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Frank Mundo meint:
Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories is a collection of 12 short stories, all previously published in magazines and journals, for only EUR 0,89. Includes the first chapter of The Brubury Tales as bonus material. Download the sample.

Veröffentlicht am 23.04.2013 17:58:28 GMT+02:00
Happy Tuesday everyone.

Operation Neurosurgeon: You never know ... who's in the OR
4  stars overall, 5 perfect stars for characters from Red Adept Reviews & Indie Book of the Day June 26th. And, the sequel to this book is a work in progress.

After the sudden, preventable death of his oldest daughter, Danny Tilson is vulnerable and shaken. It is then during the most astounding case of his neurosurgical career, delicately removing a brain cyst filled with parasites, that an alluring woman with a velvet voice begins her seduction. Not only does Doctor Danny put his home life in jeopardy for the love of this aqua-eyed nurse, but he risks his entire career and a treasured inheritance.

Can Danny’s life get any worse after his mistress disappears, he inherits her left-behind dog, and his family heirloom turns up missing? The plot thickens as divorce, malpractice, and real estate lawyers pursue the once-dedicated surgeon. After a homeless night with his new canine companion, a scheme develops in the backwoods of Tennessee and the cat-and mouse hunt begins … to payback the woman who left in a hurry!

Meet some of the characters that keep the pages turning in Outcome, a Novel: There's more than a hurricane coming ...:
A scrupulous surgeon with a pristine bedside manner.
A feisty female pilot with trouble in her cockpit.
An astute anesthesiologist behind the scenes.
A hurricane-battered dog you'll fall in love with.
And two teens who find love because of their Mother's own destinies.

We’re in the thick of Spring, so thin out your waistline!
Slip into a healthier lifestyle now and understand why it's so important as you get older. Written by an M.D., there are lots of pearls here!
Younger Next Decade Only $1.99.

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2013 19:21:31 GMT+02:00
Susan Fleet meint:
Hello, I write the Frank Renzi mystery series set in New Orleans. #1 ABSOLUTION-Edition2: A Frank Renzi Novel: 1 A serial killer preys on women in New Orleans. Is he a priest? The Premier Book Awards Best Mystery/Suspense/Thriller of 2009. Currently #18 in the Kindle Mystery Series

#2 DIVA-edition2: A Frank Renzi Novel Belinda Scully wants to be a star. But fame can be dangerous. Fourteen months post-Katrina, a relentless stalker is after her. He'll do anything to have her. When she rejects him, he kidnaps her. Will NOPD Detective Frank Renzi find the feisty flutist in time? "Fast-paced, well written and extremely difficult to put down." -- Rebecca's Reads Book Reviews

#3 Natalie's Revenge: A Frank Renzi Mystery/Thriller: 3 Two murders twenty years apart. Someone murdered her mother, and Natalie wants revenge! NOPD detective Frank Renzi is after her. "The coolest detective in literature today - Frank Renzi!" -- Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2013 16:22:11 GMT+02:00
Hi. April 23 is World Book Day.
This day is dedicated to readers. To celebrate I an offering my book Daughter of the Oceans for FREE. On the 23rd as well as the 24th.

My book is about dangerous but beautiful Mermaids who adopt a human fifteen year old girl. It is also about their enemy The Sons of Thor who protect humans from them. One falls in love with the girl that the Mermaids have adopted. A fight starts.

Check it out, read the first chapter and download it for free. If you like then I would appreciate a positive review.

Jennifer Gropp

Veröffentlicht am 21.04.2013 18:59:21 GMT+02:00
Alan meint:
Hi there, my name is Alan, and I live in Andalucia, Spain. I moved from the UK five years ago, to start a new life and breed alpacas. (Big, tall animals that look like sheep with long necks) Anyway after five years here, I decided to write a book about our (mis)adventures. The result was Seriously Mum, What's an Alpaca? Throughout April you can download for only ¤0.79, and it has over 60 reviews across two different Amazon sites :)

Seriously Mum, What's an Alpaca? - An Adventure in the Frying Pan of Spain

Veröffentlicht am 21.04.2013 14:15:01 GMT+02:00
Hello. I am an American writer who, like others here, noticed that my book was being downloaded (and enjoyed, hopefully) in Germany. My debut novel, Khe, is a dystopian science fantasy set in another world. There are no human characters. The beings, their world, and their way of life is unique to them. I blush to say this, but Khe has been compared to Issac Asimov's Foundation books and to Ursula LeGuin's "The Left Hand of Darkness." If you enjoy a story that is off the beaten track but not so odd that you can't relate to it, give Khe a try. Thank you.

