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Deep Feelings between Men

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sista A meint:
if your emphasis is on the the "doughty", I'd recommend the "Nightrunner Series" by Lynn Flewelling or - just a little sadder - the "Last Herald Mage" trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. Lots of swords, magic and (sometimes) dragons. And also love. That is, if you are into fantasy literature. Else I have to agree with E.W. - Forster is the best - beautiful language! Also seriously good: "The Charioteer" by Mary Renault. If you mistook "doughty" for "naughty" none of these books will be help you ;-). - Whatever - just check'em out - good reads :-).

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E. W. meint:
Edward Morgan Forster's novels, particularly "Maurice" and "The Longest Journey" and his short story collection "The Life to Come" all contain wonderful stories about relationships between men, the whole range between life-long platonic friendships and casual sexual encounters. Julian Mitchell's drama "Another Country" beautifully describes two young men at a boarding school falling in love with each other. In case you're also interested in cinema, there are some very interesting films on the following list -but beware, this is not just gay themed but rather idiosyncratically mixed. http://www.amazon.de/Etwas-Altes-etwas-Neues-etwas-Schwules-amp-etwas-Skurriles/lm/R2B8X1NGNSBXL1/ref=cm_lm_byauthor_title_full "Get Real" and the German "Sommersturm" are two of my favourite contemporary films on the topic of coming out.

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Anita Schmidt meint:
Hello aunt Li!
I guess half of my book collection is about relationsship between men. So maybe i can recommend some interesting stories for you. But there is really a wide range. So i fear my books doesn't have the range like the mentioned ones. Nevertheless let me start with some stories which come nearest. One of my favourites is the story of Jim Grimsley "Comfort and Joy". And then the crime stories from Michael Nava with the main actor Henry Rios. There are 6 books with Henry Rios. And these books are so much more than crimes stories. These books are deep views into our souls wether you are gay or not. Wonderfully written!

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Tante Li meint:

I love reading stories about deep feelings between doughty men.
There is a wide range from sincere friendship to erotic relationship like in so different books as "Narziß und Goldmund" (Hermann Hesse) and "Brokeback Mountain" (Annie Proulx).
Could you recommend some of this range to me?

Kind regards
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