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Looking for really good books - very well written or exceptional plot or inspiring or all in one...

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Veröffentlicht am 10.01.2013 14:35:30 GMT+01:00
Karin meint:
If you look for a different book, try this one, I just read it and was quite surprised:


Philosophical, but still clear and easy to read. Good clean reading for a change to all the trash around. It was inspiring for me and animates to think a little bit deeper.

Veröffentlicht am 27.12.2012 07:01:43 GMT+01:00
C.R.PUTSCHE meint:
I can reccoment the book "Addicted to greed" by Catherine Rose Putsche a rollercoaster of happieness, sadness, blackmail and shocking surprises on amazon

Veröffentlicht am 26.12.2012 18:13:27 GMT+01:00
Susan Fleet meint:
Recommend Natalie Revenge ASIN: B009EAWCDK Two murders twenty years apart. Someone murdered her mother, and, like the dragon tattoo girl, Natalie wants revenge! FREE December 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2012
Natalie's Revenge (A Frank Renzi mystery)
Germany Natalie's Revenge (Frank Renzi Book 3) (English Edition)

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 26.12.2012 16:41:05 GMT+01:00
J. Alexander meint:
I second Jodi Picoult! Great reads, and you really connect with her writing but make sure you are aware that all of her novels are extremely intense.

The Phillip Pullman series, the shadow in the north, ruby in the smoke, tiger in the well are all fantastic reads!

Happy Reading!

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 24.12.2012 10:32:42 GMT+01:00
Mark Kennely meint:
Christmas always comes with a good book. And a good read is always a good time spent. Try 'The Board Members" by DeRege Lemma and 'The Shop Keeper' by James D. Best. They're both good and matured mystery novels.
The Board Members (English Edition)

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 24.12.2012 03:19:35 GMT+01:00
Kappepaul meint:
I loved 'the Children's Book' as well!

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 24.12.2012 03:11:43 GMT+01:00
Kappepaul meint:
Das ist wirklich ein faszinierendes Buch, aber es wirkt auch ein wenig verstörend - bis heute. Ich kann gar nicht erklären, was mir an dem Buch unheimlich ist!

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 24.12.2012 01:47:43 GMT+01:00
Kappepaul meint:
'Extremely loud and Incredibly Close' habe ich auch gelesen; ebenso 'Angela's Ashes'. Klar, dass ich mir dann auch 'Cold Mountain' ansehen werde.

Veröffentlicht am 18.12.2012 20:25:41 GMT+01:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 18.12.2012 20:32:55 GMT+01:00
BookWeek meint:
A nonfiction, compelling story:

It's not only a doctor's medical school education, residency training, and launching into practice that's so demanding, but what may be creeping into the professional's personal life along the way.
This is a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become a doctor and what can happen once you get there.
Is it worth it?

A Physician's Plight: A Memoir - Professional Success ... Personal Disaster

"Klein demonstrates a toughness and determination that will leave you cheering for her.” M. Graff “Auntie M”, Author, Hyde, NC

“A Physician’s Plight” is an intriguing read that shouldn’t be missed for readers of personal memoirs.
Mary Cowper, Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review

"This book pulls no punches – nothing is sacred, nothing is left out! Anesthesiologist Katherine Klein, MD, gives us “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of her family-of-origin, her marital suffering, and her divorce, which landed her in Family Court and deprived her of participation in much of the lives of her young children."
Josh Grossman, MD, FACP, Col. (ret.), U.S. Army Medical Corps

Veröffentlicht am 18.12.2012 12:59:19 GMT+01:00
Two for Xmas.

The Dancing Boy
PTSD can do bad things to a mind. It sent Tom Gillet back to Afghanistan to search for the boy who saved his life. Trouble is, Al Qaeda knew he was coming, and for Gillet things were never going to be the same again.
Also available on Smashwords.

Coming Home
The epic story of a band of British snipers in the trenches of WW1.

Veröffentlicht am 14.12.2012 11:24:31 GMT+01:00
All In
With Fat Yang acting as her mentor Carla made big money playing high stakes poker. But Fat Yang had something more than a game of cards in mind for her, something far more dangerous. When she discovers his intentions, she enters into his sleazy world of crime prepared to turn the tables to her advantage.

