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Science Fiction Books in English

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Ersteintrag: 25.07.2011 18:25:41 GMT+02:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 25.07.2011 18:47:00 GMT+02:00
Philip Chen meint:
Please accept my apologies for starting this thread outside of the English Book thread, but there did not seem to be an appropriate place to place it. I invite other English language writers to add their offerings as well. I hope that readers will likewise comment in English if only for the simple reason that I was told by my 11th grade Latin teacher that I was destined to forever be an ignoramus as far as languages were concerned. Thank you.

However, if you wish to berate me in German, I will cheerfully listen to you because I won't be able to understand a single word you are saying, except maybe, "dummkopf." Please be gentle. ;)

Seriously, I would like to introduce my very realistic science fiction thriller, with a military theme to you.

My science fiction thriller is currently, number 37 in Science Fiction > High Tech (Number 39 in Books >>> Science Fiction > High Tech) in the States.

This very realistic science fiction, high tech thriller is about the accidental discovery in 1967 of mysterious, but mute, objects buried deep in the ocean. In 1993, they woke up and started sending signals to deep space. Mike, pulled out of his opulent office high above Wall Street to finish a job he started as a young ensign over twenty years ago, is attacked by gangs of what look like ordinary Americans. On top of all this, he learns that a revered friend has died. Will the death of Mike's friend mean that the secret of the objects will remain forever buried on the deep ocean floor?

A reader's comment:

"This is a great technothriller with a science fiction edge. The oceanic science in this is first rate and even though I felt like I came to the book with a better than average understanding of ocean science, Chen weaved in so much information that I felt like I was learning about the deep ocean environment even as I was swept along in a page-turning plot. Some of the science/naval aspects, combined with the Cold War setting, reminded me of the best of classic Tom Clancy, but it quickly becomes clear that is not simply a Russian submarine lurking under the water.

"There is an interesting mix of characters, including a Chinese man who faces occasional hostility from both white and Asian directions, but this is primarily an idea story, of the kind that sold millions of science fiction and technothrillers, but aren't as much in fashion nowadays. If you like a solid story with a great science edge, Falling Star is a great read, and at the time of this review, at a fantastic bargain price."

This novel is so realistic that it often leaves readers wondering, "if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing." Noted US book critic Alan Caruba says, "If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star."

Only one man can save the planet, but he just died.

44 Five or Four Star reviews on Amazon UK and US. 98,250+ words. 354 pages. Still only EUR 0,99 for the Kindle edition

Falling Star | Print

By the way, thank you for making my novel:

Nr. 3 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Fremdsprachige eBooks > Englisch > Fantasy & Science Fiction > Science Fiction > High-Tech
Nr. 23 in Englische Bücher > Fantasy & Science Fiction > Science Fiction > High-Tech
Nr. 43 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Fremdsprachige eBooks > Englisch > Krimis & Thriller > Thriller

Phil :)

Veröffentlicht am 28.07.2011 11:00:55 GMT+02:00
Philip Chen meint:
Swedish explorers may have actually found one of the mysterious objects that are the subjects of my science fiction thriller in the Baltic Sea.

My very realistic science fiction thriller becomes more real with each passing day. This novel often leaves its readers wondering, "if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing." Small wonder that noted US book critic Alan Caruba says,

"Drawing on his own life as an ocean research engineer, attorney and banker, Chen brings an authenticity to the novel that provides a heart-pounding reality that forces you to ask "What if?" What if Earth was under observation by those from another planet that is circling a dying sun? What if they intended to colonize it? What if the year for this was 2013? If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star."

44 four and five star reviews in Amazon US and UK. 98,250+ words, 354 pages. Still only EUR 0,99 for the Kindle version

Currently in Amazon US:
#31 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > High Tech
#33 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > High Tech

Falling Star | Print

Veröffentlicht am 31.07.2011 06:54:11 GMT+02:00
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 08.11.2011 08:30:46 GMT+01:00]

Veröffentlicht am 01.06.2013 13:17:19 GMT+02:00
Jack Harvsterton: Distrustful And Bad-Tempered

Sci-Fi novel in english as Kindle Edition or paperback

Veröffentlicht am 24.09.2013 03:17:47 GMT+02:00
Tony meint:
Earthspan Free to download from Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th September 2013
Delia would consider herself to be the perfect woman, living in a perfect world. She has a beautiful daughter and they share a wonderful life. Today could turn out to be quite special, possibly even the perfect day. After all, this was her time.

This was Delia time!
Short Science Fiction story: 5000 words
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