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The World Is In My Hands (Video Edit)
The World Is In My Hands (Video Edit)
Preis: EUR 1,29

5.0 von 5 Sternen Power To Shape My World, 12. August 2013
“The World Is In My Hands” by Cascada is an uplifting song that appears to be about persisting and continuing to go after personal ambitions. I also like how Cascada is portrayed in a happy light for the youtube video and the lyrics contain a message of keeping dreams alive. “The World Is In My Hands” by Cascada is great for those who like her previous “Glorious” offering, cheery music, and/or electronic dance melodies.

Fly to Paradise
Fly to Paradise
Preis: EUR 3,87

5.0 von 5 Sternen Elysian Electronic, 12. August 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Fly to Paradise (MP3-Download)
“Fly To Paradise” by Eric Whitacre features a various group of men and women singing together in harmony (with superb vocals). The lyrics appear to symbolize the beauty of soaring to new heights in various vistas of life. I admit that I first found out about this song thanks to the video being featured on one of my husband’s online news feeds. Something about the video and/or the title resonated with me to watch it, and I gently coerced my husband into watching “Fly To Paradise” with me. We both watched the music video on youtube together and he noticed that the wings to the featured female appeared to grow larger as the song progressed. The music sounds like a carefully blended mashup of dub step, chillout, and electronica melodies, which complement both the lyrics and video perfectly. “Fly To Paradise” by Eric Whitacre is best for those who like electronica, chillout, and/or joyfully spirited theme songs.

Children of Paradise
Children of Paradise
DVD ~ Arletty
Wird angeboten von DaaVeeDee-DEU
Preis: EUR 19,99

5.0 von 5 Sternen Children Of Privilege, 12. August 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Children of Paradise (DVD)
I am fortunate to have found out about the “Children Of Paradise” film from the online recommendations of Amazon Canada. “Children Of Paradise” is a film set in France and shows a beautiful woman named Claire Garance Reine, who is romantically admired by at least four men. Garance appears to be passionately in love with a gifted mime named Baptiste. Garance’s desire to exercise freedom in her personal life is indirectly shaped by the death of her mother as she was coming of age. The complicated twist to this situation is that a woman named Nathalie is also intensely in love with Baptiste. There is much more suspense and intrigue to this movie than what this summary lists. “Children of Paradise” is a superb choice for those who are curious about watching films that relate to life of citizens who worked in theater and how it ties into the indirect dealings of those who were part of the upper class culture. For instance, Garance ends up meeting a man who is one of her admirers and is part of the French aristocracy. This event is only one part of multiple incidents in the film on why the “Children of Paradise” metaphorically fits the movie’s theme.

Listen: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis
Listen: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis
von Lynn A. Robinson
Preis: EUR 12,45

5.0 von 5 Sternen Clairvoyance Guide, 22. Juli 2013
I confess that it is challenging for me to sometimes admit when I need help due to judgement from others. This is especially if what I’m going through is self-inflicted and I’m in the process of wisely figuring out where to get the best help. There is always so much for me to learn. Fortunately, “Listen:Trusting Your Inner Voice In Times of Crisis” by Lynn A. Robinson is a guide for those who are determined to strengthen and tap into their own intuition on helping themselves. This book contains some of the following:
Chapter 6: What You Say To Yourself Matters: Healing Information is given on such matters as how to be your own best friend and thinking like a visionary.
Chapter 15: Letting Life Be Easy: I’m all too aware that I sometimes unintentionally allow certain circumstances in my life to be harder than it has to be. Healing information is given on such topics as finding the lesson and shifting attitude.
Chapter 23: What Dreams May Come: Details are given on how dreams can provide solutions to waking life.
There is so much more in this book and “Listen:Trusting Your Voice In Times of Crisis” by Lynne A. Robinson is a great guide for those who are determined to tap into their own intuitive faculties.

