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We can get a book for free? Great! Please post here!

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Veröffentlicht am 31.08.2012 10:25:44 GMT+02:00
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Veröffentlicht am 31.08.2012 15:30:07 GMT+02:00
turnerpage meint:
We are mainstream published Kiwi/Irish/Brit writers and we wanted to tell readers in Germany about our first co-written eco-thriller, Revolution Earth. Set in Antarctica, Australia, NZ and London it will be
FREE from 9am Friday 08.31 for the weekend worldwide. Revolution Earth

5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT BOOK - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED August 29, 2012 (latest review on
By bluefish
This is one of those compelling read stories with a sense of mystery through the whole book, edge of seat and a vibrant read.

The author has written a great novel nothing like others on the market, gripping yet soul searching.

Its a fast paced Eco thriller set around the world flicking back and forth in time, so much happens that the reader has to slow down to savour each moment, sometimes you have to re read the chapter again because you missed something. The characters live unbelievable lives, discovering how life has changed through past to present, is a compulsive read with a sense of intrigue and mystery throughout. Revolution Earth

Veröffentlicht am 31.08.2012 20:05:32 GMT+02:00
Natasha Holme meint:
Free till Saturday morning (midnight PST):
Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia: A Diary on How I Acquired my Eating Disorder

A true story set in 1989, nineteen year old Natasha, obsessively in love with her former school teacher Miss Williams, struggles with her infatuations with women. Having sex with boys, she earns the condemnation of gay and straight worlds. Feeling too fat to deserve romantic involvement with another girl, Natasha stops eating.

The book describes in detail Natasha's clumsy attempts at heterosexuality, the obsessive clinging to unrequited love, her embracing of sexual harassment, and her dysfunctional relationship with body image and food.

Veröffentlicht am 01.09.2012 07:18:34 GMT+02:00
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Veröffentlicht am 01.09.2012 10:29:29 GMT+02:00
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someguy meint:
Sept. 1st(and in the early morning of Sept. 2nd), the first episode of the hot, steamy, fun erotic serial Beth Brighton School for Girls will be free on!(Warning, this is for adults only! Episodes contain very explicit sex!)

It's the first day of school, and Angela already knows it's going to be a long year. Why? Her stuck up, self-absorbed roommate Kate. They are total opposites. Ugh, how is she going to make it through? And why is she so attracted to her . . .

Beth Brighton School for Girls episode 1

Veröffentlicht am 01.09.2012 13:41:20 GMT+02:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 01.09.2012 13:42:04 GMT+02:00
S. Atkins meint:

"Princess Soraya and The Secret Order of Maracanda" by Sabine K. Atkins. Young Adult, Romance, Historical Fantasy, Adventure.

Princess Soraya is the daughter of the sultan of Maracanda, which is a bustling city on the Silk Road, one of the most important trading routes of the Middle Ages. She is also the proud owner of Jawl, a hyperactive female jinni. Their careless lives are interrupted when they go on an ill-fated journey with the sultan, and their lives are saved by Edric, a young warrior.

They barely escape an invasion, pirates, strenuous mountain trails and a snake-infested desert. Soraya and Edric fall in love, even though they know that her father wants her to marry a prince, and Edric's father wants him to become a member of the feared Varangians.

Grateful, the sultan allows Soraya and Edric to spend a summer together. However, the young lovers soon find out that the sultan's trusted alchemist is involved in the dangerous endeavors of a secret group of alchemists and supernatural beings.

This confronts Soraya and Edric with a choice between giving in to their growing desire for each other or saving a splendid city from destruction.

Princess Soraya and The Secret Order of Maracanda (Princess Soraya Adventures)

Thank you! :)

Veröffentlicht am 01.09.2012 15:00:18 GMT+02:00
Dystopian sci-fi thriller B-spine: fractured is available free this weekend (01, 02 September). Combining environmental concerns with an action storyline, it was reviewed in SFX magazine, which said it's "Guaranteed to keep you clutching your Kindle till the end".

