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Irma Fritz meint:
I think if I am judging this forum correctly it was not created for self-promotion of American writers. I too am an American Indie writer, excited to be sold in Germany, and eager to promote my book in the country of my childhood. BUT, there are other forums for self-promotion, and I would urge everyone to be respectful guests of the expectations of the forum participants!!!

I do have suggestions for German readers of books written by American writers:
Just finished reading The Imperfectionist by Tom Rachman. It's been an international bestseller & is probably also available in translation. It's the story of a rag-tag group of expat journalists working at an English language newspaper in Rome. He writes in clear sharp cynical prose. I assigned this to my reading groups, but some of my friends found it depressing. NOT me! Has anyone read this book?
I'm also a lover of T.C. Boyle, Cormac McCarthy and of course Philip Roth is one of the great names in American literature! And if you want to go back to the American classic writers, don't forget Hemingway: sentences as clean and clear and simple as a mountain stream. Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose is super for Western writing. William Styron's Sophie's Choice is a heartbreaker and a masterpiece.
And who mentioned Michael Chabon? Be sure to fasten your seatbelt when you read him. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is 650+ pages (but I cut my baby teeth on Tolstoy and Dostoevsky) and all of it like a rollercoaster ride. His writing is like an entire jazz ensemble riffing off of each other. Gott im Himmel! You just want to bow down and kiss this writer's feet. I only wish he could clone himself and write another dozen or so books in a hurry!
If you like gritty crime novels, there's no one better than Elmore Leonard. I'm not a fan of the crime/thriller genre, but I'll read him as an exercise in realistic prose. Then, if you like a good spy story, there is Joseph Kanon who wrote The Good German and Alibi among others. He can put you in a scene with a word or two. What a genius! Sometimes after reading a schlock story I've been tricked into by one of my readers' groups, I re-read Kanon just to cleanse my system! Like a shot of good Schnapps, nicht wahr?

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Philip Chen meint:
I was born in China, grew up in the US, but have travel far and wide. At one point I was in Johannesburg, RSA, for four years. My background is in ocean research engineering, energy and environmental engineering, law, and finance. I have two books available on Kindle that are so different from one another as to be night and day. Together they define the antipodes of my seriously disorganized brain.

The first is a serious science fiction thriller.

The other is a wry look at our strange world through the lens of someone who started cartooning at age 63 with no formal training in art or cartooning.


A very realistic science fiction thriller about the accidental discovery of mysterious, but mute, objects in the ocean in 1967 and what happened when they woke up in 1993 and began sending signals to outer space. Mike, pulled back into a clandestine agency to finish the job he began over twenty-three years ago as a navy ensign, is strangely attacked by gangs of what look like ordinary Americans. Attacks he can handle, but he is shaken when he learns that a revered friend has died. Will the death of Mike's friend mean that the secret of these mysterious objects will be locked forever in the dark ocean bottom?

45 four and five star reviews on Amazon US and UK. 98,250+ words. 354 pages.

This book is so realistic that readers often finish the book wondering, "if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing."

Strongly recommended by noted U.S. book critic Alan Caruba, who says, "If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star."

Falling Star | Print

Falling Star accurately predicted the Russian spy ring of 2010 and the discovery of mysterious objects in the ocean. Read it before Amazon decides it really is nonfiction.


If you want laughs, try the inaugural edition of cartoons from There is Strangeness in the Universe.

Most reviewers compare it with Gary Larson's "Far Side." Well-known cartoonist Rick Parker (MTV's Beavis and Butthead comic book) calls me a "very dangerous man."

5 four and five star reviews on Amazon since its release in May.

