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American Based Thriller Writers Please Post

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Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 31.01.2012 03:02:13 GMT+01:00
L. Hawkins meint:
hey Philip thanks for starting this thread... I would like to share with you if you are seeking some cross promoting for your book to check out the "tweet-a-book" thread over in the MOA in US and also this thread in the UK we are having such fun cross promoting and sharing tweets, blurbs, reviews etc. It is a smorgasbord of books, authors, readers and lurkers...



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Laura meint:
I would feel honored if you reviewed my entry for this year's Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. It is called Samuel & I
I finally published it this morning and as part of the KDP select program I have made it FREE for download today.

A brief description of the book:

SAMUEL & I is a journey of two teenage friends who take a chance by leaving their poverty ridden lives behind them. They travel across the US searching for an escape. With the limited resources two runaways can muster, they are able to experience life in all its beauty, tragedy and sheer evil. Their experiences take a jump start as adolescents, when they are thrust into unfamiliar territories that force them to mature, and in certain circumstances against their will.

SAMUEL & I can make you realize that sometimes the foundation from which we start, may not be as stable as we once believed it to be. Although they would like their adventures to continue, major roadblocks hinder their very existence as friends. There are a few scenarios in life that aren't so cut and dried, but in order to survive, they must rely on each other to cushion any unexpected stumbles along the way.

We all have a past that is full of secrets and sometimes shame. What would you do to escape it all? Better still, what wouldn't you do? There is a point in life when we question our limits. It is a matter of time really. How long can we balance on the fine line between insanity and reason?

Many thanks,


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Jerry meint:
The Empanada Affair. Euro 0,89. Mystery, Travel, Adventure. Enjoy my first book set in Salta, Argentina. Caution: Adult content.

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Nightingale Vale (Book)

Free download 1sr march

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Roger Weston meint:
Just released by bestselling action-adventure author:

The Recruiter
Making amends for his horrible past...betrayed by his employer...torn from the woman he loves...spy recruiter Chuck Brandt is down, but not out. Now he will have to recruit the only man alive that can help him - the man he used to be.

Veröffentlicht am 03.03.2012 15:22:47 GMT+01:00

The Seventh Chakra (English Edition)

From Boca Raton, to New York City, to Roanoke, Virginia, this book is a metaphysical journey; an awakening awareness as the struggles of the universe are revealed through a diverse group of people who have been connected by fate.

Energy and power abound in a battle to understand what the universe is trying to tell them and what the fate of mankind will be.

With every vibration of energy upon one of the seven chakra the group slowly awakens to the building blocks of existence, laying out choices of paths they may or may not take.

A young woman, Jackie, a Coast Guard Petty Officer draws the attention of street preachers in New York, who believe she is involved with the coming of a new black Messiah.

Bernie who had only met Jackie is intrigued but unsure why.

Jamal the prophet of the coming black messiah.

John a software creator becomes the center of attention of all involved when power, energy, sex, and death, weave their existence as they become joined in a vision of the Universal Plan and the fate of everyone.

Sex, violence, and revelations into the mind of creation are keyed into the reader as their own Chakra's awaken. Everyone who reads this book will experience an awakening triggered by their life and their energy. . Each reader will obtain their own level of awareness as their chakra are energized into an awakening. The Seventh Chakra eBook: J. R. Bowles: Books

105,000 + words, Metaphysical fiction.
Facebook J.R. BOWLES

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Philip Chen meint:
Thank you for making the launch of A Triple Thriller Fest by the gang of three so successful. I don't know about Michael and Gordon, but the heights represented by the free downloads in these last three days give me nosebleeds. Hope you will help us get the word out as our box set goes on sale today so we can hope to achieve similar levels.