Its 2098 in the North American Union and biotechnology isnt creating a better tomorrow, its maintaining a cold, dark and bloody today. A crumbling dystopia of breathing buildings and weaponized insects, where corporations rule cities and mercenaries conduct business takeovers at gunpoint. But unless Kirsty Powell can discover what really happened at Arclights nightclub, its a future that ends for her in seven days

She knows how to spot malfunctioning livedrives  its her job. Their hardware linkages wear out, their wetware components succumb to disease, parasites and age. But to see one notch up a bodycount on a nightclub dancefloor, thats a first. No one was supposed to see that. Kirsty wishes she hadn't.

B-spine is a fast-paced cyberpunk technothriller that pitches an unlikely heroine into an unwinnable battle against the men who control an all-too-believable alternate future. Its combination of biotech weaponry and street-level police procedural plotting makes it a violent, visceral ride  Children of Men meets The Wire.

Veröffentlicht am 02.09.2012 07:37:32 GMT+02:00
turnerpage meint:
Thanks so much to readers on the site for making Revolution Earth the
Nr. 1 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Fremdsprachige eBooks > Englische eBooks > Krimis & Thriller > Thriller this weekend. Revolution Earth

We had a strong feeling that this would appeal to European readers and thanks for proving that to us. We have learnt a lot about marketing books thanks to you all. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your reviews.

Kind regards,
Alison and Sean
writing as Lambert Nagle

Veröffentlicht am 06.09.2012 09:18:07 GMT+02:00
someguy meint:
Sept. 6th(and during part of the morning of Sept. 7th) get episode 2 of the steamy, campy, fun erotic serial Hookers! for free!(Note: the promotion should begin within the next couple hours, so make sure that the free price has kicked in before purchasing)

Bob is out of the way, but what next? Will the girls of the Sugar Bear Ranch get away with it? And now that he is gone, who will keep them in line? (Warning! This series is for adults only! Contains explicit sexual content!!!)

Hookers! episode 2

Veröffentlicht am 06.09.2012 14:05:23 GMT+02:00
Chaos Mortalitus (Book One)

Ashton Mortal is a 28-year-old fine arts painter who has been plagued with nightmares since as far back as he can remember, but on March 10, 2025, he awakens in the early morning from a dreamless sleep. Suddenly manifestations very similar to the iconic scenarios depicted in his art become more than imagination, as slowly an epic web of cosmic events spanning beyond the known universe takes hold of what was once a simple life.

Chaos Mortalitus, Book 1 of 3, is currently available for free September 6th-10th, and look for Chaos Mortalitus: Revelations, Book 2 of 3, also available now for download on Amazon. Thanks for the support everyone.

A Science Fiction Trilogy
Word Count: 86,000+ - Book 1
100,000+ - Book 2

Mark S. LaMaster

Veröffentlicht am 06.09.2012 14:15:10 GMT+02:00
"Esperance" is free for the next two days, September 6-7.

The year is 1964. An article in Life Magazine about gay life in San Francisco
attracts young gay men from all over the U.S. to California. Eagan and Flynn
leave their rural homes behind to start a new beginning, but in an atmosphere
of acceptance and love there is still one difficult problem left to deal with.
How to make a relationship work.

First part of The Vineyard Series
Non explicit

Veröffentlicht am 06.09.2012 15:24:21 GMT+02:00
BooksAndBites meint:
Today, Forgotten, is FREE! So, if you like YA Paranormal why not pick up a copy after all it is free.

Forgotten (In The Shadows Book 1) (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 08.09.2012 10:40:24 GMT+02:00
someguy meint:
Beth Brighton School for Girls episode 2 is free today, September 8th!(and for part of the morning September 9th!) Get a taste of Elysia N. Fields' steamy, hot, fun erotic serial for free! (Warning: for adults only! Contains very explicit sexual content!)

Angela thought she hated her roommate Kate, but now that passion has gotten the best of her, what will happen next?

