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B. Griffin (Norwell, MA United States)

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von Neal Stephenson
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4.0 von 5 Sternen Ouch, my head hurts!, 29. Juli 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Cryptonomicon (Taschenbuch)
In essence this book is predictive historical fiction. In exploring the 20th century history of cryptography, Stephenson weaves a tale of how the modern computerized world has found itself on the brink of a global economy.
There are two plots here. The children of the World War II cryptography plot are involved in the modern cyber-business plot. Stephensen ties the two plots together very well. Secrets revealed in the World War II plot become plot elements in the modern day plot.
The modern day plot involves the establishment of a data haven. Since the book was published, data havens seem to be emerging in reality.
The characters are quirky and interesting. They are not all techno-geeks. Indeed one of the most interesting is a hoo-rah marine.
One word of caution. This book belongs, in part, to the 20th century magical realism school. There are mystical plot elements and a magically wise character that spans the plots. Perhaps a better phrase, considering the technological focus, would be mechanical realism. (If you did not like the "drummer" part of The Diamond Age, you will be bothered by these elements.)
In all, I heartilly recommend this book for the strength of its writing and for the freehand manner in which ideas are splashed acros the pages.

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