Armada Lounge, Vol. 6
Armada Lounge, Vol. 6
Preis: EUR 19,78

5.0 von 5 Sternen Music Continuation Of Armada Lounge Quality, 22. Juli 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Armada Lounge, Vol. 6 (MP3-Download)
“Armada Lounge: Vol. 6” is a collection of 38 chillout songs from various artists. “Colours” (Strings & Vocals Mix) by Emma Hewitt, “Carry Me Away” (Live Acoustic version) by Emma Hewitt,”Under The Gun” (feat. Leigh Nash) by Conjure One, and “Surrounded” by BT& Aqualung are some of the satisfying hits available out of the other excellent songs available on this various artist compilation. I am previously familiar with some of Emma Hewitt’s music due to Armin Van Burren publicly introducing her on the internet. I am now curious to eventually checkout at least one of her music collections within the next three months. “Armada Lounge: Vol. 6” is fantastic for those who enjoy chillout and/or lounge music with trance and electronica vibes.

The World From The Side Of The Moon
The World From The Side Of The Moon
Preis: EUR 8,49

5.0 von 5 Sternen Phillips Showcase, 22. Juli 2013
“The World From The Side Of The Moon” by Phillip Phillips contains the popular and satisfying songs that are “Home” and “Gone, Gone, Gone.” “Man On The Moon”, “Get Up Get Down”, and “So Easy” are among the quality songs on this collection. I like “Gone, Gone, Gone” a lot because the lyrics, in a positive way, symbolize how my husband feels about me.“The World From The Side Of The Moon” by Phillip Phillips is good for those who like “Home” or adult contemporary songs. “Hazel”, “Wicked Game”, and the live version of “Home” are also pretty good.

Spirited Away [UK Import]
Spirited Away [UK Import]
DVD ~ Daveigh Chase
Wird angeboten von ZOverstocksDE
Preis: EUR 14,72

5.0 von 5 Sternen Travels In One Spirit Land, 22. Juli 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Spirited Away [UK Import] (DVD)
“Spirited Away” involves the journey that a young girl named Chihiro embarks on after finding her parents transformed into pigs. She also travels through an even more unusual spirit world and dealing with the witch who was responsible for what happened to her parents. “Spirited Away” reminds me of “Howl’s Moving Castle” (which is also a good film).“Spirited Away” is a great anime movie with supernatural/spiritual themes.

My Little Pony - The Movie [UK Import]
My Little Pony - The Movie [UK Import]

4.0 von 5 Sternen Test Of Ponyland, 22. Juli 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: My Little Pony - The Movie [UK Import] (DVD)
“My Little Pony: The Movie” features the plot of Ponyland coming under the target of a witch named Hydia and her daughters Draggle and Reeka. Hydia and her daughters live in a volcano and simply want to unleash mischief after the ponies had successfully turned the land into a happy place. At first Hydria succeeds and unleashes a purple gunk on the Ponyland castle. The ponies are helped by three kids and are gifted with an estate named “Paradise” by what appears to be a forest elder. “My Little Pony: The Movie” is a cheery film safe for all ages.

Strawberry Shortcake - The Movie - The Sky Is The Limit [UK Import]
Strawberry Shortcake - The Movie - The Sky Is The Limit [UK Import]
Wird angeboten von zoreno-deutschland
Preis: EUR 3,88

4.0 von 5 Sternen Strawberry Shortcake’s Goal, 22. Juli 2013
“The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: The Sky’s The Limit” follows that efforts of Strawberry shortcake and her friends trying to do what is possible to prevent from having to leave where they call home. They end up embarking on a trip to accomplish this mission. This sunny film also has colorful graphics.

We Are Smug [Explicit]
We Are Smug [Explicit]
Preis: EUR 9,89

3.0 von 5 Sternen Hotshot Music, 22. Juli 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: We Are Smug [Explicit] (MP3-Download)
“We Are Smug” by Darren Hayes does contain some songs with good hooks such as “Good Dress”, “Words That I Can’t Say”, and “Riot”. I actually wanted to like these songs a lot because of Darren Hayes strong vocals with this experimental collection. The only reason why I reluctantly give it three stars is due to the feeling that his musical soul seems to be less prevalent on “We Are Smug”(his melodic spirit is more strongly evident in his 2011 Secret Codes and Battleships). However, I do plan on keeping an eye on the future releases of Darren Hayes music and would recommend “We Are Smug” for diehard fans of his music.

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