Veröffentlicht am 18.04.2013 22:37:07 GMT+02:00
S. L. Dearing meint:
My name is S.L. Dearing and I have one english book available on Amazon.de. The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles, and I have short stories in two anthologies, also available, Apocalypse: An Anthology by REaders & Authors & Paranormal Anthology with a TWIST. All links to peruse these book are on my Amazon.de author page. Thanks for looking. :) http://www.amazon.de/S.-L.-Dearing/e/B00AWIC4JK/

Veröffentlicht am 18.04.2013 16:15:33 GMT+02:00
Lesley Tingle meint:
Symmachia by James Tingle free for five days...have a look!

Veröffentlicht am 17.04.2013 15:32:54 GMT+02:00
Deb meint:
Italian readers and/or learners, please download this tale for the next 4 days!

Montecarlo night (Narrativa erotica) (Italian Edition)

Thanks for your support

Veröffentlicht am 15.04.2013 21:38:12 GMT+02:00
S Girling meint:
London, in Limbo

My name is Shaun Girling and I have lived in Germany for seven years now. 'London, in Limbo' is my first novel and is set exclusively in 'The Kennedys', a north London café, over a three-week period sometime in the early 2000s. Craig tries to piece together his life which has recently fallen apart and becomes a regular, finding himself drawn to and challenged by the staff and the other regulars. Happy reading.

Veröffentlicht am 14.04.2013 08:20:51 GMT+02:00
3:53 a.m.

Sex and Insanity

Veröffentlicht am 14.04.2013 04:17:26 GMT+02:00
Frank Mundo meint:
Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories is a collection of 12 connected short stories for only EUR 0,89.

Veröffentlicht am 11.04.2013 02:12:16 GMT+02:00
Dragon Fate (War of the Blades)

Dragon Fate, the first novel in J.D. Hallowell's War of the Blades, is a heroic fantasy adventure in the classic tradition of the genre. Delno Okonan is a young former soldier eager to put the swords and strife of war behind him, when a chance encounter leaves him inextricably entwined in a tangled web of dragons, magic, and intrigue, as he struggles to find his place among dragons and men, and stave off a plot by renegade dragon riders that threatens all he now holds dear.

Praise For Dragon Fate:

"...masterfully blends traditional fantasy with a somewhat more modern writing style. The worlds, the characters, and the plots were well defined, well developed, and creatively imagined. It was a wonderful read that you're not going to want to miss!" - Indie Review magazine, March 2013 issue

"Excellent...really well-written and compelling."
~ Geoffrey Kabaservice, author of "Rule and Ruin"

"If you are a fan of Fantasy and dragon-lore, it would be hard to go wrong with Dragon Fate....Action, adventure, and, of course, dragons. You will not be sorry for downloading this."
~ Adam Byrn Tritt, author of "Ezekiel's Wheel"


Dragon Blade (War of the Blades)

Swords forged by dragon magic. Ancient rivalries flaring into all-out war. Dragon Riders caught up in a clash of hidden powers. A world hangs in the balance.

Dragon Blade, the second book in J.D. Hallowell's War of the Blades, is the epic conclusion to the story begun in Dragon Fate.

Delno Okonan, his draconic bond-mate, Geneva, and their allies among the Dragons and Riders are once again caught up in events controlled by unseen forces. They must uncover the real secrets behind the death of a senior Dragon Rider and the sudden rise of the Roracks, ancient enemy of dragons and men, to defeat a threat that could destroy them all and leave the world they know forever altered.

