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Irish fiction

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Eddie Stack meint:
I'm an Irish writer and hope you will be interested in my books.

The West: Stories from Ireland ¤2.44
Seven short stories set in the West of Ireland. From the opening tale, "Time Passes," to the final story "Derramore," these pieces reveal the soul of a community-its hopes, dreams and schemes. In The West, fatalism and possibility run side by side, the Otherworld is as near as the Church. The double focus of the Irish.

With storyteller intimacy, Eddie Stack evokes life in a series of almost cinematic prose portraits of people, places and situations. The stories are smooth, each one remarkably different, but the click together to form a pattern. With its wit, originality and sensitivity, The West belongs in the best tradition of Irish writing.

"Variously fantastic, comic, elegiac and nostaligic, Mr. Stack's fiction is versatile and engaging...a vivid, compassionate, authentic voice...securing (him) a place in the celebrated tradition of his country's storytelling." New York Times Book Review

“There’s a genuinely wild and fugitive comic sence in these tales that puts one in mind of Myles na Gopaleen as much as the salt spume dam, George Makay Brown. Never sentimental, often funny, always accurate, this is pithy, finely tuned writing of a high order.” Robert Carver, Observer

Out of the Blue : Irish short stories ¤2.44
These twelve stories by Irish writer Eddie Stack, recount the peculiar and amazing experiences that befall his native people, at home and abroad. In "Angels," Mr. Fine the eccentric chemist, reappears after a long hiatus and enchants the town with his violin. The dead arise to rewrite Irish history in "Ellie," when a recent immigrant to Ohio meets a widow long gone from Ireland. A donkey with an attitude hassles a small town in "Jack Ass Blues" and shakes the authority of Church and State. "Song for Angie" shuttles between Ireland and San Francisco, retracing through music, the lives of a church organist and her troubadour niece. In another tale, a foreign cabby ruffles local racists when he joins the town taxi rank. Love tests a champion Irish dancer in "Flying Visit," and the title story, "Out of the Blue," concerns of a mysterious funeral coming to Ireland from Chicago.

Surreal, naturalistic, cinematic, humorous and sometimes poignant: all styles intersect and play, often in a single tale. In this diverse and engaging collection, Eddie Stack takes us into worlds of magic and mystery, from which we emerge with a smile.

"Eddie Stack’s stories jet back and forth across the Atlantic, contrasting small town Ireland and big city US. Every time they land, the author seems to test the borderline of what might and might not be possible in downtown bars, crumbling dance halls and drizzly farms.
The result is a remarkably consistent collection of short stories.” Ian Wild, Southword

"This second collection of short stories by Eddie Stack has a wonderful sense of unreality, of weirdness among Irish characters and of downright fun." Irish Emigrant

Simple Twist of Fate ¤1.08
John and Mary Ross are titled Irish gentry with a large estate and a low profile. They have two daughters: Penny, a high-flying banker in Dublin, who has her eye on the family jewels; and the younger Maddy, an unmarried mother, gone eccentric since the birth of her child. Maddy and her son Sam live in the servants’ quarters beside Rossmount House and she caters to the needs of her parents as if atoning for her fall from grace. It is rumoured that the father of Maddy’s son is a monk.

Apart from Lady Rosse’s binges on vodka or gin, Rossmount House is a tranquil place with plenty relics of old decency. Nobody expected the tremors that began when Penny brought home her future husband, Basil Sutton. There was something about Basil that put everything out of kilter.

Simple Twist of Fate is a ‘flash-novel’ or a novelette. It has approx 13.3K words, and is set in 5 chapter.The story is narrated by Sam, grandson to Lord and Lady Ross.

Heads (Kindle Edition) ¤0.70
Heads is the story of Jazz Doherty, an Irish artist who makes a sacrilegious blunder while painting murals at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Berkeley. The parish priest, Fr. Ned Tobin, declares jihad on him and Doherty goes on the run.
As his work at the church develops a cult following of hippies, punks and assorted outsiders, Jazz starves in San Francisco's bohemia. Keeping out of the priest's range, he does odd jobs to get by, planning to leave California as soon as he has the money. While house sitting for a jailed marijuana grower, Jazz discovers a freezer full of money in the basement. He dips into the stash and spends recklessly. He leaves a generous donation at the parochial house for Fr Ned, but his plan to purify their karma backfires.

Veröffentlicht am 03.10.2011 01:50:08 GMT+02:00
SIRIUS meint:
Freuen Sie sich mit dieses Buch --
BENDING THE BOYNE: Why were the great Boyne passage mounds abandoned at 2200 BCE? Based on the ancient myths and on current archaeology, vetted by experts in Ireland and the UK, Wales.

Winner, Next Generation Award 2011, historical fiction.

...Thought-provoking and entertaining.
--The Irish News, June 2011

...Bending the Boyne is a masterful weaving of myth, prehistory, and modern reality that reads faultlessly.
--Nancy Lorraine, Senior Reviewer, MBR Bookwatch

A quality title at a bargain price. 350 pp print and now via Kindle/apps.

BENDING THE BOYNE: A novel of ancient Ireland

Veröffentlicht am 13.01.2012 19:56:23 GMT+01:00
Libby meint:
The Screen Conspiracy (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 14.01.2012 11:53:27 GMT+01:00
Libby meint:
The Screen Conspiracy (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 16.01.2012 23:13:14 GMT+01:00
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 29.01.2012 02:08:49 GMT+01:00]

Veröffentlicht am 16.01.2012 23:32:27 GMT+01:00
I recommend Adrian McKinty, a noir-ish crime/mystery writer. His "Falling Glass" was the #1 mystery on audible.com in 2011 and his latest "The cold, cold, ground" was just released.

Falling Glass
The Cold, Cold Ground

He also has a funny/thought-provoking blog called the psychopathology of everyday life at
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