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DSC-W830 Camera Purple 20.1MP 8xZoom 2.7LCD 720p 25mm Carl Zeiss
DSC-W830 Camera Purple 20.1MP 8xZoom 2.7LCD 720p 25mm Carl Zeiss

4.0 von 5 Sternen For that record-of-the-moment shot, 9. Mai 2014
For a basic snap camera the W830 is fine. Lots of tech features for various shooting modes but within rather limited shooting options and I think this what the majority of buyers for this type of camera want also I think the compact size is a strong selling point.

Outside on a bright sunny day it works perfectly and the zoom delivers good results. Movies and sound, for very basic shooting, are reasonable. The panorama option I thought was really rather superficial, far too short at a few seconds to do anything creative though maybe useful if you wanted to shoot a room interior or line of people. Nice of Sony to replace the rather ungainly zoom lever on the WX80 with a much more easy to use toggle lever on this camera.

The downside for me with the W-830 are not the images but a couple of other areas to do with the camera and Sony. The battery/card cover is rather flimsy and could easily be broken accidentally. It takes longer than I would have expected for the camera to get ready for the next shot. Sony persist in producing dedicated accessories for their products. Here you get a USB cable to connect the camera to a pc for charging or downloading images, this looks like a unique Sony connector (it wont even fit the slightly older WX80 camera) cable and as another review has said: don't lose it. Of course you can take the card out and download images with a reader but you can't recharge the battery without the Sony cable.

The Instruction Manual is just a concertina sheet of one-side printed paper and covers just the basic Basics. Even the two PDFs on the Sony website just repeat the same information (one PDF has it in several languages) to get any real information you have to click on 'Help Guide' and explore various pages. A worthwhile one is 'Before Use', then click on 'List of icons displayed on the screen'. Amazingly there are several dozen. Sony should really provide all the information in the 'Help Guide' as a PDF. I still have a 2004 Sony Manual to the Cyber-shot P100 (and to be honest I would still use the camera if the LCD screen was bigger) with 126 pages presented in numbered step-by-step illustrated instructions. The screen icons for the P100 numbered seventy-four!

If you want to take straightforward record-of-the-moment shots the W830 is as good as any other compact camera.

Paul Shambroom: Picturing Power
Paul Shambroom: Picturing Power
von Laura Westlund
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 46,26

5.0 von 5 Sternen Documentary power, 4. Mai 2014
The book is based on a travelling exhibition (during 2008-9) of Paul Shambroom's documentary photography. The photos are from five assignments between 1986 and 2007 and the fifty-eight plates clearly show what a great eye he has for capturing the visual essentials that pull you into the frame. The five are: Factories; Offices; Nuclear weapons; Meeting; Security and maybe it's unfortunate that the photos here can only give a brief overview of Shambroom's work.

'Picturing power' is slightly unusual for a photobook because it has fifty-two pages of text before the photos with six illustrated essays that look (somewhat exhaustively, too) at the photographer's assignments.

The photos in the book are printed on a matt gloss with a 175 screen with the essays printed on a light coloured stock. The book's designers indulged in a bit of whimsy by clipping the type of the essay headings and running a thin magenta upright line flush to the seond columns of type on the right-hand essay pages. Neither of these design affectations contribute anything to the appreciation of the book.

If you are taken by Paul Shambroom's photography 'Nuclear weapons' and 'Meetings' are available as books.

OXA Naturholz-Design Tragbare Wireless Stereo Lautsprecher NFC Bluetooth Lautsprecher mit austauschbaren Lithium-Polymer-Akku, Unterstützung für Micro-SD-Karten, integriertes FM-Radio und AUX Line-in-Anschluss für Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets PC und mehr (blau)
OXA Naturholz-Design Tragbare Wireless Stereo Lautsprecher NFC Bluetooth Lautsprecher mit austauschbaren Lithium-Polymer-Akku, Unterstützung für Micro-SD-Karten, integriertes FM-Radio und AUX Line-in-Anschluss für Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets PC und mehr (blau)
Wird angeboten von DBPOWER
Preis: EUR 48,96

4.0 von 5 Sternen Square sound, 1. Mai 2014
At a bit over four inches this cube speaker delivers a reasonable sound and the Bluetooth option allows you to move about the house if you want to listen to your favourite music or radio station. Though there are three speaker grills I think the unit has two speakers coming out of the left and right-hand sides. Besides Bluetooth it's versatile enough to handle SD card, memory stick or plug and play your mp3.

