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PhoneGap and AngularJS for Cross-platform Development
PhoneGap and AngularJS for Cross-platform Development
von Yuxian Eugene Liang
Preis: EUR 28,87

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2.0 von 5 Sternen ..., 6. Dezember 2014
This one is a bit short. It's not meant to be a large book for every single thing you can do with Phonegap, it is really just an introduction to PhoneGap, to get you started - the author writes that you don't need to be familiar with AngularJS...well, i disagree, you really should learn the basics BEFORE reading this book.

Let't take a look at the chapters:

Chapter 1: This is a basic AngularJS introduction. And it is really basic. You can't just explain a Controller or a Service in one paragraph, and you can't explain the basics of AngularJS in just a few pages.

Chapter 2: This would be the most important chapter, the author jumps right in so you have to deal with the installation of stuff like the Android SDK and node.js on your own. It's not that hard though, and he did present some links...but what's not ok is that he uses the term "Cordova" without explaining the relation between PhoneGap and Cordova. That's really important to know imho. Developing for Android and iOS involves fees for an account, that would also have been important to tell.

Chapter 3: With Chapter 3, it finally gets interesting. You finally learn how to organize an AngularJS properly and create a "real" App - even using partials for it, which is nice. Even though i would not use partials like the author, he uses them as main templates...and it gets odd at the end, when you have to use Python to create a server. There is no explanation why, and the author just keeps doing stuff without telling the reader why ("you have to do this and that for Android" - yeah, but why?).

Chapter 4: This is pretty much my favourite expertise, the Facebook API. And i can tell you, he is doing it wrong. Synchronous usage of the JavaScript SDK, very old versoin tag...Could be intentional though, because the correct way would be a bit more code. But still, you should not write this in a book without explanation.

Chapter 5: This could actually be a lot shorter, the only chapter that it's really not important in the book. After all, every Web Developer should know how to handle CSS Transformations, and since the book is really a goog entry point to AngularJS...It's nothing mobile specific in there anyway, it should work as expected without any trouble.

Chapter 6: In here you will find out how to publish your App. The part where you need to use the Python server is a list of Linux commands without a lot of explanation, again. And why does the author suddenly talk about Eclipse, when he stated that you can use any Editor and he is using Sublime at the beginning of the book?

It's ok if you are experienced with JavaScript and AngularJS and if you just want to know how PhoneGap works but not in detail, but i would suggest reading a specific book about AngularJS basics first. After all it's not a reference, but an introductional book, missing a lot of important explanation. All in all, there are much better books about this topic.

AngularJS Services
AngularJS Services
Preis: EUR 9,99

4.0 von 5 Sternen very good book with some minor flaws, 19. September 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: AngularJS Services (Kindle Edition)
At the beginning of chapter 1, the author points out that services are the most important components of AngularJS, so he had me already. I am pretty new to the world of AngularJS, but i am writing a majority of my code in services and i now know that it is a good idea to do so :)
You do not really have to have a lot of experience with AngularJS imho, but you should at least know how it basically works and i recommend reading at least one basic book about it first. You should have a lot of experience with JavaScript though, or you will probably not understand some parts of the book. But then again, you should not start with AngularJS anyway if you haven't. Just my opinion, of course.
The book briefly covers other components of AngularJS in chapter 1 with just the right amount of text. Here is a brief overview of the other chapters:

chapter 2: This is actually not just about AngularJS, it shows some very interesting and useful tips for JavaScript in general. A lot of text in this chapter, telling you in an easy way how to prepare for creating services. I even learned about "constant" and "value" services, those useful things usually don't get mentioned in online tutorials. It's mostly about controllers, views, models, services, factories and directives only. it's a bit more "general" than the following chapters.

chapter 3: Testing is not just something "for the pros", if you even want to get serious with programming you will need to learn how to test your code. Using jasmine in this chapter was definitely a good choice, next to mocha it's one of the most famous JavaScript testing suites. It is a nice overview, not very long but there are plenty of other books specialized just on testing anyway.

The following chapters are more in a “cookbook” style and more specific to certain tasks.

chapter 4: This one offers some ideas about messaging services and user authorization.

chapter 5: It's all about how to deal with data in this chapter. The data part is very important and could have been more specific - with MongoDB, for example.

chapter 6: The title is misleading in this chapter, it should be about using external services in your project but it could just say “implementing a service for Google Calendar” instead - it is a bit too specific imho, but it offers a lot of information you can user in other platforms too, i guess.

chapter 7: This one is about building complex business logic with AngularJS, with an example service that offers different states. Imho a bit too thin with just that one example, but there is one very nice sentence in this chapter: “There is no right or wrong way to implement your business logic in your AngularJS application. It really comes down to what works best for you and your team.” - Basically, you can forget about this chapter, as long as you know how AngularJS works you will do it in a good way. AngularJS forces you to do stuff relatively good anyway :)

chapter 8: “Putting It All Together” - Basically a broad explanation how to build all the information from the previous chapters into a larger real App. It's explained very well what you need the parts for. It just looks like a big pile of text, but i actually think this is one of the most important and interesting chapters in the book as you know how everything works together. The example code can be downloaded on the packt website, it includes the whole project and some fancy stuff like grunt and gulp files. If you don't know what that is, go check it out asap!

