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Happy 2013 everyone. Make it a safe, productive, and peaceful year.

Operation Neurosurgeon: You never know ... who's in the OR Indie Book of the Day Verdict for this romantic suspense:
"Author Barbara Ebel creatively uses medical facts by deeply embedding them into the storyline and at the same time keeping the readers hooked. Operation Neurosurgeon stars a character whose single mistake can cost him a career but everything is not over yet, or is it? Barbara Ebel has managed to keep the suspense & mystery alive, till the very end."

Outcome, a Novel: There's more than a hurricane coming ...: A unique work of fiction by a master storyteller, "Outcome" is a deftly written novel that will engage the reader's total attention from beginning to end, making it highly recommended." The Midwest Book Review. ~ 84,000 word novel.

Veröffentlicht am 10.01.2013 00:15:14 GMT+01:00
Irma Fritz meint:
Hallo Englische Leser! Bin in Deutschland aufgewachsen und nach Kalifornien gezogen wo ich Literatur bei California State University studierte. Jetzt wohne ich u. mein Mann in Seattle,WA. War jemand von euch schonmal hier? Ich habe gerade mit meinem Englisch Lehrer von Schw. Gmuend Kontakt bekommen und habe mich bei ihm bedankt fuer das was er mir gelehrt hat! Also, jetzt habe ich 2 Romane und welche Kurzgeschichten hier auf Amazon und beschreibe die auf Englisch.

Confessions of a Predatory Lender -- If someone were to say to me that I would become a predatory lender, betray my best friend, fall in love with a thief, and help my bosses bankrupt the company, I would laugh out loud.
Kindle 2,68; Taschenbuch 10,65

Irretrievably Broken -- Startling confessions and a discovery in the ruins of a family home heal old wounds
Kindle 2,68; Taschenbuch 12,58

Dear Sugar (The Angel of Death) -- A love triangle that will break your heart!
Kindle Kurzgeschichte 0,89

Cigarette Break (The Angel of Death) -- Last seen eating pizza with their children. Where did you go, C.J. and Crystal?
(Die Inspiration fuer diese Kurzgeschichte kam von einem Artikel in einer Deutschen Zeitung)
Kindle Kurzgeschichte 0,89

Amazing Grace (The Angel of Death) -- How a woman named Grace, her daughter Lydia, and a suicidal bum wreak havoc on one congregation's hopes of a miracle. Or do they?

Veröffentlicht am 11.01.2013 00:13:50 GMT+01:00
BookWeek meint:
It's not only a doctor's medical school education, residency training, and launching into practice that's so demanding, but what may be creeping into the professional's personal life along the way.
This is a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become a doctor and what can happen once you get there.
Is it worth it?

A Physician's Plight: A Memoir - Professional Success ... Personal Disaster

“A Physician’s Plight” is an intriguing read that shouldn’t be missed for readers of personal memoirs.
Mary Cowper, Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review

"This book pulls no punches – nothing is sacred, nothing is left out! Anesthesiologist Katherine Klein, MD, gives us “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of her family-of-origin, her marital suffering, and her divorce, which landed her in Family Court and deprived her of participation in much of the lives of her young children."
Josh Grossman, MD, FACP, Col. (ret.), U.S. Army Medical Corps

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Tony meint:
Strength of a Giant Free to download from Friday 11 Jan until Tue 15 January 2013.

Heaven is at war, only the Seven Archangels stand between victory and defeat, for one of the Seven, Uriel, danger is closer than he knows!

Strength of a Giant is a short science fiction story about the enigmatic Son of God Emanuel and the Archangel Raphael. Will they be able to fight the evil plot of Jovian, who is an amalgamation of fallen angels, or has time run out? The final battle takes place within the Milky Way and our solar system will never be the same again...


In the never ending war of good and evil, often the fighting is here on this earth or in an earthly realm of some type. In The Strength of a Giant, a novella by Tony Passarelli, he chooses to set his final battle in the stars and heavens amongst the planets and galaxies that surround us. Giving us a complex and disingenuous character with great intelligence in the form of Emanuel, who chooses to involve himself in the battle along with one of the most fearsome of the angels, the Arch Angel Raphael.

The evil comes in the form of a character known as Jovian, the amalgamation of fallen Angels, carrying both their strengths and weakness, along with any good or bad features. Utilizing these characteristics he has strength and agility that could very well bring about death and destruction. Will Emanuel and Raph as he is known, be able to stop him in time and save the solar system and our way of life forever?

Not only must Raph fight this battle he must also protect Emanuel from Jovian and possibly even from his own intricate ways of dealing with problems as he sees them. As this strangely intense battle reaches epic proportions, who will be the victor?

