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Eric. A Discworld Novel.: A Discworld Novel (Gollancz)
Eric. A Discworld Novel.: A Discworld Novel (Gollancz)
von Terry Pratchett
Preis: EUR 7,90

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5.0 von 5 Sternen one of the best, 27. August 2011
Of course it's true: discworld-fans are a special lot of people. But if you are a member of this group (which is amazingly large, anyway) you are definitely going to enjoy this one. There are a lot of (more or less hidden) references to our history and of course to Goethe's Faust. In addition the reader can find side-blows to religions (hell, where only people, who believe in it go, is one of the settings). Just two pieces of advice:
- Don't read when tired, you might miss a punch line.
- If this is your first discworld novel you might find some background information poorly explained (such as: Why is the Luggage always running behind its owner?) However, this shouldn't really be a problem.
OK then, enjoy.

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