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Robertomelbourne (Melbourne, Australia)

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A History of Civilizations
A History of Civilizations
von Fernand Braudel
Preis: EUR 17,11

3.0 von 5 Sternen Great to Good, 5. Februar 1999
Rezension bezieht sich auf: A History of Civilizations (Taschenbuch)
It was always going to be difficult to write a book about Civilisations. The decision tree alone of what infomration to include/exclude would be a significant problem. Braudel's thesis is that religion, culture and geography, toghether with traditional tools of history are all important in understanding civilisations. This is a true and accurate perspective. He contrates on Nth America, Europe, Asia, Islam and Africa. His chapter on Islam, and the first civilisation studied, was outstanding and certainly he was able to tie in his thesis to this examiniation. However, i got the impression he got lazy, and ended up providing cobbled sketches of the other civilisations, and concetrating more on hisotry than analysis. Hence why Great to good.

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4.0 von 5 Sternen terrific read, 23. September 1998
I enjoyed the sequel to the Eagle has Landed. I thought it had many of the qualities, attributes, and certainly same style that made the Eagle has Landed a terrific read - fast, flowing, and tight. I have read a couple of Higgin's books in between the Eagle series, and hadn't really enjoyed them. But reading this book has made me want to read Higgins again.

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