Operation is via the front black touch screen and I found it quite sensitive. The symbols are in red and more or less invisible if you want to use it outside the house. The supplied cable also acts as the FM aerial though I could use it without it as I'm reasonable near two transmitters.

Four stars because of the following:
1 The very poor User Manual, OXA really should get their own done instead of relying on the Chinese manufactures inadequate English on the small instruction leaflet.
2 The design of the cube is rather tacky. Putting the black strip with the on/off, card, stick and line inputs on the top front was a design mistake. The obvious place for these is on the back of the cube.
3 Perhaps the real letdown is the short battery life. I expect something like this to play for more than ninety minutes or so, this was a real letdown for me.

Apart from the battery life the speaker delivers quality sound for the price but check out the OXA Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker, this has quite remarkable sound reproduction considering its size.

OXA® 2600mAh Schwarz Tragbare (CE / FCC / ROHS genehmigt) Backup-Batterie Ladegerät Power Bank für Smart Phones und Digitale Geräte (Schwarz)
OXA® 2600mAh Schwarz Tragbare (CE / FCC / ROHS genehmigt) Backup-Batterie Ladegerät Power Bank für Smart Phones und Digitale Geräte (Schwarz)
Wird angeboten von DBPOWER
Preis: EUR 19,89

4.0 von 5 Sternen Banking on power, 15. April 2014
A handy charger that does the job with my mp3 player and mobile which I've charged a few times. Unfortunately I can't give any accurate tech specs which should be the deciding factor in buying this sort of product. Charging and using is simple enough, it weighs seventy-four grams without any cables and it certainly looks well made. It came with a protective peel-off film either end.

It does seem to have a design flaw though. There is square metal button to press to start the charging process and a blue light appears (red when it wears down and charging). It really is so easy to press this button and I could see that it could easily be accidentally turned on if it moved in a bag or briefcase. A better solution would have been a slider that clicked into place or a much more robust button that clicked to on.

The User Manual is a concertina folded piece of paper really small and with unreadable type so it is useless in explaining the Power Bank's operation

Libraries (Roads Publishing) (Roads Reflections)
Libraries (Roads Publishing) (Roads Reflections)
von Bjarne Hammer
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 44,75

5.0 von 5 Sternen The public home of books, 8. April 2014
Forty-four of the world's leading libraries are revealed in this lavish photographic celebration of books in their public homes. Considering that all these buildings hold the same thing the range of architectural styles is quite amazing, even those built in the last decade. Just compare the sweep of the atrium in the 2012 built Sir Duncan Rice Library at the Uni of Aberdeen with atrium of the Library of the Faculty of Law, Uni of Zurich, built in 2004. Both have a fresh take on a similar idea. Perhaps the common element in most of the libraries in the book is a central huge space with shelving round the walls and reading facilities on the floor.

The majority of buildings are in Europe, perhaps as expected as some are centuries old: the Library of El Escorial, Madrid dates back to 1592; Joanina Library, Coimbra, Portugal from 1728; Austrian National Library, Vienna was built in 1726. Those from outside Europe tend to reflect local architectural styles and materials. The King Fahd National Library in Riyadh, built in 2013, has an external appearance of desert tents stacked on top of each other, the smallest building in the book, in Beijing and built in 2011 is the LiYuan Library which uses thin tree branches to cover its exterior.

All of the pictures are from a variety of photographers (some libraries are from two or more) and fortunately the colour and style doesn't vary too much. Each library has the architects name and construction date, the only other text is a deep caption (in four languages) and it is here that the book is slightly flawed because several captions have been printed on the photos despite having plenty of empty page space. Mostly the buildings get two spreads each with two or three photos, frequently a spread wide. They are, of course, beautifully printed (with a 175 screen) on a matt art paper.