Veröffentlicht am 14.12.2012 11:09:20 GMT+01:00
G. Allen meint:
I can highly recommend my novel, "Through the Dark Wood" book one in the Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light series. It's fantasy adventure with a hint of supernatural. I received very good response form my pre-readers and the two reviews here on Amazon are both very positive. If you're interested in my book... I hope you enjoy. If you aren't, I hope you'll find on you do enjoy

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 14.12.2012 10:44:54 GMT+01:00
G. Allen meint:
If you haven't read it yet, I'd highly recommend my book "Through the Dark Wood" Book one in the Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light series. It's fantasy adventure fiction with a hint of supernatural added in. I've gotten good response from those who pre-read my novel prior to publishing... and the two reviews I have received are very positive. If you choose my book... Thanks! if you don't... I hope you find a good book you enjoy :o)

Veröffentlicht am 13.12.2012 20:44:24 GMT+01:00
Jane Doe meint:
I loved 'How to be good' from Nick Hornby. He writes from the perspective of a woman who decides to leave her husband because she's fed up. As it turns out she's not an angel (all her thoughts written out reminded my of so many spats in my house) and doesn't completely give up on him, and he keeps trying 'to be good' as well. In quite surprising ways! Being written by (the man) Nick Hornby it's amazing to discover all his insights into a woman's psyche.
I also like everything by T.C. Boyle, one crazier than the next but all draw you in and don't let you go again.

Veröffentlicht am 04.12.2012 19:29:27 GMT+01:00
The Flowers of Reminiscence


Veröffentlicht am 04.12.2012 19:28:36 GMT+01:00
Touching journey, highly reviewed.

Veröffentlicht am 04.12.2012 19:27:01 GMT+01:00

Touching journey highly rated women's fiction.

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 03.12.2012 08:30:49 GMT+01:00
C. Judkins meint:
Try this one ! How the World "Really" Is (English Edition)

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 03.12.2012 08:30:27 GMT+01:00
C. Judkins meint:
try this one! How the World "Really" Is (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 27.11.2012 12:46:20 GMT+01:00
The Dancing Boy

PTSD can do bad things to a mind. It sent Tom Gillet back to Afghanistan to search for the boy who saved his life. Trouble is, Al Qaeda was waiting for him, and for Gillet things were never the same again.
Also available on Smashwords.

Veröffentlicht am 20.11.2012 01:02:00 GMT+01:00
John Oehler meint:
I would like to recommend my own, recently published mystery/suspense novel, Aphrodesia. It centers on the world of perfumes and tells the story of a perfume student who creates a powerful aphrodisiac, only to become the prime suspect when a knockoff of his creation surfaces as the sole link in a series of passion-driven homicides.

Aphrodesia has received excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Amazon customers (all 5-star). I invite you to read the reviews here: Aphrodesia: A Novel of Suspense

John Oehler

Veröffentlicht am 18.11.2012 20:40:33 GMT+01:00
My new novel, Pyramid of the Dead: A Zombie Novel tells another version of how a few hundred Spanish Conquistadors brought down the Incan Empire. Even to this day no one is sure what happened. Using real names, battles and locations my story is a tale of greed and vengeance, black magic and demons with an army raised from the underworld.

Veröffentlicht am 10.11.2012 17:52:43 GMT+01:00
The Dancing Boy
Thirty British troops a week are seeking medical help, toll of combat in Afghanistan.
A total of 3,021were diagnosed with `Adjustment disorder' between May 2010 and April 2012.
In places such as the US it is significantly higher.
Symptoms include self harming, drug abuse and anxiety attacks.
This is an account of a man, who to the detriment of his family and personal security refuses point blank to acknowledge these symptoms.

Blinded by the heat, Tom Gillet, a British soldier is dragged back from an IED by Shafiq, a small Afghan boy. Luckily he lost a foot and not his life.
Shafiq wasn't so fortunate. His family was murdered by the Taliban as a warning to those who helped the coalition forces, and he was sold into a child trafficking ring as a dancing boy.
Discharged from the army and on the threshold of PTSD Gillet feels forced to return to Afghanistan to search for the boy in the hope of finding him a better life.
But what he encounters is a world full of shock, betrayal and lies.
Returning home to the UK he finds himself drawn into the horrors of something he never knew existed behind the closed doors of immigrant Britain.
Also available on Smashwords.

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 09.11.2012 22:10:09 GMT+01:00
Lena meint:
I can recommend you a good book. The author is really new I just heard about her, but her book "Let him go" is really good! Her name is Kaitlyn Felt. The book is based on true events of her own life which makes it really authentic!

Veröffentlicht am 09.11.2012 19:02:13 GMT+01:00
Edith meint:
Check out Francene Stanley's Still Rock Water, a rather unique, inspirational and suspenseful new release.
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