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Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (50 Shades Trilogy)
Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (50 Shades Trilogy)
von E L James
Preis: EUR 7,99

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1.0 von 5 Sternen Fifty Shades Worse..., 7. August 2012
I got the 3 volume boxed set - that's the only reason why I read on.

The story goes on - right where the last one ended. But that's not the problem. The story has potential. It's really the writing that suffocates the story.

My recommendation:
Ana's inner goddess and her subconscious should just be deleted from the book. Okay... there'd only be approx. 60% of the book left - but would that be so bad?? I don't think it would.
Delete Christian's shy smiles (and Ana's too while you're at it) and you're left with 50%. Bad? No, not at all!
Ana forgets to eat.. every five pages. The reader doesn't need to be reminded of that so often. Away with it! Ana flushes - Christian thinks it's adorable and I bet it is. But I don't want to read that twice per page (that's a lot of flushing considering how many pages there are) Down to 40%.
Intimate scences: How often do they do it? Average 5x a day, every day? Who wants that (on a permanent basis)??? Skip a few and we're down to 20%.
Last, but not least: Christian's self doubt ("I'm not worthy. I'm nothing. I'm a worm." and similar grouching) and Ana's way to build up his esteem ("Don't say that. You ARE a nice person.") - leave it out!

What's left is a decent short story I would very much enjoy.
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The Taming of a Scottish Princess (The Mysterious Hurst Amulet)
The Taming of a Scottish Princess (The Mysterious Hurst Amulet)
von Karen Hawkins
Preis: EUR 5,94

2.0 von 5 Sternen it could have been one hell of a story... alas - it isn't, 7. August 2012
Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
In the last book of the Hurst series we finally meet Michael Hurst, the Egyptologist who's been captured for a couple of books with his assistent Jane Smythe-Haughton. I thought that their story was promising from the glimpses we got throughout the previous books.
I was very disappointed when I started reading The Taming. The "banter" is just annoying and goes on and on. And it's not really banter but stupid, childish comments as "you are a silly weirdo and old *pout*" (no, that's not actually in the book... but things that are hideously close).
Oh... then there is the Amulet. But who cares about that. The only reason why I wanted them to track that thing down was that the story would finally end.

Scandalous Desires (Maiden Lane, Band 3)
Scandalous Desires (Maiden Lane, Band 3)
von Elizabeth Hoyt
Preis: EUR 5,86

5.0 von 5 Sternen Gotta love it!!!, 7. August 2012
This is by far Hoyt's best book!!! I was very much intrigued upon reading the excerpt in Notorious Pleasures and was looking forward to Scandalous Desires. The amazing thing: she keeps it up. It's not just the excerpt that's gripping but every single page of the book. Mickey O'Connor obviously has a tough background. I mean - he's a filthily rich pirate and is utterly beautiful (black hair, black eyes, black soul...). Then he meets Silence and the question is: Can a wounded beast learn to love? Could it be that underneath that hard surface is a man who believes himself unworthy of love? Could it be that there is more to this man than just his good looks? Ha, ha... surprise - appartently there is. I'm lacking the words - I just loved it!
Anyway, here comes a character who's got it all. That's the guy I want!
Oh... Silence, is fine too. A must read! (In my opinion, apart from this one, Thief of Shadows, To beguile a beast and the raven prince are Hoyt's best books).

Verdi, Giuseppe - Don Carlos (NTSC) [2 DVDs]
Verdi, Giuseppe - Don Carlos (NTSC) [2 DVDs]
DVD ~ Ramon Vargas

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5.0 von 5 Sternen So muss Don Carlos sein!, 6. Mai 2012
Dieser Don Carlos ist ein Erlebnis. Dadurch, dass der 1.Akt gezeigt wird, ist es klarer, was die Darsteller bewegt. Ich habe mir diese Version x Mal in der Oper angeschaut und jedesmal geheult. Das ist mir bei anderen Don Carlos noch nie passiert.
Ebolis Traum gefällt mir sehr gut. Endlich wird Eboli nicht also die Böse dargestellt, sondern als eine Frau, mit der man sich identifizieren kann, die ganz normale Probleme hat und sich ein ganz gewöhnliches Leben wünscht.
Die Regie ist überwältigend!
Die Sänger hervorragend.
Ich kenn keinen besseren Don Carlos als diesen.

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