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Mark Fowler (West Des Moines IA)

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Currahee!: A Paratrooper's Account of the Normandy Invasion
Currahee!: A Paratrooper's Account of the Normandy Invasion
von Donald Burgett
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Revisiting an old friend, 9. Januar 2000
I read this book back in the 70's, I must have checked this book out of the libary at least a half a dozen times. I was in a bookstore just last night when I caught the book title out of the corner of my eye. I started to re-read the book right then & there and it came to me why I enjoyed this book so long ago. Its the realism, I felt I was right beside the author from jump school to the training in England prior D-Day. Anyone who wants to understand the life of a foot soldier in WWII this is a must read. I bought Currahee and his 2 new books! I can't wait to finish re-reading his first book and then start the other two.

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