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Booksearch: deep feelings between men + fantasy/japan

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Ersteintrag: 03.05.2011 04:49:09 GMT+02:00
Seregil meint:

Im searching for new books to read (german or english). Its very difficult to explain, what Im searching for, but I try and hope that somebody can help me and give me tipps...

Im searching for books, which have a love story between two men in it (with happy end!). Would be good if one of the two (or both) is not experienced in loving another guy.
And I dont want an every-day-scenario. Best would be a fantasy-world. And it would be cool if one of the guys would be an elf, maybe (I really like Zevran from the computer-game "Dragon Age Origins"). A vampire would be ok, too.
AND I like assassins and spies (if there is not an elf or vampire in the story or another "exotic" guy, that would be good enough, too.)

Hope this will give you some hints what Im searching for. I dont really know how to explain it better.

Books Ive read and really like (maybe that will help, too):
- The "Nightrunner" Series (+ Glimpses) (I REALLY like Seregil and Alec as a couple!) (Tamir-trilogy I havent read yet, but its on my list... I think this would be interesting, too)
- "Drawn together" (liked it, too ... its not fantasy, but Yamane is from japan and in the "world" Rory lives, hes very exotic, cause he looks like a girl and is described as very beautiful)

Thanks for your help.^^

Veröffentlicht am 03.05.2011 11:50:56 GMT+02:00
Hi, a fried of mine is writing what you're looking for. She has a deep connection to Japan and writes homoerotic fiction. Her book should come out soon, I think. Google Sessha Batto and you'll find her site. It's not for now, but for the future. She is a very talented writer ;-)

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sista A meint:

from the description of what you would like to read I would recommend yaoi mangas but I guess that's what you already are reading and now you are looking for something like that in the form of a novel, right? Sorry, can't help you there exactly (and I also don't have the slightest clue about mangas I'm afraid). But two novels that at least fall in close range of what you are looking for are The Archer's Heart (which takes place in a sort of mythical pre-colonial India and is actually a really nice book with a fairy tale flavour to it. She also published a lot of e-books I didn't read which might fit your description even closer. Just check her out.) and Wicked Gentlemen (Hells Below) which at least has a demon as one of the protagonists in it ;-) and is also a decent read. If you want vampires you might take a look at Poppy Z. Brite e.g. Lost Souls but I have to warn you that these are horror novels. No fluffy, de-fanged vampires à la Breaking Dawn. These are evil blood-sucking fiends. You officially have been warned ;-).

If you can settle for some well-written fluff without the vampires and spies I heartily recommend A Strong and Sudden Thaw which is rather nice book about young love in a post-apcalyptic setting. For once, this is a case where you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. If I stumble across something more suitable I'll let you know.

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Tante Li meint:

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Tante Li meint:
But, I'm Your Teacher

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