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Horror and dark fiction books

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Ersteintrag: 27.06.2011 11:50:08 GMT+02:00
Paul Pinn meint:
My six paperbacks have recently been put on Kindle -

Scattered Remains - 21 stories marking the 750th anniversary of the Bethlem Royal Hospital - the original Bedlam - the oldest psychiatric hospital in the world. Dark, strange, bleak and nihilistic.

The Pariah - Paymer is a ruthless psychotic who can infiltrate thoughts, manipulate emotions, control behaviour. He wants to turn the country into his own savage playground. But personal vendettas get in the way, resulting in a manhunt where treachery is everywhere, and the quarry seems impossible to find, let alone catch or kill. Crime/paranormal/horror.

The Horizontal Split - Pursued by numerous individuals with their own agendas, and navigating strange and dangerous environments which mirror her own fractured personality, young schizophrenic Sarah weaves a search from Europe to Asia for her apparently abducted baby, finally ending up in India. Could also be a dark example of chic lit, as it has three female leads, all potentially dangerous and mentally unbalanced.

Idiopathic Condition Red - 15 stories. Crime, horror, dark fantasy, warped SF and the downright bizarre. Includes collaborations with Des Lewis and Alex Johnson.

Skull Wars - This is a book within a book about an alcoholic's slide into criminality and madness when a girlfriend is murdered, drinking acquaintances turn nasty, and the police become increasingly inquisitive.

A Strange Collection Of Stories - 32 stories from the genres of horror, dark fantasy, slipstream, SF, the psycho-thriller, crime, and more.

Further details can be found on http://paulpinn.webs.com/.
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