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Elio M. Garcia Jr. (Sweden)

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A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One
A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One
von George R. R. Martin
Preis: EUR 8,10

19 von 23 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen A Warning and then Praise, 28. April 2000
This book is not for the easily offended. It is very probably not for young children, unless very mature. It contains realistic acts of violence, murder, explicit sexuality, vulgar language, greed, cowardice, deceit, and _politics_. It is often grim and dark, with good characters hurt and wicked characters rewarded. And, indeed, most of the characters are rather more grey than black and white in their goodness and wickedness.
This novel is also the first of six books in an epic fantasy series, by necessity all interwoven together, and so it does not tell a complete story on its own. It also uses a narrative technique where many characters have POV chapters, and these chapters can be widely separated, sometimes even cutting into the middle of the current action and leaving one hanging for half-a-dozen (or more) intervening POV chapters of other characters.
If any of these things make you run for cover, you can now pass this novel by safe in the knowledge that it does not suit your tastes.
With that aside:
_A Game of Thrones_ is one of the most brilliant fantasy novels written in the last five decades. Bold and forceful, unblinking in the face of doing terrible and unexpected things to characters, Mr. Martin has shown that epic fantasy is more than just magic and monsters. This is a story about the complex interactions between people, and the things they do for vengeance, for love, for power. The characters are perfectly drawn, because they are human - some are brilliant, some are ignorant, many are "normal", and _all_ make mistakes. The magnificent sweep of events, the fateful choices that lead to glory or to death (or both at once), the precious peace in the eye of the storm - it's all there, laid out as true to reality as one can imagine.

Queen of the Darkness: The Black Jewels Trilogy 3
Queen of the Darkness: The Black Jewels Trilogy 3
von Anne Bishop
Preis: EUR 7,00

5.0 von 5 Sternen More than Enough, 29. Januar 2000
Unlike some of the other reviewers, I found _Queen of the Darkness_ to be a perfect ending for Ms. Bishop's breakthrough series. Ms. Bishop knows better than to give a pat, "And they lived happily ever after". The characters all have relatively murky futures - Daemon and Janelle, Saetan and Sylvia, Surreal, they are all questions. Their future is as unknowable to them as to us, and that's the perfect way for it to be. While the aftermath of the novel would certainly fill another trilogy of its own, I hope it's never written (though a few short stories would not be unwelcome). The question, "What happens next?" is vital for the book to work. Life is never certain, just as Witch's future was never certain.
The characters are all well-represented - which is remarkable, given some have only brief but nuanced roles which gives a clear indication of their lives. Beyond Jo (who has all of two or three lines devoted to him in the first two books) and Hepsabah (who disappears entirely from the second book), I can't think of anyone who wasn't, in some way, referred to (even if all it is is a reference to a meeting of the First Circle) and given a context in the story. The silence on Cassandra's whereabouts is a particularly brilliant descision. By saying practically nothing, Bishop manages to speak volumes about what's happening in that area of the story.
Unless it was missed, a slew of new characters were introduced in the second novel, and not all of them could take center stage for any span of time. It's a testament to the author's skill that a generally clear picture develops about everyone of importance. Slipping in references and nuances throughout the story, the plot remains tight and paced precisely without lacking reminders that there are more than a handful of lives in the balance, and that some of those are friends (even if little-seen.)
What Bishop manages is a terrific combination of breathtaking plot, complex character interaction, and not a few charmingly humorous scenes to balance the great weight of destiny that rushes the reader forward. She should be commended for this.

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