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English YA by Indie Authors - Shameless plugs

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Veröffentlicht am 20.06.2011 22:37:41 GMT+02:00
Fed up with Hollywood?

Rebel Tribe

Flyover country. That's where Eva, a college-drop out from Germany, has ended up. Under the endless blue skies of Idaho, she discovers the world of bareback horseriding and Indian reservations. Making new friends was never easier. One day, after watching an old spaghetti western full of stereotypes, Eva and her Native American friends decide to make a "leather and feather" movie together. Determined to correct every mistake John Wayne ever made, they set off on a guerilla film making adventure.

The story is told from the points of view of three different characters: Eva, the naive German, Claire, the razor-sharp girl from the rez, and Lance, the underachiever who has to transform himself into a long-haired warrior for the movie. There is no room for errors - the whole reservation is watching...

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Veröffentlicht am 25.06.2011 13:20:58 GMT+02:00
Tracey Morait meint:
I write books for children and young adults and I'd like to plug my latest story, Epiworld published in june 2010, which is written for young adults, age 12 and over.

Britain 2099. All human diseases have been eradicated by genetic cleansing, but there are still people who are 'unclean' and locked away in institutions. Travis is one of them, until one day Dr Alexander helps him to escape to a world where nothing makes sense.

Travis has powerful seizures which take him and his new friend Demi on a quest through time to seek and destroy Chase, the man he hates. Along the way he has to deal with shocks, surprises, traumas, and death, until at last he ends up on a beach, where his fate will finally be decided.

My other two stories are Abbie's Rival (2008) and Goalden Girl (2007) which is available in paperback and now on Kindle, and these were written for children aged 9-12.

Tracey Morait
Author of books for children and young adults


Veröffentlicht am 25.06.2011 17:13:24 GMT+02:00
Kevin George meint:
The North Pole Challenge (Flea's Five Christmases Book 1) (English Edition)

Flea has always been different from other students in school. He's not smart or athletic, he's shorter than kids five years younger than him and his facial features are so pointy that everyone avoids him. His foster mother constantly warns him to avoid attention, though Flea has no idea who's after them. But Flea has recently discovered several abilities that change his life forever: snowy weather follows him wherever he goes, he stops snowballs in mid-flight and he builds anything in shop class in the matter of minutes despite his lack of training. An appearance on The Great Build-Off - a popular construction game show - leads him to a magical place he thought existed only in Christmas stories.

At the North Pole, Flea feels even more like an outsider. In fact, this storybook village reminds him of every school he'd ever attended, complete with overachievers and underachievers, popular elves and outcasts, even elves who aren't afraid to march to their own beat. But during his training to become a proper builder elf, he discovers that the North Pole has an arch-nemesis bent on invading the elfish lands and ending Christmas forever. With a war looming against the South Pole, Flea's sudden appearance at the North Pole is no coincidence, as he questions his role in the fate of the world's greatest holiday.

"The North Pole Challenge" is not your typical Christmas story. Everyone knows about Santa Claus, his elves and the North Pole but this book provides a fresh outlook on the old familiar tales. Imagine Santa Claus as a reclusive loner, Rudolph as a narcissistic whiner, the elves as cruel party animals. And no great story would be complete without an enemy of epic proportions, another familiar Christmas name with a wicked past never before told...

Until now...

"The Rudolph Challenge - Flea's Second Christmas" and "The Jack Frost Challenge - Flea's Third Christmas" out now

Veröffentlicht am 27.06.2011 03:28:25 GMT+02:00
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Veröffentlicht am 28.06.2011 23:25:47 GMT+02:00
My ebook is for the upper YA set -- people look for stories about what happens right after the teenage years, when you're entering the Real World but don't quite feel like a "grown up" yet.

Winner of the St. Martin's Press "New Adult" contest

Twenty-Somewhere tells the story of three best friends as they navigate life after college. Beautiful and confident Sophie Lin, goody goody aspiring writer Claudia Bradford, and boy-crazy nerd MJ Alexander are ready to take on the Real World -- or so they think.

But MJ's hunky lab supervisor keeps distracting her from her research, and what's worse, she almost doesn't care. After years of single-minded focus, MJ may have lost her passion for science, and her sense of self along with it. Meanwhile Claudia's passion for writing is stronger than ever, but her confidence is drowning in a sea of rejection. Her boyfriend Eli is supposed to be a life preserver; instead he feels like just another wave pulling her under. Last but not least, Sophie decides to swim against the current: she quits her advertising job in pursuit of a more meaningful vocation. Six weeks later, all she has to show for her idealism is a growing stack of unpaid bills.

