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Mehrdad Poshtkouhi (Sacramento, CA)

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Large-Scale C++ Software Design (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing (Paperback))
Large-Scale C++ Software Design (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing (Paperback))
von John S. Lakos
Preis: EUR 70,57

5.0 von 5 Sternen Excellent and still one of the best, 9. Februar 2000
The material presented is of paramount importance when it comes to design and implementation of software solutions meant to address real-world needs. Even though it focuses primarily on C++, many of the principles apply to any programming language that supports inheritance and interfaces. Without understanding CCD (Cumulative Component Dependency) and other quantitative measures and applying them to architecture design, any software solution may experience increased maintenance cost and degraded reliability (due to difficulty of testing components in isolation). As a matter of fact, we applied many of the measures to develop a framework in Java and build a solution using it, in a 3-tier architecture with browser-based clients. Mr. Lakos indeed deserves high remarks for his excellent and pioneering work.

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