to ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) as false advertisement and they then asked for a new set of screenshots so they could escalate the problem to the technical team.

With all this, another week had passed and nothing had changed.
At that point another problem occurred. The camera now would suddenly lose connection and would only recover after I had unplug and replug both the camera router and camera for a few times. This could take up to two hours of downtime each time. Everything else electrical and network wise was working perfectly.
I was now concerned about reliability. If I was out I had no way of resetting the devices.

I've communicated all this to Logitech and another week has passes and no reply whatsoever.

I have now asked the electrician to come back to remove the cable and uninstall the camera. I'll return the camera and will look elsewhere for a replacement. Will stay away from Logitech.
I will also report these issues to ASA and will try to at least recoup some of the expenses back.

Update: Logitech got back to me asking me to request Amazon a 'total warranty replacement'. I've contacted Amazon but according to their policy they cannot replace the same item twice (they did the first replacement for the first camera that arrived missing parts).

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