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Reader meint:
I'm very pleased to see that I've sold some of my time travel, "A Train Through Time" A Train Through Time (Train Through Time Series Book 1) (English Edition) to folks in Denmark. But, and long before I thought I might actually sell a book in Denmark, I put Danish characters in one of my books, “Caribbean Dreams of Love,” Caribbean Dreams of Love (English Edition) Bjorn and Johanna, who travel on a cruise ship on the Caribbean. Bjorn enjoys dazzling his fellow diners with legends of the pirates who roamed the seas. Just for your info!

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Irma Fritz meint:
"If someone were to say to me that I would become a predatory lender, betray my best friend, fall in love with a thief, and help my bosses bankrupt the company, I would laugh out loud. This is the summer of 2006, and everyone knows you can still make a killing in mortgage lending. My best friend Megan and I moved to Seattle to do just that. While Megan is already dreaming of hot cars and designer clothes, my ambitions are less awesome. My earnings will go toward the mortgage my parents took out on our farm when they sent me to college."

Confessions of a Predatory Lender is a hilarious novel set in the world of Seattle banking. Christy tells the story of how she and her BFF Megan luck into a houseboat and are accepted into loan officer training at a big bank. Come along for the ride, as the two start their perilous climb up the corporate ladder.

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Aldrians ADVENTURES (E-Book)

Aldrians Adventures Part I + II (Paperback)

Go with Aldrian on a thrilling journey! Smell mossy forests, fresh juicy meadows and the smoke, which spreads itself again and again in the region. Hear the clank of blades, the bursting of shields, the hissing of arrows and the screaming on the battlefield. Get to know the noble and wise Elbs. Enter the halls of the Dwarves. Enter the fantastic underground empire of the magic-talented Gimplings. Get to know the folk of the gigantic Ogers. Also the lizard-like Cwards will you encounter. Don't confront with them, since they are cowardly, perfidious and malicious. When you see the luminous eyes of the Garlags, when you hear the hissing of the wing flapping of their dragons and the wild screaming of her women, then run for your life! But if you want to reach fame and honor, then help Aldrian with his difficult tasks. Discover how a boy, which only just became a man, is drifted from adventure to adventure and often doesn't know how he should master all this.

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Daughter of the Oceans
Daughter of the Oceans. It is based in Grand Marais, Minnesota. Which is right on Lake Superior. And the book is about Lake Superior. Well more about what is in it.

Stories about mermaids go way back as far as anyone can remember.
Mermaids are only seldom thought of as having tails and fins. They walk around on two legs and try to get humans to come into the water with them, never to return.
The Sons of Thor are the good guys who protect the water.

In this book a girl, Cassandra, moves to town with her father. They move around so no one will take her away from her father, (he is a human bad guy, who beats her.)
She meets Adaro, a Merman, in the woods. He feels that she needs help so he convinces his wife that they should adopt her.
The Sons of Thor have something to say about that. One, who is in love with one of the Mermaids is all for it but the others don't think it is a good idea. Especially Eric, who is in love with Cassandra is against it but he can't admit to the authorities who they Merpeople really are without admitting who he really is.
He has to go to high school, worry about Merpeople attacks, get Cassandra to love him back and keep her safe from her father who is still at large.
The story is told in first person. Both for Cassandra's point of view as well as Eric's.

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Wrencherd meint:
Here is a link to my novel, "Into sunlight": http://www.amazon.com/Into-sunlight-ebook/dp/B00BAZ88D0

It is for an older audience . . . still sexy though! Mystery, thriller, and a little social commentary, what more do you want?

Veröffentlicht am 28.04.2013 19:24:49 GMT+02:00
Joyce DeBacco meint:
Serendipity House. Named Best Indie Romance of 2011 by Lynn of Red Adept Reviews.

A runaway bride and the private investigator hired to locate her get more than they bargained for at a rundown country inn filled with senior citizens.

Serendipity House

Bobby of Bookwenches says, "Joyce DeBacco's novel Serendipity House is a story about love, family, and perseverance set in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. It features a heroine who is trying to get out from under the thumb of an overbearing mother, a hero who has too many secrets, the young couple who help run the inn, a handful of lovable geriatrics, and a shadowy antagonist who lurks in the background. If you enjoy a family-oriented style of romance that proceeds at a leisurely pace and that is populated with characters who seem like people you might know, then Serendipity House should probably be on your reading list."

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 29.04.2013 07:41:15 GMT+02:00
Mark Kennely meint:
I know that the Germans love a novel based on a true story. So I recommend this book hoping that you would like it. 'The Black Kid Of Windsor Castle' by DeRege Lemma is an amazing book about a young prince who was befriended by Queen Victoria who supervised his upbringing closely. A unique 19th century untold story, it's well written keeping the facts and the sequence of the reality in his novel.