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Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 07.04.2013 22:58:01 GMT+02:00
Miss Williams This Young Adult Memoir encourages putting school homework ahead of other social activities to succeed in life. Miss Williams was a teacher that failed the author in the fifth grade. The author went on to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy. This memoir is his life from the age of 5 to 28 years. Adults will find some of the adventures of interest as well as younger readers. The Kindle book is FREE on one day April 8, 2013

Veröffentlicht am 07.04.2013 11:59:48 GMT+02:00
Miriam Pharo meint:

my name ist Miriam Pharo. I'm a german author and write mainly sci-fi thrillers. "The Last Cowboy", a Las Vegas short story with elements of magical realism, is my first work translated into English. The Last Cowboy (A Las Vegas Short Story)

I wish you an enjoyable read!

Veröffentlicht am 07.04.2013 11:13:42 GMT+02:00

Thank you for looking: My newest novel is up on Amazon, and my book trailer is on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmbSNdX5AFY

Story: The Saving of NATION

Anton Theril thought he was going to turn 18 on his birthday. Instead, he turned into a stranger whose entire life had been a lie.

His parents and uncle were not related to him and they, as well as the elderly neighbors he considered his surrogate grandparents, were actually Chosen Guardians that had been entrusted to raise him as a good German. One fit to rule The Fatherland in the place of his real father: Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married a mere thirty-six hours before committing joint suicide at the end of WWII. This seems a fruitless gesture unless one sees how this action would legalize their union and legitimize their child, a child kept as secret as their sixteen year relationship was to all of Germany, solidifying his role as Heir Apparent to the Third Reich.

Three and a half years after his surreptitious birth in 1941, Anton Alois Hitler I (ANTON I: anagram code name NATION) was spirited away from Germany then raised in the one place The Führer felt his enemies would never think to look should his son's existence be discovered: Canada.

Hitler admired Canada's vast territories and its anti-Semitic tendencies (Canada denied Jews sanctuary from the war until three whole years after its end!) making it an ideal temporary home.

The Saving of NATION is a story played out in retrospectives, allowing the reader to experience, and closely follow, the psychological and moral growth of a young man predestined to become the New Hitler, but guided instead by people who raise him to become a man bent on righting the sins of a father whose sins can never be righted.

The authentic, 376 word message found hidden in Hitler's Last Will and Testament that announces Anton's existence is a stunning anchor that makes this story intriguingly feasible.

How close to the truth did it stumble?

Available on Amazon.

Please look for more book trailers by this author on YOUTUBE: I Love You Eleventeen and Parca's Forsaken

AUTHOR WEBSITE (contact): denisesevierfries.com

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 07.04.2013 11:08:30 GMT+02:00

This looks very interesting I shall take a peek!...good luck!

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Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 07.04.2013 08:09:37 GMT+02:00
Corporate Mission Possible - free only today (Sunday, 7th April)

The ultimate success guide for the frustrated corporate citizen who aspires to be more...

Download it now:
Corporate Mission Possible - The Manager's Guide to a Successful Corporate Career

Veröffentlicht am 06.04.2013 20:43:18 GMT+02:00
Hamburg 1947: A Place for the Heart to Kip 0,89

A True Story about Hamburg after the fall of Hitler written by a 90 year old eye witness to history

Twenty-two years old and ready for peace, Harry Leslie Smith has survived the Great Depression and endured the Second World War. Now, in 1945 in Hamburg, Germany, he must come to terms with a nation physically and emotionally devastated. In this memoir, he narrates a story of people searching to belong and survive in a world that was almost destroyed.

"Hamburg 1947" recounts Smith's youthful RAF days as part of the occupational forces in post-war Germany. A wireless operator during the war, he doesn't want to return to Britain and join a queue of unemployed former servicemen; he reenlists for long term duty in occupied Germany. From his billet in Hamburg, a city razed to the ground by remorseless aerial bombardment, he witnesses a people and era on the brink of annihilation. This narrative presents a street-level view of a city reduced to rubble populated with refugees, black marketers, and cynical soldiers.

