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The Other Room - Short Story Collection

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Ersteintrag: 04.05.2011 23:24:45 GMT+02:00
J. Everington meint:

My collection of short stories The Other Room has literally just been published, and is available at a cheap for an initial period. Here's the blurb:

"The Other Room is a collection of weird horror fiction, containing twelve stories of the uncanny and the surreal.

A naive student finds that his crumbling bedsit can be as haunted as any Gothic mansion.

A man stumbles across another world which is the mirror image of his own.

A young woman who everyone thinks is beautiful wonders why, given what she sees in the mirror each morning.

Influenced by writers such as Ramsey Campbell, Shirley Jackson, and Robert Aickman these tales, like all good horror stories, are as much about the psychology of the protagonist as the fate that awaits them.

The Other Room contains both new and previously published stories that will challenge your conceptions of horror and literary fiction. "

The Other Room

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J. Everington meint:
Two five-star reviews on the UK and US sites so far... given Amazon don't link reviews on their different sites thought I'd just mention it in passing here...


Veröffentlicht am 07.06.2011 13:48:11 GMT+02:00
J. Everington meint:
... and now a 4/5 review from Red Adept; this is an independent site that gives good, proffesional reviews of self-published books, so really pleased to get a good score from them. Really insightful review too.



Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 10.06.2011 01:44:28 GMT+02:00
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 15.05.2012 21:43:07 GMT+02:00]

Veröffentlicht am 05.07.2011 20:58:51 GMT+02:00
J. Everington meint:
Thanks DL...

Veröffentlicht am 08.08.2011 21:56:01 GMT+02:00
J. Everington meint:
From the latest 5-star review on the UK site:

"I am so glad I stumbled across this collection of short stories. It's original, well written, and one of the best collections I have ever read. Every story in this collection is good. [...] There are many memorable quotes... always a sign of a great writer in my opinion.
A couple of examples:

'Just the sense of the big machinery of the economy faltering and grinding somewhere... She thought of cog-wheels turning high above her, their aloof motion turning other wheels, and those wheels still others...'

'...as if the box of their room was just one box inside another, larger one...'

This is modern literature at its finest. Do not miss this collection."

Veröffentlicht am 15.09.2011 20:53:44 GMT+02:00
J. Everington meint:
A new review on the Novel Opinion website:

"The Other Room is brain candy... I found that with each story, James Everington created an atmosphere of expectancy and uncertainty. More importantly, James Everington involves the reader by insisting they draw their own conclusions at the storys end. I spent time digesting the story, pondering the implications of what the characters experienced. To me, this made The Other Room brilliant." 4/5 stars.

(To those of you who've left kind comments here, you might also be interested to know that my new novella, The Shelter, will be out next week.)

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