Passarelli has given us an interesting look at the heavens and its characters. He does a great job of creating a certain amount of flaws that make them easier to relate to and given the amount of danger involved he delivers a bit of human element. Yet there is no doubt that the battle is between titans of amazing abilities and proportions. The battle is well written the story quite bold.

If you are looking for an interesting and slightly off kilter look at the characters we know from religious and spiritual texts, you will find this an interesting twist.

-Leslie Ann Wright, author of Splintered: Sierra's Legacy

Veröffentlicht am 12.01.2013 18:51:30 GMT+01:00
What happens if an American tourist gets involved in a coup d'état in Northern Europe?

Queen of Estonia (Expats)

You don't usually meet interesting people at an airport. And even if you do, they're unlikely to invite you to join them in first class. But that's what happens to Claire, the country girl from Idaho. Her new friend from the airport even asks her to come see him in his native Estonia, a small European country that Claire has never heard of. Together with her witty grandfather, she gets to spend an unforgettable holiday far away from home. Too bad the Estonian military decides to overthrow the government...

Veröffentlicht am 12.01.2013 20:30:44 GMT+01:00
Roger Weston meint:
Fatal Return
I simply love all of Weston's books and this one did not fail to deliver. He never uses "fluff" to fill in pages. Excellent read.

Veröffentlicht am 14.01.2013 19:43:08 GMT+01:00
Tony meint:
Nash of the Thieves' Guild Short fantasy story.

The City of Port Gardale is under the rule of the God King. The Thieves' Guild is a secret organization that operates in the shadows and back alleyways of the Port City. Life can be hard for a thief, especially hard for a boy thief...

Meet Nash of the Thieves' Guild.

He knows the meaning of hard because he is desperate. Desperate for a virgin and desperate to stay alive! Will the young thief spill his oats or will his deadly rival Jadrien spill his beans?

Fun and frolics, thrills 'n spills. It's time for high adventure where life is sweet and danger is only one footstep away!


Overall Feedback: A quick read that explodes in front of you as your mind races through the pages. You will not be disappointed.

Point of View: You are Nash and your adventure has just begun.

Voice: To involved in the story to place an opinion.

Character Development: Spot on and moving. Each character is really crafted in a short time... amazing.

Plot: Straightforward and to the point.

Dialogue: Sets the mood and develops the believability of the setting.

Pacing: Will rip your eyes from their sockets and cause your brain to bleed.

Setting: Felt familiar from other stories I have read but that is an expectation in most short stories.

Continuity: I feel that there is more to this than the 5000 words given but maybe the author is planning more of this story in the future and is using this as a teaser into a series.

-Albert Robbins III

Veröffentlicht am 15.01.2013 18:00:35 GMT+01:00
As a new Amazon author, I'm so glad to have discovered this forum! I'm also extremely proud to announce the debut release of In The Spirit Of Love, a paranormal romance with an intriguing murder mystery twist. Although just released November 28, 2012, the 5 star ratings, reviews and comments I've been getting at venues like Amazon, B

Veröffentlicht am 16.01.2013 11:05:06 GMT+01:00
PinkLady78 meint:
Hi from Munich! I'm really excited that the 'Munich Manhattan' series which I co-authored is now also available in English. Book 1 is called 'Munich Manhattan - Secrets' and Book 2 will be published in English on Feb 5. Book 3 and 4 are in the making. If your interested... here's the link and the blurb.

Living an enchanted life in Manhattan, Kristin has everything her girlfriends can only dream of − a wonderful husband, a lovely daughter, a fantastic job, and lots of money.
Until one day, her entire world comes tumbling down around her in the blink of an eye when she catches her husband in the arms of another woman.
In her despair, she flies across the Atlantic to her girlfriends Susanna and Sophie who both live in Munich. But instead of getting the support she seeks so badly, she finds herself in the midst of a web of secrets.
It doesn’t take Kristin long to discover that there is more to her husband’s indiscretion than meets the eye. Things are not at all what they seem.

Sophie desperately wishes that this affair had never happened. Her catering service is doing well, now that she started over in Munich. She and her children are in a happy patchwork relationship with her partner Gavin.
But Peter’s affair means that Charlotte is back in her life − and with that, the nightmare she left behind all those years ago has come back to haunt her.

As Kristin’s friend and sister-in-law, Susanna is forced to choose a side. Stuck and bored in her life as a stay-at-home mom, she foolishly thinks that a secret she is hiding will rekindle the romance she longs for so much. It could cost her everything.

As the secrets between Munich and Manhattan unfold, the friendship that has held these three women together is put to the ultimate test.

We all have our secrets…
Secrets that we never share with anyone because we’ll do anything to keep them from being revealed.