Veröffentlicht am 08.09.2012 18:25:35 GMT+02:00
PA meint:
Some great books:

In Loco Parentis
Killing Hope (Gabe Quinn Thrillers)
Perfect Crime
Dead on Demand


Veröffentlicht am 10.09.2012 18:52:25 GMT+02:00
Still Free

I'm George, mwm, 52

Veröffentlicht am 11.09.2012 13:53:29 GMT+02:00
Estelle Ryan meint:
For free on 11 September 2012:

The Gauguin Connection (Genevieve Lenard)

An investigation into the murder of a young artist starts out as a reluctant favour granted by Dr Genevieve Lenard to help out the surly friend of her boss. But it quickly turns into a quagmire of complex criminal connections and leads Genevieve through a maze of stolen Eurocorps weapons; a money-laundering European Union funded charity; forged art and an unlikely alliance with two criminals.

As a world renowned expert on nonverbal communication and working as an insurance investigator, Genevieve overcame many obstacles in her life. Living a successful, independent life with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder is a daily challenge. Nothing – not her studies, her high IQ or her astounding analytical skills – prepared her for the changes about to take place in her life. Suddenly she is forced out of her predictable routines, safe environment and limited social interaction and thrown into exploring the meaning of friendship, expanding her social definitions, and for the first time in her life part of a team in a race to stop the senseless murders of more artists.

Veröffentlicht am 14.09.2012 19:46:26 GMT+02:00
Colin Taylor meint:
my book, the collection or the poetry so far is available free this weekend if anyone is interested in reading poetry feel free to take it and leave some feedback, many thanks
colin taylor

Veröffentlicht am 15.09.2012 16:27:22 GMT+02:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 15.09.2012 16:28:09 GMT+02:00
Phil Volatile meint:
Hello everyone. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you. My newest short story is free from 9.15-9.19. Mr. Harry Blight (English Edition) It's about 6700 words. It's a twisting story that I hope you'll find enjoyable. Thank you.

Veröffentlicht am 15.09.2012 23:07:17 GMT+02:00
Eman meint:
Hello everyone, my funny short story Shift System is free today. It's written from a dog's point of view. Shift System
Would love if you would comment. It's my first short story.

Veröffentlicht am 16.09.2012 19:38:18 GMT+02:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 16.09.2012 19:42:18 GMT+02:00
nusadua meint:
Not sure if you already know, but if you go to the US amazon Kindle shop site and click through their free best sellers, you get approx. 100 free ebooks for each category (i.e. sports, business, fiction, romance, fantasy, science fiction, computer ... you name it). Most (but not all) of them are available for free download also via the Kindle shop on You just have to search for the titles.... Enjoy.

Veröffentlicht am 18.09.2012 18:20:44 GMT+02:00
A Family Arrangement Part One: Emily
A Family Arrangement Part Two: Seth

Veröffentlicht am 18.09.2012 20:57:18 GMT+02:00
Natasha Holme meint:
Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia: A Diary on How I Acquired my Eating Disorder will be free to download until September 19th.

Please help yourselves,

Veröffentlicht am 19.09.2012 15:07:34 GMT+02:00
Natasha Holme meint:
Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia: A Diary on How I Acquired my Eating Disorder is free to download until 19th September.

Veröffentlicht am 21.09.2012 11:13:38 GMT+02:00
someguy meint:
The Dawn of the Raven Omnibus 1: Episodes 1-5 is free from Friday, Sept. 21st thru Sunday, Sept. 23rd! Get the first five episodes of the riveting adult fantasy/action-adventure serial together for free! (Warning: for adults only! Contains adult content, such as adult language, explicit sex, and graphic violence)

The dark, beautiful and powerful Raveena, the most feared warrior of the realm, appears at the doorstep of her mortal enemies' kingdom, warning of a grave danger that they must join forces against or perish. Is she telling the truth, or is this just a sinister plot by the merciless warrior maiden? So many of their greatest soldiers have fallen to her blade, how can they trust her now?

Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2012 14:03:14 GMT+02:00
Gerry Gaston meint:
FREE eBOOK PROMO 22/09/12 to 24/09/12

Quest for the Lost Treasure (English Edition)

Finally, young readers can enjoy the experience of a "Choose Your Own Path" Pirate Adventure in a fully illustrated, 24 page, Children's Picture eBook for Ages 4-8 years old!
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