At times grim and other times amusing, Smith writes a memoir relaying the social history about this time and place, providing a unique look at post-WWII Germany. "Hamburg 1947" is both a love story for a city and a passionate retailing of a love affair with a young German woman

Veröffentlicht am 31.03.2013 13:22:37 GMT+02:00
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Barca_10 meint:
Hunted and the Damned FREE Sunday 31st March & Monday 1st April

A British spy's disappearance in Berlin at the height of the Cold War has never been fully explained. When a retired British Secret Intelligence Service officer is brutally murdered in Berlin, the two events are dismissed as unconnected, simply a coincidence.

Following the dead officer’s trail from London to Berlin, Nick Torr – the SIS Director of Covert Operations – uncovers an obsessive quest for a missing convoy of Nazi gold seeped in myth and legend. In the shadowland of a city still divided by memories of the Wall, he discovers that the gold is only one piece in a complex puzzle of treachery, deceit and betrayal. In Berlin, he uncovers a number of traitors linking past and present together, secrets that Soviet Military Intelligence, the GRU, are brutally preserving through violence and murder.

“Having read all three of R.J.Dillon's books in chronological order I must write my first ever book review(s).
They were all well written, in a style reminicient of John Le Carre and Len Dieghton.
I believe Mr Dillon writes from a position of knowledge about our governements more secretive security departments.
The booke were thoroughly entertaining, and I felt robbed every time I have had to put down my Kindle for more mundane chore
This is a sign of a very good book to me.
I hope the Mr Dillon can soon follow these superb thrillers with much more, and very soon.
I cannot recomend them enough”. (Amazon UK 5 Star review 21/6/12)

Check out more books from the same author:
The Oktober Projekt
The Fanatic
Midnight's Revolution

Coming in September - Network of Lies

For the book trailers and more information on the author go to rjdillon.com

Thanks for reading

R J Dillon

Veröffentlicht am 30.03.2013 20:39:19 GMT+01:00
Jesus: a hell of a secret (Thriller)
Darkness, come on in... (Short stories)

These are mine. Happy Easter everybody!

Veröffentlicht am 30.03.2013 19:34:10 GMT+01:00
mags treanor meint:
Hi, I'm Mags Treanor.
My kindle ebook 'arsekick pick' is available for free in the kindle library, or on sale for the price of a cafe latte.
It's especially interesting for Germans as there are a few pieces about life in Germany in the book, which is a collection taken from my blog.
Alternatively, you can visit my blog on: http://arsekick.blogspot.com

I'm glad I found this forum. I will randomly look at a few of the books you guys have published and leave some feedback.

Veröffentlicht am 30.03.2013 19:32:49 GMT+01:00
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 31.03.2013 08:38:23 GMT+02:00]

Veröffentlicht am 30.03.2013 02:38:51 GMT+01:00
a wedding affair
hello there my name is sylvia lacey and i am the author of a wedding affair.
i just wanted to give you some back ground on me, i have never wrote a book before this is my first. i have been in marketing for twenty some years here in the states. my mother got sick and i had to stay home to take care of her, she is blind and on dialysis and doing well.
so that granted me the time to put pen to paper and write a wedding affair. the book is about a life of fashion, first love, forbidden love and you the reader get to pick who aria is with in the end by the next book you chose.
so please pick it up today a wedding affair
thank you
best wishes
sylvia lacey

Veröffentlicht am 29.03.2013 15:54:40 GMT+01:00

are you tired of the whole 'Shades of Grey'-Spinoffs?

Then check out this novel about a camgirl from Romania: AZARYA. She tries to flee from an abusive past, hunted by her cruel ex-boyfriend. Then Hoyt enters her chatroom and introduces her as an elusive mentor to a way of escape... a woman's true magic.

AZARYA ist my sixth novel dealing in the realm of the fantastic genres, mixed with sensuality and the darkness of men's minds.

Best regards,

Michael T. Bhatty

Azarya: Dark Passion Tales - Azarya Rising (Michael T. Bhatty's Azarya: Dark Passion Tales)
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