Veröffentlicht am 16.01.2013 14:26:46 GMT+01:00
BAW. W. Yorks meint:
Hi, I'm a UK author with two books currently on Kindle. Shifting Shadows and the Pram. I would love feedback from fellow authors. Thanks.

Veröffentlicht am 17.01.2013 09:11:47 GMT+01:00
Hi all,
I don't know if it's ok to write here, but... just tell me to get lost and I will.
I am a translator for the language pair English-German; mother tongue German.
I would like to ask if anyone of you would be interested to give me a chance to translate their book into German or English? And yes, I do speak English very well.
I simply haven't had a chance to translate fiction for real and not just for my friends and family.
If that sounds interesting, feel free to mail me at uebersetzungsservice.heger (at)
Thanks and good luck with your books

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THE GATEWAY (An Epic Fantasy Novella) (Harbinger of Doom series) (English Edition)
The Gateway is a novella length version (approximately 25,000 words) of the first volume of the epic Harbinger of Doom series. The full length version of the first volume is entitled Gateway to Nifleheim (approximate length 66,000 words).

Praise for The Gateway by Glenn G. Thater

"Glenn Thater's, The Gateway, is a masterfully crafted epic fantasy about the ages old struggle between good and evil." ---- Carol Marrs Phipps, author of Elf Killers

" good as any fantasy tale you will read, it honors the tradition, and adds to our lore a story so good, so well told, I hope it will be remembered forever." ----- Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands.

...The author paints each scene and battle so clearly that I felt I was in the middle of the action." ----- Mike Monahan, author of Barracuda.

"...a must read for all fans of classic sword and sorcery. A blend of howard, moorcock, wagner,with a twist of lovecraft. Well written and hugely entertaining." ---- Jimmyonly (an Amazon reviewer)

In The Gateway, Glenn G. Thater transports us to an age of high adventure where knights battle supernatural horrors, magic is real but hidden, and the line between good and evil is all too thin.

When mad sorcerers open a gateway to the very pits of hell, releasing outre demons of darkest nightmare upon the world, only the intrepid knights of House Eotrus stand in their way. Claradon Eotrus takes up the mantle of his noble house to avenge his father and hold back the tide of chaos that threatens to engulf the world and destroy mankind. Claradon recruits Angle Theta and Gabriel Garn, mysterious knights of mystical power to stand with him. Theta and Garn take up their swords one last time against the coming darkness -- a darkness from which only one will emerge.

Veröffentlicht am 25.01.2013 16:21:41 GMT+01:00

It's only day 25 in the New Year so don't give up - keep up the will power with your health New Year resolutions. Get some refreshing ideas and motivation from an M.D. about diet, weight, exercise, alcohol, and much more. Understand why it's so important to thwart off medical problems that are avoidable with the proper life style.
Younger Next Decade

Veröffentlicht am 29.01.2013 13:33:56 GMT+01:00
The Dancing Boy

Ex-soldier Tom Gillet returns to Afghanistan search for the young boy who saved his life. Close to achieving his aim Gillet is captured by Al Qaeda, taken to the Tora Bora caves on the Afghan/Pakistan border and under the threat of death forced to appear on video discrediting the coalition. Managing to escape, he begins a one man battle against the trafficking of children into the UK with stunning results.
A fast moving thriller this book unashamedly gives an insight into just one country's guilt. A crime against humanity it exists in most other so called civilised countries and flourishes. It is a story of events from which people turn away as if it never existed.
Labelled a dark story, it serves to throw a light on the evil men do if left unchecked.
Available on Smashwords.

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BookWeek meint:
Here's a recent 5 star customer review for this nonfiction memoir A Physician's Plight: A Memoir - Professional Success ... Personal Disaster:

Too true, too often..., December 27, 2012
By Doug DePew "Military Memoirs" (Missouri, USA) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Physician's Plight: A Memoir - Professional Success ... Personal Disaster (Kindle Edition)

I just finished "A Physician's Plight" last night, and Dr. Klein's story broke my heart. It follows her story from her youth through final personal triumph with twenty years of heartache in between. This book is well-written and moves at a good clip. It does a good job of sharing just enough that we can actually feel it from the inside. As the title suggests, there is an interesting contrast between Dr. Klein's escalating personal struggles and stories from inside the hospital.

Having lived through my wife's own struggles for custody of her son, I empathized with Dr. Klein's story. It's amazing what family court can sometimes conclude. Reality seems to have very little to do with their decisions in many cases.

This was a brave story. I thank Dr. Klein for sharing it and recommend it to anyone who likes a good, personal memoir.