As their relationships go sour, their careers sputter, and a few too many ethical dilemmas arise, the girls reunite in Paris, desperate for a dose of the one thing they can always count on: each other. But after so much time apart, will that really cure what ails them? Or will their friendship fall apart like everything else in their lives?

Originally written as a web series, Twenty-Somewhere is complete at 40 episodes. Think Sex and the City meets Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Veröffentlicht am 18.07.2011 15:53:48 GMT+02:00
Lee Emerick meint:
20 Years After The Zombie Apocalypse
Harriette Madyson is the last woman alive. Twenty years ago her world came to an end when a zombie plague engulfed the population of Earth. At the tender age of seven she found herself in a nightmarish situation where the dead literally returned to life. Left with little to use and nowhere to hide Harri now finds herself stalked across the frozen desolate landscape of North America pursued by the former love of her life. All that she has to keep her going is the hope that she can make it home to die in peace.

Survival After The Zombie Apocalypse
Konnor Roland picks up from where Harriett Madyson left off in the next installment of the Zombie Apocalypse series.
In the last bastion of the old world, Konnor finds humanity's future threatened again, as the machinery of the past they have grown reliant on breaks down.
With little choice, Konnor must enter an old military underground bunker full of danger and death to repair a water purifier before mass panic ensues above ground, bringing an end to the last survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Both of the above books are available together as The Zombie Apocalypse

Extinction Theory
Sydney Trent, a mass extinction theorist unfortunately finds one of his darkest theories becoming reality as humanity faces it own possible extinction. In a race against time Sydney must face and fight his own demons as the dead literally take to their feet. A spin on the popular zombie genre this book goes against the grain by exploring what else could create and drive a zombie as well as a nightmare zombie outbreak!

Super Nova
Set over 100 years in the future, Commander Jack Emerick finds him self in a difficult situation. His team have been tasked with securing a disabled military facility in a far flung uninhabited area of space. However when they get there they find something far more sinister than a mutinous crew or terrorist activity that threatens the future survival of all mankind.

Mechanical Jihad (Super Nova)
Sequel to Super Nova
Jack and Cantrell return to find themselves in troubling times. Yet again the Mechanicals are plotting against humanity only this time their plans come to fruition. This latest tale in the Super Nova series finds humanity on the brink of extinction as they fight for their very right to survive. Live and let live is something that the Mechanicals do not understand.

Three Lee Emerick books in one volume
Contains Extinction Theory, Super Nova and Mechanical Jihad

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 19.07.2011 12:18:15 GMT+02:00
Gary Bills meint:
My new ebook fantasy novel! - "Kemba and the Lost City of Demons!" Well, you asked for shameless plugs.

Veröffentlicht am 03.08.2011 04:19:59 GMT+02:00
Wist meint:
I'm a newly published indie author, and would be more than happy to swap reviews as my interest covers most, if not all, sub-genres of fantasy. My book review blog is Fantasy Cookie on Blogger.

Dragon Aster: Book I (Dragon Aster Trilogy)

Sybl has endured the first years of being a teenager both unloved and forgotten. When an Awl takes her from Earth to the realm of Aster, she will discover a place where fantasy is the reality. A world of dragons. But that will not be all that she finds.

Still distraught from having lost his best friend, Cirrus has tried to move on with his life. His world is falling apart, and it is a fight the High Guard cannot win. All that remains is a Prophecy from the ghostly memories of those he loved. A Prophecy that a Fay would return to Aster, restoring the balance of life and death. For without her, his kind will side with the forces of war. An onslaught of destruction would follow, and he is a dragon tired of death.

When he finds Sybl, he takes it on himself to become her protector. Within her memories, she holds one from the friend he lost. She may be the last hope that the Prophecy has yet to come about. But he will have to outfly the shadows from his past first, for the demon who is after them does not fear a death it can weave.

Wake to a world tangled in the Threads of Fate.

Dream back the memories that can save it.

Veröffentlicht am 05.08.2011 00:22:04 GMT+02:00
My book is called School of the Ages: The Ghost in the Crystal. It is about a magic school in New York City. This story is full of wonder, romance, and tragic love. It is not like Harry Potter in writing style or in themes. You will get a really strong feeling for places in New York. There are also scenes set in ancient Egypt. The book is very multicultural and reflects magical traditions from around the world.
I will be publishing the next book in this series later this month.