There is Strangeness in the Universe (Volume 1) | Print

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Veröffentlicht am 20.09.2011 03:05:47 GMT+02:00
D Skopp meint:
Endlich! Shadows Walking, mein auf Englisch geschriebener Roman, ist nun auch als Kindle e-Buch erhaeltich. Ich bin Amerikaner, mit lebenslanger Intresse auf deutscher Geschichte. Shadows Walking A Novel Als pensionierter Professor, duerfte ich mein Roman ueber die Mediziner im Nazizeit fertigbringen:
Johann Brenner, an idealistic physician and ardent German nationalist, has joined the Nazi Party and willingly participated in its "crimes against humanity." His Jewish boyhood friend, Philipp Stein, has also become a doctor. Their lives inevitably intersect until their last, fateful meeting. After the war, Brenner, now with stolen papers and a new name, becomes a janitor in the courthouse where the Nuremberg Trials are being held. Hoping to "heal himself" and begin a new life with his estranged wife, he decides that he must write her a letter telling what he has done-and why.
Shadows Walking is a novel about medical ethics and practices, and their consequences in Nazi Germany. I wrote it in an effort to understand better the mind and motives of an "ordinary" doctor who chose to serve Hitlerism.

Margaret Lavinia Anderson, Professor of History at the University of California / Berkeley, has written of Shadows Walking: "This meticulously researched, brilliantly written novel about the descent into darkness of two friends, one a Nazi, the other a Jew-and both doctors in Hitler's Germany-will haunt readers of history and fiction alike."
Shadows Walking has received very positive reviews from readers on amazon. com I hope you will read my novel and find it worthwhile. You can learn more about my novel, the historical framework on which it rests, and me at my website: Thank you very much for your interest. Douglas R. Skopp

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Roger Weston meint:
Customer review from Amazon UK:

"This is one of the best books I have read all year, and I couldn't put it down...if you like Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly or Daniel Silva you will like this book, it had me gripped from page one and the ending is truly exciting."

The Golden Catch
#9 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Men's Adventure
#12 in Books > Fiction > Lad Lit

Only 99 cents on Kindle!

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Philip Chen meint:

A very realistic science fiction thriller about the accidental discovery of mysterious, but mute, objects in the ocean in 1967 and what happened when they woke up in 1993 and began sending signals to outer space. Mike, pulled back into a clandestine agency to finish the job he began over twenty-three years ago as a. navy ensign , is strangely attacked by gangs of what look like ordinary Americans. Attacks he can handle, but he is shaken when he learns that a revered friend has died. Will the death of Mike's friend mean that the secret of these mysterious objects will be locked forever in the dark ocean bottom?

47 four and five star reviews on Amazon US and UK. 98,250+ words. Many more on other platforms. 354 pages.

This book is so realistic that readers often finish the book wondering, "if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing."

Strongly recommended by noted U.S. book critic Alan Caruba, who says, "If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star."

Falling Star | Print

This book actually describes events which eventually became true in chilling detail such as the 2010 Russian spy ring in the United States, the recent discovery of a mysterious object in the Baltic Sea, and now the super secret military force called JSOC. Get it before it becomes nonfiction or disappears in the hands of men in black.

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J. Randall meint:
Greetings readers in Austria and Germany.

Wahrheit: Ferdinand von Hompesch was the last Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta. He was German.

Trip Wire offers a little of everything, Intrigue, Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem. Toss in the Vatican, the Mafia, and some memorable characters and you have an enjoyable read.

Petra Wagner, a professional photographer, learns of a secret that has been in her family for generations. Skeptical and unable to forget the story, revealed to her by her mother, she visits a grave site at secluded monastery in Germany. Her visit sets off a trip wire in Rome. The Vatican's Cardinal Matteotti, learns that Elisabeth Wagner, whose maiden name is von Hompesch, lives in Hamburg and is the mother of the twins Petra and Peter.

The von Hompesch family has been on a Vatican Watch List since 1842 when Ferdinand von Hompesch died at the monastery. Ferdinand, the last Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta, before the French, under Napoleon Bonaparte banished the Knights from the island in 1798, was a distant relative.

It was rumored that he was in possession of a priceless relic and may have hidden it on the island before he departed. Matteotti contacts the diocese in Hamburg and learns that Petra is on a photo assignment in Italy and Peter is vacationing on Malta. He dispatches a young priest to Italy to follow Petra, and Fra Guiseppe, one of their problem-solvers, to keep track of Peter.