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Alfred Wallon meint:
This is a link to my historical western series RIO CONCHO. Available also on amazon.com and amazon UK and amazon Canada. It´s the first time ever that a complete German western series is published in English language worldwide in ebook.

Showdown in Abilene (A Rio Concho Western) (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 30.04.2013 15:27:35 GMT+02:00
Joyce DeBacco meint:
Tomorrow Blossoms

When Kate's husband, Ward, locates the son she put up for adoption as an unwed teen, she's understandably wary. What if he looks like his father instead of Ward?

The boy, now a man, is also wary. Who are these people who suddenly want him to be a part of their lives? Where were they when he was growing up, when he needed to feel a part of something bigger? After meeting each other, everyone's fears dissipate. And though it isn't the joyous occasion Ward envisioned, it isn't the disaster Kate feared either.

Then Ward passes away unexpectedly. Although devastated, Kate is thankful he never knew the truth. Facing the rest of her life alone, she returns to work in the company he founded. She's still coming to grips with life as a single when she learns her son was adopted into the family of Jesse, the boy who turned her away as a pregnant teen. Now, she must deal with her feelings of anger and betrayal while also keeping her son and daughters from learning the truth.

Tomorrow Blossoms

"I found "Tomorrows Blossoms" an excellent family read ... I would recommend this novel to all as a wonderful read." A 5 star Amazon.com review.

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Sarah Tork meint:
Young Annabelle (Part 1)

Young Annabelle For FREE, MAY 6TH

Annabelle Simms has always been the 'big girl' in her family. The summer before her senior year of high school, her overly-enthusiastic mother makes it her mission to get Annabelle to lose weight. Even if it means driving her to the edge of sanity with the strict diet regimen. Just when it seems like there will be no summer fun a new guy struts into Annabelle’s life and threatens to rock her summer of diet horrors.

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Irma Fritz meint:
Irretrievably Broken - For Germans who want to see our side of the world through literature, this novel will take you to the bush country of Canada, on a cross-country road trip through the U.S., and even to Germany where startling confessions and a discovery in the ruins of a family home heal old wounds.
I am totally gratified to have receivede a new 5 star review just yesterday on amazon.com:
5.0 out of 5 stars Irma Fritz - A Master of Lyrical Prose, May 5, 2013
By Cee Gee
Fritz masterfully weaves an intricate tale of family with her endless cast of characters. As Nora embarks on a cross-country road trip with her mother and niece, the reader is treated to several stories within the main story, stories that leave the reader feeling as though they are floating down a meandering river of stunning lyrical prose. "She reflected on how harsh life was without this ecstasy of skin on skin" is just a taste of how the author has mastered the use of the simple word. This story touched my heart - well worth the read.

Confessions of a Predatory Lender - A small-town girl moves to the big city of Seattle. How she manages to betray her best friend, fall for a thief & help her bosses bust up the bank.
"The book is hilarious, uncomfortable, sad, and always fully engaging. 30 years from now this book will still be a wonderful read." - Jordan Hedberg

Euro 2.68 on Kindle & also in paperback

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Mark Kennely meint:
For those who like a novel based on a true story, 'The Black kid of Windsor Castle' is a wonderful historical fiction about a black prince. He was the son of King Theodore II whose father was killed by the British army in 1868. Then he was brought up by the government in London and befriended by Queen Victoria. Read this fascinating story. The Black Kid of Windsor Castle

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Set before WWII along American coastline involving espionage, crimes from petty to bank fraud and beyond leading to the Hindenburg disaster Atlantic City Nazi and humor involving publishing industry including Hollywood film making Slush Pile Inspector

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Irma Fritz meint:
Kostenlos diese Woche! Schnell zugreifen!
Was geschah eigentlich mit Klara Werner und den Männern in ihrem Leben in den letzten Tagen des zweiten Weltkriegs?

Piano Lessons (The Angel of Death)

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Roger Weston meint:
1945-A shipwreck of epic proportions leaves a young boy in possession of one of the darkest secrets of the Third Reich.

2012-A billionaire, obsessed with revenge, prepares at a long-lost science facility near Cape Horn for a diabolical and unimaginable event that will shock the world.

Long Beach, California-The famous cruise ship, the Queen Mary, prepares for her final voyage-but nothing is as it seems.

At the ship's farewell gathering, maritime historian Jake Sands spots a face from his past, and it could only mean one thing-a catastrophe at sea.

Fatal Return
A thrilling adventure with amazing ties to history.
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