Mein Buch wird School des Alters genannt: Der Geist im Kristall. Er ist über eine magische Schule in New York City. Diese Geschichte ist vom Wunder, vom Romance und von der tragischen Liebe voll. Sie ist nicht wie Harry Potter in der Schreibweise oder in den Themen. Sie erhalten ein wirklich starkes Gefühl für Plätze in New York. Es gibt auch die Szenen, die in altes Ägypten eingestellt werden. Das Buch ist sehr multikulturell und reflektiert magische Traditionen aus der ganzen Welt. Ich werde das folgende Buch in dieser Reihe im Laufe dieses Monats veröffentlichen.

School of the Ages: The Ghost in the Crystal

Veröffentlicht am 27.10.2011 00:41:34 GMT+02:00
The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Rise Of Va'kaar
5-Star Review :- This was a great, fun read!... If you want to read a book with excellent visuals, twists and turns, and well drawn battle sequences try Jenson Quest! You won't be sorry!

Jenson Quest lives with his Aunt and helps her out by working in her nursing home, where his grandfather is one of the residents. For years Jenson has heard his granddad's seemingly ridiculous tales of how he and Jenson's father fought alongside a friendly alien race and other humans in the defence of the many human 'Realms'. Now, however, it seems that his granddad's ridiculous tales are, in fact, true.

Accepting the choice to step forward in place of his missing father and aging grandfather, and join the ranks of the Great Drak, Jenson joins the Keepers and the batch of new recruits and sets off across the galaxy to stop the Zyll Swarm and their latest Vuron weapon, which is threatening to destroy the Keepers and leave the human realms exposed to a danger that could begin the annihilation of the entire human race.

But while the Keepers, assisted by the Great Drak and the humans of the Fourth Realm hunt down the Zyll Swarm and its new weapon, one Zyll has designs on gathering the whole of the might of the Zyll together and crushing the Keepers and the human realms once and for all using a new method of tracking that will enable the Zyll to find and destroy their target planets far faster than before.

To accomplish his mission, stay alive, and perhaps discover what truly happened to his father, Jenson will have to find friends and allies that he never expected to find, and lead the warriors of the Great Drak into a battle that could end in the destruction of them all.

With action and adventure from start to finish, Jenson Quest opens a new dawn in Sci-fi, with new characters to follow in this and future adventures.

Here is a brief excerpt...

"Realm Twenty-Six will be the pilot for Realm Nine." Hegaran said, as a clearly delighted Mussa stepped towards Jenson with his arms wide. Jenson smiled at how fate had delivered Mussa to him and the two met with a bear-hug and a triumphant yell from Mussa.
"It will be a great honour to serve with young Quest!" Mussa called.
"It will be an honour to serve with you." Jenson said evenly, "But... should you not be our pilot?" he asked.
"Ha haaaaaa!" Mussa threw back his head theatrically, "Young Quest... I am the best Weapons Officer in the Great Drak! Would you really have me fly the plane?"
"In that case, I guess I'll do the flying. Let's just hope I'm good enough."
"I have no worries on that score young Quest." Mussa hammered Jenson's back and then linked arms with him and led him off into the hangar as Hegaran continued to pair the last of the recruits.

All around the hangar, recruits and their warrior partners were climbing into cockpits and chatting animatedly about a variety of things; all that is except Cantor, who's partner was briefing him at length about what he expected from his new weapons officer. Mussa and Jenson wound their way through the warriors and planes until Mussa came to a stop and leaned against a plane. Jenson regarded the scraped, flash-burned fuselage with a concerned eye but Mussa laughed.

"Don't worry so, young Quest. Drak Seventeen is an excellent plane. I have been through much with your predecessor and this particular plane."
"That's right. You were my father's partner as well... Was this the plane my dad ejected from... in the storm?"
"You know of what happened then?" Mussa sighed, "I was the envy of the Drak Warriors... it was a sad day for me when your father's pod disappeared... I did all I could to find him.
"I heard about you and Yanna's mother going to search for him."
"Yes... another sad day... Proof indeed that a weapons officer should stick to what they know best... Yanna's mother, Silahna, was almost as good as me in the weapons seat, but neither of us were great pilots. The meteors caught us unprepared. The plane was damaged and she was injured. By the time we got back to the Beeakh, it was too late to save her."
"Later... we should talk about what happened." Said Jenson, "Not now... we have to... fly."
"I expect I shall be the envy of the Great Drak once again, with another Quest as my pilot."
"Yeah... I hope so." Jenson laughed nervously and climbed the ladder to the cockpit.

Although looking a little over-used, Jenson recognised every control and screen in the cockpit from the simulator and the knowledge-feed he had received on the Aggita. Mussa climbed up the other side of the plane and just minutes later they were going through the business of the pre-flight checks and systems checks they would need for the coming training mission.

"All crews. Helmets on, cockpits closed." Hegaran's voice reverberated around the hangar.
"You ready for this?" Jenson called over his shoulder.
"Close us up." Mussa replied, and Jenson donned his jet-black helmet and pressed the switch to close the cockpit.