'Libraries' looks at these fascinating buildings from an architectural angle but the book will intrigue any book lover.

Brainwavz S1 In-Ear Ohrhörer (Kabelführung über den Ohren)
Brainwavz S1 In-Ear Ohrhörer (Kabelführung über den Ohren)

5.0 von 5 Sternen Sounds like a good deal, 4. April 2014
I was surprised and impressed with the sound quality from these S1 earphones. I prefer to listen to fifties jazz so a strong bass is not something I'm looking for (and difficult to avoid with most average head or earphones) but I do want to hear plenty of top for the percussion and brass instruments. As another reviewer has mentioned it's worth getting the right buds for your ears and fortunately these come with eight pairs plus a foam set, an impressive set of options.

Apart from the sound another feature I really liked was the cable. The weakest physical part of earphones are the cable connections to the phones, pull them from your ears and cheaper sets just break in no time. The S1 uses a flat cable and a good, solid connection to the ear piece and handled correctly I reckon these phones should last and last.

The little zip case they came in was a good idea as was the adapter for use while flying. Overall a quality set of earphones.

Railway Posters
Railway Posters
von Thierry Favre
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 32,68

5.0 von 5 Sternen Rolling stock, 2. April 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Railway Posters (Gebundene Ausgabe)
One of the specialities of the Victorian era poster was cramming in as much type as possible, the playbill is a classic example but European rail companies took it to extremes judging by the posters in the first few pages of this book. Not only large type for a heading, a main picture and maybe two more but also a route map and amazingly a comprehensive timetables. All this on a four foot deep poster and frequently the route map was as large as the main scenic picture.

By the early years of the twentieth century this very busy poster format had changed to a much more graphic approach with a big picture, headline type and no timetable. The route map though was a constant idea used for decades. Page eighty-six has a 1933 poster for the Italian railways using a very stylised graphic map of the route between Milan and Naples.

Up to the start of the Second World War travelling by train was the way to go, especially long distances. Page fifty-five has a 1928 poster for the twelve day journey from Paris to Peking, via Moscow and Manchuria or the Simplon--Orient Express 1921 French poster on page 148, board the train in Grande Bretagne (I assume in London) and travel across Europe to Turkey, cross the Bosporus by ferry and then onto Syria. The kind of journey that would inspire books and movies and you can still do it today on the Express, though only as far as Constantinople (Istanbul) with a change in Venice.

The posters through the book follow an historical theme from 1887 to 1986. The majority are European with the next largest from the US with several famous ones painted by Leslie Ragan for the New York Central, Australia, Canada, Japan and Egypt are represented. The last chapter looks at Pullman cars and the French company Wagon Lit and the poster selection includes six from the brilliant Cassandre.

Railway Posters (and the companion titles: Ocean Liners; Cars) are lovely reminders of poster art, all in colour, beautifully printed and with mostly one large poster a page. In fact large enough to be suitable for framing if you wanted to create your own transport gallery.

Car Posters
Car Posters
von Emmanuel Lopez
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 32,50

5.0 von 5 Sternen Poster motion, 26. März 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Car Posters (Gebundene Ausgabe)
Another excellent poster book from the Antiques Collectors' Club. Though not a proper series, the two previous books covered railways and liners with the same editorial format as this title: one poster a page (ten of them are spread wide) and an illustrated essay to the seven chapters. The posters are really divided into two sections, first are posters for the many car companies from 1891 to 1945, the second part looks at posters for racing, car shows and accessories.

Art, now over a hundred years old, used for selling cars back then seemed to feature a lot of females, not as you would expect as passengers but driving . Page ten has a painting for De Dion-Bouton cars with a lady in charge of what is really a motorised horseless carriage, this was in 1890 long before complete female emancipation. It's not until the twenties that the ladies become passengers in a male driven car, least according to the art featured here. Because this was a new form of travel there are plenty of posters for small manufacturers who eventually fell by the wayside leaving today's well-known marques, for example: Fiat, Citroen, Ford, Chrysler.