The author writes pretty "opinionated" sometimes, but he clearly seems to know what he is talking about.
All in all, this is a great book with lots of things to learn, even next to the main topic.

Backbone.js Blueprints
Backbone.js Blueprints
Preis: EUR 18,32

5.0 von 5 Sternen nice one - for the modern backbone dev, 30. Juli 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Backbone.js Blueprints (Kindle Edition)
The book covers pretty different blueprints/projects - while the "simple blog" is all about storage of pages and contents and stuff, there is also a chat application where it's important to take care of realtime with websockets or long polling (perfectly covered by using, which is a pretty famous node.js module that includes a fallback for browsers without websockets support)...and there is a game, but don't expect any high quality 60fps game, it's just a simple word puzzle. Nevertheless, it's important to know the backend stuff for games and there are plenty of books and frameworks for html5 canvas if you feel like it.
I recommend to get some knowledge about node.js before reading this book. That is REALLY important, because the blueprints are based on node.js as a server and some very famous modules like express.js, passport.js and grunt.js. Those are not really the easiest modules in node.js, but i do like that the author uses node.js instead of PHP. Being a big node.js fan and stuff :) - Careful with the express version though, the book uses version 3 but there were some big changes in version 4. Those links may come in handy for you:
-) [...]
-) [...]

-) It really does not matter if you've never used Backbone before, everything is explained very well even for beginners. And even some stuff you may know from the world of node.js is explained in a detailed way.
-) The blueprints are pretty different, they cover most things you need when developing future proof applications.

-) The Chapters are not really consistent. "What are we building?" should have been the beginning of every chapter imho.
-) It would be nice to have syntax highlighting in the PDF. I guess they don't use it because printing colored pages is more expensive, but i don't know...

All in all, a wonderful book full. Definitely a must have for the modern Backbone developer.

PhantomJS Cookbook
PhantomJS Cookbook
Preis: EUR 15,82

4.0 von 5 Sternen totally worth it, with some minor cons, 15. Juli 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: PhantomJS Cookbook (Kindle Edition)
the book is possibly a bit TOO detailed when it comes to things like showing the version of the phantom.js installation in a lengthy way, but that's not really a negative point. i recommend having experience with node.js before opening this book, knowledge of phantom.js is not necessary but it helps a lot to take a short look at the phantom.js website for the first steps.
the book describes pretty much everything you would ever want to do with phantom.js, i guess (i would not know about anything that's missing). from the most simple website scraping and handling cookies in a detailed way to simulating image errors and unit testing with a strong focus on jasmine and whatnot. it is huge!

btw, the good stuff starts at chapter 3, before there are a lot of pages with basic node.js knowledge like how to create and use modules, or how to read and write from and to the file system. that's not really about phantom.js actually.

cons: the explanations are usually way too long. you can expect that the reader is familiar with programming in node.js, so it is not necessary to describe every single step and it just creates a lot more pages.
another con that's unimportant on a kindle but imho very important if you buy the real book or read the pdf: there is no syntax highlighting/coloring... :(

really great book with lots of recipes, suitable for beginners in phantomjs, but you should have some experience with node.js.

Merkur 34C Double Edge Safety Razor and 100 Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
Merkur 34C Double Edge Safety Razor and 100 Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
Wird angeboten von SHAVINGWORLD-DE
Preis: EUR 43,90

5.0 von 5 Sternen smooth, 28. April 2014
Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
auf empfehlung gekauft und absolut zufrieden. mit der "emo-familienpackung" rasierklingen werde ich wohl für den rest meines lebens auskommen. der rasierhobel selbst fühlt sich qualitativ hochwertig an und funktioniert einwandfrei.

Getting Started with Backbone Marionette
Getting Started with Backbone Marionette
von Raymundo Armendariz
Preis: EUR 23,53

4.0 von 5 Sternen gets you started indeed, 28. April 2014
To fully understand this book, i recommend having a very good knowledge of JavaScript and you should know your way around Backbone. Marionette is not something completely new, it is an extension for Backbone.
Basically you are building a "book store" App during the book, and while i don't know if it covers everything you can do with Marionette, it is pretty expansive - especially for a book with only around 100 pages. I did not know Marionette before so i don't know if there is more to it, but it looks like every aspect of it is covered and it tells you exactly how to "divide and conquer" in bigger applications.
The sourcecode in the book could have been improved with some syntax highlighting, but i read most of the pages on my Kindle so i would not have seen any color anyway. Still, in my opinion this ist a must have for code.
It's well explained why and how Marionette makes sense to be used pretty much every time you want to use Backbone, and how you can extend (and organize) Backbone with it. You could just use Angular to get all the stuff you need (Routers, Controllers and whatnot) instead of using Marionette with a lot of dependencies, but that's just my opinion. If you like Backbone, there is no way around Marionette and this book will get you started perfectly fine. It's your only choice anyway, i don't know about any other Marionette book out there :)

-1 star because i like syntax highlighting. although, the code parts are usually small and easy to understand.