The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Rise Of Va'kaar
The second part of the adventure, The Realms Of Jurrii will be available on Kindle soon.

Veröffentlicht am 27.10.2011 16:23:30 GMT+02:00
Kevin George meint:
Please check out my new book, Drinking Life, Drinking Life (Keeper of the Water Book 1) (English Edition)

Nia Ammo only wants to win the field hockey state championship. But it's not the other teams she has to worry about stopping her - it's the two soldiers in ancient battle armor who attack during the game! Nia has always been a little quicker, a little stronger, a little more agile than anyone else. She quickly learns that hand-to-hand combat is another skill she possesses...

The attack makes headlines and causes her parents to uproot the family business and move cross country during her senior year. It's not an easy adjustment and it's not long before she finds herself in the middle of another physical altercation, this time with the entire boy's lacrosse team. But a mysterious stranger named John Leon shows up to help and starts Nia's life on an uncontrollable spiral she never imagined...

On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she begins to dream about being another person in another life. The dreams grow increasingly frequent - and increasingly clear - and she begins to question everything about her life, from who she really is, to who she really was, to whether her parents are who they claim to be...

Nia unexpectedly finds herself falling for John but has fierce competition for his affection. Cassie is her neighbor and the daughter of her parents' business partner. She's selfish and ruthless and shallow and John seems like he can't stand her. But he also can't say no to her...

John knows something about Nia's past and the dreams she's been having but getting the information from him might turn deadly...

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Veröffentlicht am 28.10.2011 15:06:24 GMT+02:00
Aharony Yoav meint:
Why not try some poetry from Israel?
'Ace in the deck'
There are people who follow fashion
Staying a step back from the best
There are people who follow their passion
Dictating to others
Their own personal taste
We are all one of the two
Either a shepherd or a part of the pack
So what will you do?
Will you be the ace in the deck?
The Ace in the deck (Poems)

Veröffentlicht am 31.10.2011 19:54:47 GMT+01:00
Roger Weston meint:
The Golden Catch

Customer review:
"This is one of the best books I have read all year, and I couldn't put it had me gripped from page one and the ending is truly exciting."

#23 in UK > Books > Fiction > Lad Lit

Veröffentlicht am 08.11.2011 00:23:31 GMT+01:00
T. Bosse meint:
He was in the liar waiting to attack. While her boyfriend was away, he subtily appeared as seemingly out of nowhere. She gasped as he spoke unexpectingly in a soft easy voice...

This was merely the beginning of his serial assults on unexpecting victims. When would his sage end? Would his victims actually become his lovers? A fast moving easy-to-read account of the greatest mystery in the history of mankind.

The Unveiling of the Trinity

Veröffentlicht am 28.11.2011 01:53:51 GMT+01:00
L. Hawkins meint:
I see that you are looking for an English young adult book to read. Perhaps these would interest you:

Growing up is hard, Not impossible
Taming The Golden Boys of Central High

Have you ever had a crush on a girl who's about to become your younger sister?
My Mom Your Dad: Happily Ever After

What happens when the person you fall in love with is the person you are seeking to destroy?
Rex Revenge: Hood Love 2

Veröffentlicht am 28.11.2011 16:57:27 GMT+01:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 28.11.2011 16:58:02 GMT+01:00
Got a thing for female demons, witches, magic, and flesh-eating succubi? Check out my YA urban fantasy story Asha for a full dose of paranormal high school mayhem!


Veröffentlicht am 13.12.2011 12:25:24 GMT+01:00
M. Hansmann meint:
I'm not the author, but I can highly recommend the "Demon Triology" by Sarah Reese Brennan.

Veröffentlicht am 15.12.2011 18:28:16 GMT+01:00
John McKenzie meint:
City Whitelight and Bugtown would be the best of my ten on kindle. I've been writing for forty years and always tried to make my style simple. You don't need a dictionary to read my books, but I think they flow well. There's ten of them on kindle now, all under a euro. You can download a kindle for PC for free. Hi! I've just retired from being a school librarian and I've put ten books up on Kindle this year, two of which were previously published in paperback and hardback. They all cost under a euro, and they are very varied. One political thriller/crime, two for 10 to 14 year olds, three semi-autobiographical, two very concerned with Buddhism, one a travel book, one of the kids books is about Tibet, more or less. Lots there!! Check them out through my author page!

Veröffentlicht am 20.12.2011 19:33:15 GMT+01:00
J J Andrews meint:
Check out 'A Killing Mind' by Jon McAndrews!

