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Sean Osullivan (Fredericksburg, VA)

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Writing Compilers and Interpreters: An Applied Approach Using C++
Writing Compilers and Interpreters: An Applied Approach Using C++
von Ronald Mak

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2.0 von 5 Sternen Mak is useful, but do use it with caution., 16. April 2000
There are several things you should know about this book:
1) The book implements a top-down or recursive-descent parser, as opposed to a standard shift-reduce parser. This is *very* important, as lex/yacc, Visual Parse++, and other parsing tools are efficient shift-reduce macines. Thus, the parser isn't really portable. Even so, I did find the the symbol table design that's used by the parser to be critical for what I needed.
2) The printed material is mostly (say 70%) code listings, thus even though the book is a whopping 838 pages, it would be much slimmer with fewer listings. The code is downloadable from the pusblisher's (Wiley) site.
3) The 30% of text and figures that are in the book could be much more insightful. For example, Chapter 11 - the interactive debugger should at least have some description (screenshots perhaps) of how to use the debugger. (Hint, the commands end with a semi-colon.)
4) Even though this book is C++ oriented, it doesn't use standard containers like linked lists, or trees (maps/sets). The classes have pointers in them that makes the class also act as a its own node in a list or whatever. This makes the design much more confusing than it needs to be.
5) The symbol table implementation has heavy circular dependencies. Quite honestly I don't know of a better implementation (yet). This does, however pose a problem if you'll need to extend the design (to use STL containers, to self-serialize, etc.)
The book has been a godsend, but I couldn't honestly let the 4 and 5 star reviews sit unchallenged. If I had known the above sooner, I could have saved quite a few weekends.
I think an Ideal Writing Compilers book would come bundled with a thirty day version of Visual Parse++ or Dr. Parse, and work from there.

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