After completing the photo shoot, Petra travels to Trieste, in search of clues. Peter's boss had him carry a set of blueprints to Malta, for an unsavory associate, Carlo. Peter soon finds himself an unwitting target of local criminals. Guiseppe is under extreme pressure from Cardinal Matteotti, to discover what Peter is doing on the island. The laity engaged by a local priest to keep tabs on Peter are ineffectual and Guiseppe reluctantly enlists the assistance of the underworld in Rome to keep track of him. A job that surprisingly filters down to the Monk, a friend of Carlo's.

The present day Knights of Malta, headquartered in Rome, learn of the church's interest in Peter, and sends two of its clandestine members to discover why.

Petra flies to Malta and shares the family secret with her brother and enlists his help in the search. Their quest leads them from one clue to another as those watching them make their way through a tangled web of intrigue and danger.

Trip Wire was originally published under the title `Watch List'.

Trip Wire is over 70,000 words long.

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J. Randall meint:
The Imam of the Cave

When men and material start to disappear-UN personnel and their vehicles in Cyprus, the inspectors and their vehicles in Iraq, a patrol boat in Russia, and a nuclear missile in western China. The United Nations Security Council becomes alarmed and must act.

They discover that a potent nerve agent was used to kidnap the inspectors and, apparently, the material in other countries. Using high-altitude intelligence, they focus their search on an area in the Great Syrian Desert.

William Holden, the Chief of the United Nations Special Commission in Baghdad, receives a photograph and coordinates of a transporter entering a cave. He organizes a select group of his inspectors to make a clandestine foray into the desert.

Holden receives unexpected help from the UN Investigative Agency in the person of alluring redheaded operative Gloria Caruthers. A former agent for British Intelligence, Gloria works for the United Nations Investigative Agency. She plays a critical role in Holden's quest to recover the missing inspectors.

Holden and members of an ancient Bedouin tribe use each other-Holden to avenge his men, and the tribe to repossess its lost heirloom? Tribal member Sabah Al Ahmed, who is also an operative of the Israeli Mossad, wants to use both Holden and the tribe to recover Israel's lost nerve agent and keep it from Israel's enemies.

Gloria's covert return to Bagdad, will have a pivotal role in the outcome.

This novel was originally published as Prophecy of the Medallion.

The Imam of the Cave is a full length novel, 85,000 words long.

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Philip Chen meint:
"Open up! Federal agents!" said Smith, after knocking vigorously on the door to Apartment 303 in the quiet, three-story, red brick Blue Ridge Apartments on Sixteenth Street, Silver Spring, Maryland.

There was no response.

Smith turned to the superintendent. "Do you have a key to this apartment?"

"Yes, Just don't break down that door," said the superintendent.

He opened the door to Grayson's apartment. As the door opened, the warm rancid air inside of Grayson's apartment poured out. The stench of unwashed clothes was overpowering -- like an unclean gymnasium. The apartment was completely dark, the shades to the windows pulled down and the windows locked shut, even on this hot, humid day. The superintendent, glad that his chore was done, motioned the federal agents to enter.

"She's all yours!" he said, as he stepped to the side of the door.

Smith was the first to enter the foul smelling-apartment. As he entered he switched on the light. The room was a tumble of dirty laundry and trash thrown about the room. In the kitchenette, the source of the strongest odor could be seen, an uncooked chicken, left out on the stove in an advanced putrescent state. Maggots crawled over the rotting flesh. Smith swallowed hard not to gag at the stench.

Smith and his assistants then conducted a search of the small apartment. It was obvious that Grayson had left in a hurry. His IBM PS/2 was left on and he had made no effort to erase any of the files on the hard disk. Floppy diskettes littered the table in the living room and software manuals were strewn about the tattered sofa and easy chair.

In one corner of the sofa was a pile of Hustler magazines, their pages limp from constant use. On one wall was the foldout from the May 1993 copy of Playboy. Strewn about the floor and on the furniture were pulp novels in paperback with titles like Madam Dominatrix, Whipping Boy, and High School Orgy. Copies of Soldier of Fortune, PC World, and DC Comics littered the floor, along with dirty, worn white athletic socks.