A fast-paced thriller including spies, romance, and a plot to take over the world by mind control! 10% to Charity.

AmazonUK review: "Stunning ★★★★★"; "A Triumph ★★★★★ " AmazonUS review: "Ian Fleming would be proud! ★★★★"

A Killing Mind

Veröffentlicht am 22.12.2011 23:35:36 GMT+01:00
Breathless (The Cordelia Chronicles) - 99 cents
When tall, dark, and mysterious Chaseyn Lear arrives in the small town of Evergreen, Colorado, high school senior Lia Jameson's life is turned upside-down. An unexpected twist of fate unravels a long-time family curse that puts Lia in the center of a supernatural drama and threatens her life.

Wanderlust (The Cordelia Chronicles) - $2.99
Lia Jameson is excited to embark on the journey of a lifetime with her best friend, Addie, and the jock who's out to make her his own, Eli. There's just one catch. Alexei is no longer the only vampire eager to get his fangs on her. With Chaseyn out of the picture, Lia must try to keep Addie in the dark about her dangerous secret, while a bevy of new undead allies make every effort to help Lia journey across the European continent unscathed. Will she escape the evil clutches of Alexei? Will she return to Chaseyn? All of these answers and more can be found in the pages of Wanderlust.

Veröffentlicht am 23.12.2011 22:58:05 GMT+01:00
Laura Lond meint:
May I suggest my humorous YA fantasy series featuring a villain as the protagonist:

Book 1, My Sparkling Misfortune (also available as an audiobook): "Yes, I am a villain. What? You wanted a noble hero?... Well, tough. You've got the wrong book then."

Book 2, My Royal Pain Quest: How far would a villain go to help a friend? Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle thinks doing three heroic deeds is a bit too far. Not only its plain detestable, it can ruin his reputation and get him in trouble with the Villains League. On the other hand, its not like hes got friends to spare. And losing the Leagues membership isnt the end of the world, one can always work independently.

Veröffentlicht am 24.12.2011 06:13:41 GMT+01:00
A couple of reviews from the American Amazon for A Larger Universe

5.0 out of 5 stars Hacking a Dystopia, December 20, 2011
D. Tapp (Phoenix, AZ USA) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Larger Universe (Kindle Edition)
I'll add my two cents to what some of the other viewers have already said.

This is an eerily engaging story that will absolutely pull you in if you're the right kind of reader. By that, I mean you need to be able to appreciate a greater insight into the protagonist's special talents than a lot of standard sci-fi fare is willing to provide. The author doesn't deal any more in handwavium than he absolutely has to; much of the story is spent recounting recognizable software development and debugging methodologies to a somewhat gritty degree. If you're into that kind of thing (as I am, as a former programmer), you are really going to like the way some of the plot advancements and complications are handled.

Beyond that one aspect, there's something about this story that just hits the sweet spot. A couple of other reviewers have made reference to early Heinlein. Add a very young hero who has both Tom Swift and John Carter Of Mars somewhere in his family tree, and you're starting to get the idea.

The world-building is simple, believable, and sufficient to the story, as is the author's narrative style. Nothing about the plot is telegraphed or predictable. (Well, a couple of things do happen to the hero that the engaged reader will have suspected were only a matter of time. You'll recognize them when you get to them.)

There are a few minor editing errors sprinkled throughout, but nothing that's going to jolt you out of immersion.

This author is a perfect example of why I'm such a fan of browsing the self-publishers in Amazon's Kindle shop. Yes, it's a bit of a hit-or-miss effort to find the good stuff, but then you happen across a gem like this and you realize the hunt was worthwhile.

This unpretentious, terrific little book is the most enjoyable escapist science fiction I've read in the past couple of years. And yes, I too am now waiting for a sequel. In fact, I'm drumming my fingers.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A really fun ride., December 13, 2011
Kodai Okuda ""Write me a creature that th... (Here, there, and everywhere...) - See all my reviews
This review is from: A Larger Universe (Kindle Edition)
James L. Gillaspy's "A Larger Universe" is an excellent young adult SF adventure novel. I say young adult because the story reminds me of Heinlein's YA books. Only this book succeeds where many others have failed. It follows the adventures of a young boy Tommy who matures in the care of some not so normal foster parents after he is kidnapped. I won't spoil any more of the story than that because half the fun is reading how Tommy's character becomes a young man and blossoms into far more than even he imagined. Mr. Gillaspy's knowledge of computer science is considerable and it comes through in his writing, which for a computer enthusiast such as myself is a bonus (thus the 5 stars).

I highly recommend this work to anyone interested in just sitting back and enjoying a good old fashioned SF novel that is a joy to read.
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