I found it fascinating to follow the changing style of art from the turn of the twentieth century where the posters used paintings and the typography was a kind of afterthought to be dropped into an empty space. Two decades later a much more graphic style had evolved with strong coloured shapes and bold type. On page eighty-one is a stunning 1930 poster for Bugatti designed by Rene Vincent showing a black upright shape with a speeding car breaking out of the top of the poster and just the company name in big letters across the bottom.

The speeding vehicle was obviously a strong selling point in the second section of posters about racing. Plenty of scope for artists to show cars at an angle with elliptical wheels and speed-lines everywhere. The book's cover uses a 1947 Marseilles Grand Prix painting by Andre Bermond. This racing section has the most recent posters in the book, three from 1968 to 1970, two feature Daytona races days and other is for Porsche with a head shot of Steve McQueen, fortunately these three only occupy a spread because I thought they clashed with all the wonderfully exuberant historical posters throughout the book. The car shows and accessory pages only show work up to 1950.

Like the railway and ocean liner poster books this one has a clean, elegant presentation with enough white space on each spread to enhance the feel of the art. I think it's worth saying that all the posters come from a French collection and so they reflect European styles of art and design. Emmanuel Lopez has created the perfect historical look back for car lovers.

OXA Tragbare Mini-Wireless-Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit Akku, Micro-Support TF-Karte und AUX Line-in für Handys und Laptops (blau)
OXA Tragbare Mini-Wireless-Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit Akku, Micro-Support TF-Karte und AUX Line-in für Handys und Laptops (blau)
Wird angeboten von HappyGo
Preis: EUR 39,58

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Small size --big sound, 18. März 2014
This is a seriously impressive speaker! I have a XSories Boom Box mini speaker (with an FM tuner included) which I thought was quite good for its small size though like most speakers these days it tends to favour lower frequencies with too much emphasis on bass notes. This OXA surprisingly gives equal weight to most frequencies so I can now hear cymbals on jazz tracks and listen to a choir with experiencing the expected distortion. I don't know how they've managed it in such a small size but music sounds terrific.

The Bluetooth works as it should and was no problem to identify. I haven't tried the phone option or the 32TGF micro card slot. The four controls on the bottom front feel a bit clunky and if anything is to go first I reckon it will be these push buttons. The speaker looks rather contemporary with the sides slightly tapering to the top. There is one annoyance though. The User manual is set in type so small as to make it totally unreadable. It's a seven page concertina folded piece of paper (55 by 43mm when folded) but the reverse is blank so that the text could be in a readable size if it was printed on both sides.

Nightwatch: Painting with Light
Nightwatch: Painting with Light
von Noel Kerns
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 39,90

5.0 von 5 Sternen The night seen, 14. Februar 2014
An impressive book of night photos revealing abandoned structures that litter the American landscape and following in the footsteps of the master of the genre: Troy Paiva. Though Paiva tends to concentrate on his night painting format Kerns offers a broader view in many of the photos here by using the light of a full moon. Probably more than half the photos use colour from gels placed in front of flashlights and strobes. Sometimes, I thought, this tends to be a hit or miss with a coloured light creating a rather artificial feel but other times, used rather subtlety, it creates quite stunning photos.

The range of places and things captured by Kerns is wonderfully comprehensive. The usual abandoned gas stations on the Interstate and of course the ruins of Detroit but also rusting dead tech, factories, motels, churches, aircraft, military installations and one photo of three train coaches with most of its windows missing.

Like Paiva's 2008 book 'Night vision' this book has captions for all the photos (location and date) but also frequently a few words from Kern's about the place in the photo and what he felt about it. It's not fashionable these days, in art photo books, for photographers to add any text thinking that the photos say it all but reading Kern's comments certainly give his work a lift in my view.

There are no page numbers so I can't say exactly how many photos there are but at least 250 which makes this a value for money title. The book is a handy square format with the photos printed with a 175 screen on a reasonable semi-matt art paper. The whole book is black which unfortunately can show up finger marks easily and I found a slight annoyance with the text, because it isn't a ragged right setting there are lots of uneven spaces between the words (OK a minor point but as a designer I notice these things). Overall though a fascinating collection of night photos and virtually every one pulls you into the composition, no also rans here.

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