Getting Started with Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner
Getting Started with Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner
von Jaime Pillora
Preis: EUR 27,81

5.0 von 5 Sternen very useful, 5. März 2014
I did use Grunt for many projects before, but while reading this book it finally clicked in my brain. This is definitely a good buy for anything who just started with Grunt, but also for people who want to know what else they could do with that amazing "JavaScript Task Runner". The part about installing Node and Grunt should be moved to the very beginning imho, but that's alright. The book may look small with only 132 pages, but i don't miss any feature i may ever need. From installing Grunt, choosing/using the right plugins (htmlmin, cssmin, uglifyjs - to name the most important ones), creating advanced custom tasks to testing and continuous integration, you will not regret buying this book. It also makes sense to read it very carefully and not skip any part of it, there are many Links to useful resources spread all over the book. References to Douglas Crockford are a clear sign that the author knows what he is talking about :)
Btw, I recommend taking a closer look at "Gulp" too. In case you don't know it, that's another JS Task Runner with almost the same power as Grunt. There are way more plugins available for Grunt right now, but some people just prefer Gulp because it's easier to learn.

Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices
Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices
von Swarnendu De
Preis: EUR 32,10

5.0 von 5 Sternen definitely worth to buy for backbone devs!, 17. Februar 2014
The author writes that this book requires some basic knowledge of Backbone.js - well, i would say that he is correct.
You do need to understand the basic concepts, but i'd definitely suggest it to anyone who is working with Backbone and you don't need to be very experienced.

The book is not just about Patterns and Best Practices, the first half of it is more like a reference for Models, Views and Controllers. Which is good, because you don't need an extra book for that and it helped me a lot as Backbone beginner.
Skip the first half of the book if you feel like a pro in Backbone, but don't miss the second half because that's where you get a deep knowledge of how you should structure your apps, including Require.js and AMD modules.
You don't see separate recipe after recipe, which is good because every chapter fits together very well and explains all important aspects of Backbone.

So this is definitely worth to buy if you are interested in working with Backbone.js. Only Chapter 8 about unit testing is a bit too short in my opinion and i would have liked to see some testig with more professional frameworks like Jasmine or Mocha. But that's more of a personal taste.

HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook
HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook
von Gorgi Kosev
Preis: EUR 46,00

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4.0 von 5 Sternen not bad, but only for more advanced users, 31. Dezember 2013
this book is not a reference about html5 data, it is merely a collection of useful javascript plugins for data handling and would not even necessarily need the "5" after "html" - but people are calling everything html5 nowadays, so whatever. beginners in web development should read at least one book about javascript design patterns and get fit with vanilla javascript first, because a lot of code in the book is made with jquery and while the code is understandable there is a lot of room for optimization (with jquery object caching, for example). but the author is using immediate functions, that's cool :)

all the tutorials start with a part called "getting ready", where you basically get to know what plugin the author used and where to download it. the second part is called "how to do it..." where all the code is shown, the third part ("how it works...") explains the code. sometimes there is also a "there is more..." part with some additional information.
i am not sure if that kind of separation is a good idea, it felt a bit weird but maybe because it was different to other books i read. the "getting ready" part in chapter 2 is pretty much the same for almost every "recipe" there, because the "flot" library is used for them. a lot of redundant text there is.

finally, i have to say that the book should not be used for "best practice" code, it's merely an overview of what's possible with javascript plugins nowadays, with a very strong focus on jquery. a collection of links that you can also just find with a simple google search. but it's a very large one, so for me it was nice to skim through the book to see what's possible with plugins. it really covers a LOT of different ways to deal with data.

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Wahnsinn..., 20. November 2008
= Spaßfaktor:4.0 von 5 Sternen 
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Fallout 3 (Computerspiel)
als gelegenheitsspieler der an jedem spiel maximal 3 tage spass hat war dieses hier ein absoluter volltreffer. es stimmt einfach ALLES:
-) geniale grafik, auch wenn die weltuntergangs-stimmung auf dauer etwas öde wirkt. die zerstörte welt ist jedenfalls sehr gut umgesetzt
-) intelligente gegner, die sich auch mal verschanzen um nicht getroffen zu werden. und sie haben nicht unendlich munition, sondern müssen selbst auch nachladen (perfekt für einen angriff)
-) das kampfsystem ist extrem vielseitig. ich kann in egoshooter-manier herumlaufen und selbst schiessen, oder mit dem "V.A.T.S." meine "aktionspunkte" verbrauchen, indem ich bestimmte körperteile des gegners in aller ruhe auswähle und meinen charakter selbst schiessen lasse
-) die steuerung ist gut, springen ist manchmal etwas mühsam aber man brauchts nicht wirklich bzw. selten
-) ich habs relativ schnell durchgespielt, viele nebenquests nicht erledigt (bin halt ein gelegenheits-spieler). die spielzeit war aber trotzdem OK, und langweilig wurde es in keiner sekunde. ganz im gegenteil, es wurde sogar immer interessanter, vor allem wenn man dann mal mehr "Perks" hat.


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