Smith wandered into the equally fetid bedroom. Grayson's bedroom was messy and sparsely furnished. The bed was a mattress on a bed spring. The mattress was covered with a sheet yellowed with sweat stains. On the floor next to the bed were several empty drinking glasses. The residue of chocolate milk in the glasses had curdled and dried. An empty jar of Bosco, a chocolate mix, lay on the floor, a teaspoon next to it. There was no other furniture save for a straight back chair on which stood a small General Electric color television set, its antenna bent. At the foot of the bed, Grayson had tossed his dirty underwear.

Smith opened the closet door and was amazed to find no clothing on hangers and little else on the shelf or the floor of the closet. The closet was the cleanest room in the apartment. A single red velvet cord hung from the clothes rod, terminating in a hangman's noose. Smith was curious about this odd assemblage.

"Hey, Tom," said Smith to Tom Bateson, one of Smith's assistants in CSAC security. "What do you make of this?"

Bateson was a relatively young CSAC security agent, working for Smith. A graduate of Yale University, Bateson had started his career as an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency. Six feet tall and muscular in build, the dark-haired, handsome bachelor was a popular member of the CSAC staff, especially with the young ladies.

He preferred Giorgio Armani suits and wild floral pattern neckties. Bateson was also an aspiring novelist, having written for some literary magazines. His dark hair was always on the long side, which was a continuing source of consternation to the much more conservative Smith.

Bateson came over and took one quick glance at the rope and the noose. "Seems like your boy is into autoerotic asphyxia."

"Autoerotic what?"

"Autoerotic asphyxia. It's a peculiar sexually deviant practice where the practitioner ties a noose around his neck, bends his knees to restrict the intake of air, and, huh, you know." He made a familiar gesture with his cupped hand. "Allegedly, the suffocation brought on by the noose heightens the erotic sensation on climax."

"What happens if the guy slips and falls or something like that?"

"That's one of the hazards. If that happens, he dies."

"Wait a minute -- how come you know so much about this?"

"Oh, I read a lot," said Bateson, rubbing his neck nervously. "Ah, by the way, Chief. Here's something you might find interesting."

"It's just a telephone bill," said Smith, taking the slip of paper held out by Bateson.

"But look at the numbers on the bill."

"You're right; it's full of those pay-per-call 900 numbers."

"Not just 900 numbers, but one 900 number: 588-5463."

"Grayson must have called this number two or three times a night."

"Not just that, but for twenty to thirty minutes each time, at a dollar fifty per minute, that's thirty to forty dollars a pop."

"What does this number do?" said Smith rhetorically.

"It's called Luv Lines, a singles call in number," Bateson said.

"How do you know that?" said Smith. "Don't tell me, I don't want to know. Remind me to get your telephone bugged, Tom."

Bateson winced.

Falling Star | Print 47 four and five star reviews in Amazon US and UK. 98,250+ words, 354 pages.

Veröffentlicht am 16.10.2011 07:06:11 GMT+02:00
If you like the literature genre, try some of the great Southern writers such as Eudora Welty, Anne Tyler or Flannery O'Connor.

Veröffentlicht am 19.10.2011 09:38:17 GMT+02:00
dunkelblau meint:
A newcomer is the Hollywood star Richard Romanus, who published two books this year: CHRYSALIS and ACT III
"Chrysalis" is an amazing novel about a seventeen-year-old girl who grows up in Greece during World War II and the Civil War. It is very suspenseful and well-written. Could be classified as historical romance. I found that book very fascinating!
"Act III" is a memoir. It narrates Romanus' move to Skiathos, a small Greek island. It's funny, yet enlightening, since the author moves from Hollywood to a Mediterranean island and rediscovers the true meaning of friendship and a balanced life, with more time.

Veröffentlicht am 22.10.2011 00:58:36 GMT+02:00
Offbeat Love Stories and More Is a collection of humorous short stories. Here's the review:

Offbeat Love Stories lives up to its name. An eclectic collection of short and very short stories examine boy meets girl from many points of view. This quick read is perfect for a commute, or for when you only have a few minutes and want some light entertainment. In the stories, quick decisions are made and hearts are won or broken in a heartbeat. The dialogue is crisp and the characters provide surprising insights given the limits of the genre. Let's all hope that Jennifer Lafferty tackles a novella or novel next. I recommend this read and encourage everyone to take the advice of one of her characters who says "don't wait for other people to tell you who you are!"
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