Authors Michael Wallace, Gordon Ryan, and Philip Chen bring you a three volume thriller set that explores the world of this genre from entirely different, but equally exciting, webs of intrigue, deceit, murder, and mayhem. Michael starts off with a thriller set in the arcane world of antiquities and the schemes that brazen collectors will weave to possess what is not rightfully theirs. Gordon follows with a modern tale of political intrigue written as if it just might be happening at this very minute. Philip brings up the end of the set with a very realistic science fiction thriller that leaves you wondering if it just might be true.

A Triple Thriller Fest

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Jerry meint:
The Surreal Killer, the third Roger Bowman-Suzanne Foster South American mystery novel in the series, is now available as a Kindle E-Book from Amazon DE.
A serial killer is leaving a trail of dead women across Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. The gruesome corpses all seem to have died in exactly the same macabre way. There may be a link to a small group of scientists who meet annually in different locations in the region. Roger Bowman and Suzanne Foster are asked by the local police to attend this year’s meeting of the group in Lima, Peru to try to find out who was present at the previous meetings when the murders occurred. And the reader is off on a fast paced pursuit of the killer through Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu in Peru and Chile’s Atacama Desert. This is a true whodunit mystery novel set in an unusual and exotic locale.

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Thanks for this thread! I'll start with the one that's free today, my spooky thriller The Harrowing.

Five troubled college students left alone on their isolated campus over the long Thanksgiving break confront their own demons and a mysterious presence - that may or may not be real.

- Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award (horror) and the Anthony Award (mystery) for Best First Novel.

- "Absolutely gripping - it is easy to imagine this as a film. Once started, you won't want to stop reading."
-- The London Times

- "The Harrowing gave me goosebumps! A real page-turner; a first novel of unusual promise."
-- Ira Levin, author of Rosemary's Baby.

Book trailer:

Also available in German as Die Inschrift: Roman (but not free!).

Veröffentlicht am 07.04.2012 07:16:13 GMT+02:00
Roger Weston meint:
The Golden Catch will be free on Easter Sunday.

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Cliff Ball meint:
Times like these I wish I had taken German in college instead of Spanish!

The Usurper: (conservative political intrigue)
Seventeen year old Mary O'Hara defects to the Soviet Union, thinking that life would be better there, and with the idea that she can help the Soviets in their supposed plans for world domination. A year into it, she discovers that all is not as it seems. Her life will turn into more turmoil once she discovers that they used her to give birth to a son who is meant to be the catalyst that brings down the United States from within. She increasingly fears for herself as her son grows older.

Mary's son, Gary, is raised to hate. Hate the United States, its people, and everything they have ever stood for. His mission is to destroy the country from within, allying himself with the worst of America's enemies, and one very powerful and malevolent trillionaire, to accomplish the deed. Once elected to the highest position in the land, Gary puts his lifelong goals to work, and puts the USA onto the path of ultimate destruction. He stops at nothing to rid the USA of his political and spiritual enemies on the right, until a small group on the right decide they've had enough, and they want to stop him.

Dale Stewart comes home after serving in the Afghanistan theatre while in the military. The government has issued new orders, creating a Civilian Defense Force, of which Dale will have to serve in. His first orders with his new outfit have him question which side he is on, and each successive mission causes him to doubt this new President and his ideas. When the President orders something that goes against everything Dale believes in as a Christian, Dale seeks out the new Resistance, and joins them to stop the President. Will they succeed or will the United States be relegated to the dustbin of history?

Times of Trouble: an End Times novel
Thirty years in the future, the U.S. government has turned into a tyranny as the EPA and TSA grow with ever more power.

Brian, the main character, tells his story from first person point of view. His work with the FBI involves mostly cyber terrorism and actual cases of potential real world terrorism. Eventually, his wife gives birth to their third child, who has Down's Syndrome, which does not please the U.S. Health Administration because there are rules and regulations set-up in cases like these to prevent "genetic freaks" as they like to call them, from sucking up a lot of Health Admin money. Because the Atwoods are born again Christians, they never considered aborting the baby, so now the Health people have to take him away to deal with the problem later.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service decides to recruit Brian to be the personal agent of the President of the United States, David Collins, due to his great work involving a case that dealt with terrorism that would've involved Offutt Air Force Base. Brian's faith is tested every day as he deals with a man who has no morals from what Brian can see, and is tested even more when his wife finds out that she's dying from a fast growing form of breast cancer. Trouble in the rest of the world occurs as Iran attempts to nuke Israel, which fails spectacularly, so Israel takes care of the problem. This brings condemnation from everyone, including the U.S., which takes the side of Iran.

When the re-election of Collins doesn't turn out the way he wanted it, he and his people declare the election nullified because of supposed "irregularities" with the ballots. Collins claims that the new President-elect may take the seat sometime in the middle of next year, if everything looks to be sorted out. Collins purges his staff of what he considers unloyal people, including Brian. At the same time, he loses his wife, but regains the son he thought he had lost.

Brian moves back to his family home in Nebraska, where we follow what happens as the country slowly falls apart. Events play out as Brian and his family sees the End Times approach.

Veröffentlicht am 25.05.2012 06:50:29 GMT+02:00
Roger Weston meint:
The Recruiter
#4 in UK Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Political
Ex-assassin betrayed by employer.

The Assassin's Wife
#7 in UK Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Political
Wife of assassin becomes target.

The Golden Catch
#85 in UK Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Men's Adventure
Hit men are hired to claim treasure found on ex-assassin's island.

"... the assassin with a conscience and a heart."

Veröffentlicht am 31.05.2012 23:37:45 GMT+02:00
life-impact meint:
Spiritual Impact: The Dimension of the Wonder of Being Human.

Veröffentlicht am 08.06.2012 07:23:25 GMT+02:00
Frank Mundo meint:
Try Loisaida -- A New York Story by Marion Stein or M.O.D. by J. C. Allen.

Veröffentlicht am 07.08.2012 20:33:53 GMT+02:00
Roger Weston meint:
New release:Fatal Return
When an eccentric billionaire hires Jake Sands, a maritime history professor, to give a farewell speech for the Queen Mary's last voyage, Jake readily accepts the offer, not knowing he will be sucked into a fatal plot for revenge that began in WWII with a disaster five times more deadly than the Titanic.

Veröffentlicht am 20.08.2012 17:54:02 GMT+02:00
Jerry meint:
The newest entry in my South American mystery series, an 11,600-word novelette entitled The Body in the Parking Structure, is available for just EUR 1,69. Can you figure out whodunit before Roger does? This fast-paced mystery story features characters from the author's popular series working on a murder case at home in Los Angeles.

Veröffentlicht am 22.08.2012 18:38:21 GMT+02:00
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Veröffentlicht am 31.08.2012 04:41:28 GMT+02:00
Sins of the Father

Bowen is an orphaned child in feudal England whose first appearance in this novel is having been bound hands and feet and whipped mercilessly by the monks in a monastery in an excess of bloodlust. He's realistically of an indeterminate age but no more than about seven years old and the monks are very sadistic. He's punished repeatedly for any number of minor and inconsequential infractions.

Aaron realizes that his compulsion to help Lucian comes from the fact that he's a direct descendant of Lucian's nephew, the child of the rape. This is why they bear a stunning resemblance to one another, including the black hair and amethyst eyes. Aaron also realizes that this is why he's the only one who can help Lucian and he offers his own life to take Lucian's place as the church they're in burns to the ground.

Veröffentlicht am 03.09.2012 22:44:52 GMT+02:00
A.R. Yoba meint:
Try my new book, They Call Me...Montey Greene. Aside from the shootouts, chases and physical confrontations it's a unique take on the mystery-suspense-thriller genre with a unique type of hero. As a Hollywood Literary Manager whose read thousands of screenplays and manuscripts over the years I too wanted to experience something unique, where you wouldn't guess the ending until the ending, and still had some commercial appeal to it. When I couldn't find it - I wrote it. Give it a shot. It's available on kindle at a special promotional discounted rate. Or look for the paperback releasing the first week of September 2012.
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