Veröffentlicht am 01.02.2013 17:49:50 GMT+01:00
Irma Fritz meint:
"If someone were to say to me that I would become a predatory lender, betray my best friend, fall in love with a thief, and help my bosses bankrupt the company, I would laugh out loud. This is the summer of 2006, and everyone knows you can still make a killing in mortgage lending. My best friend Megan and I moved to Seattle to do just that. While Megan is already dreaming of hot cars and designer clothes, my ambitions are less awesome. My earnings will go toward the mortgage my parents took out on our farm when they sent me to college."

Confessions of a Predatory Lender is the hilarious novel set in the world of Seattle banking. Christy tells the story of how she and her BFF Megan luck into a houseboat and are accepted into loan officer training at a big bank. Come along for the ride, as the two start their perilous climb up the corporate ladder!

Kindle and paperback

Veröffentlicht am 01.02.2013 18:33:12 GMT+01:00
Irma Fritz meint:
Confessions of a Predatory Lender - Read how Christy manages to betray her best friend, fall in love with a thief & help her bosses bankrupt the company.
"The book is hilarious, uncomfortable, sad, and always fully engaging. 30 years from now this book will still be a wonderful read. " - Jordan Hedberg
Kindle and paperback

Irretrievably Broken - When everything you ever believed turns out to be a lie, where do you find the strength to begin again?
"Of all the books I've read over the years, Irretrievably Broken is one of the few that has made me really stop and think about my life, both past and present." - Martha Cheves
Kindle and paperback

Dear Sugar (The Angel of Death) - An unapologetic love story that will break your heart!
"I failed to see the Angel of Death coming ... When it came, I cried. Spontaneously." - Dennis Fleming

Amazing Grace (The Angel of Death) - Would you recognize a miracle if you saw one?
"Heartfelt, humorous and skillfully told, this is a tale to delight and renew one's faith in the unseen forces of life. Highly recommended. A very good read, indeed." - Judy Dearborn Nill

Cigarette Break (The Angel of Death) - Last seen eating pizza with their children. Where did you go, C.J. and Crystal?
"I must say, Irma Fritz's writing style is very fluid and soft. She tackles social issues that weigh heavily on society every day whether it occurred sixty years ago or just yesterday. She paints excellent scenes with wonderful character development." - Jeff Dawson

Veröffentlicht am 01.02.2013 19:26:26 GMT+01:00
Jim Webster meint:
According to an Amazon top 500 reviewer

Swords for a Dead Lady
I am a keen reader of the fantasy genre and looked forward to reading this book. The story is engaging and there's lots of action, some humour and a little pathos. The characters all worked well for me, especially Benor, Cartographer (and much else!) The story deals with a land which has its own races of people, its own herds of animals and I found it interesting to imagine this other world which is in many ways an equivalent of our medieval world. There's plenty of intrigue here and the story has potential for a sequel.

Jim Webster has an engaging story telling style and a good knowledge of this genre. His writing has a gentle humour which comes naturally from the characters and their dialogue. It's not played for belly-laughs but is very effective. There were some real gems, which I very much enjoyed. 'He spat on the floor and missed' really tickled me! I look forward to more of the same

Dead Man Riding East
In this new adventure in the `Swords' series, we again follow Benor and watch and feel as though we take part in his hectic life. He both pursues and is pursued when he `liberates' a prince's concubine (and keeps her!) and the prince, naturally, doesn't want to let the matter rest. As well as being an excellent fighter, one of his companions on the journey is a master of the haute couture trade and manages to combine these two rather successfully.

Jim Webster has created a credible fantasy world here, populated by its own races, both rivals and allies, and with an intriguing group of wild creatures which you can almost taste when they are described as food species! There is a good deal of action in this book but also some softer, `Ahhh!' moments which I won't describe for fear of spoiling the story. Needless to say, he has once again used his own writing style to give us some wonderfully memorable phrases. I like his style and his gentle humour.

Veröffentlicht am 04.02.2013 16:53:41 GMT+01:00
Reviewers wanted!
I am offering free copies of my book for reviewers.
Corporate Mission Possible - The Manager's Guide To A Successful Corporate Career
Success guide for the frustrated corporate manager or manager-to-be, based on decades of own experiences.
Interested parties, please, send a mail to
Thank you,

Veröffentlicht am 08.02.2013 11:37:46 GMT+01:00
The Dancing Boy

Stress can do bad things to a mind; it can twist the imagination into a distorted view of the truth. Against good advice, it sent ex-soldier Tom Gillet back to Afghanistan to search for the boy who had saved his life from an IED. Trouble is, Al Qaeda knew he was coming. From that day Gillet's life would never be the same.
A gripping story of the darker side of Afghanistan and child trafficking on a world-wide scale.
Also available on Smashwords.

Veröffentlicht am 12.02.2013 18:58:19 GMT+01:00
1923: A Memoir Lies and Testaments 0,89

To say that Harry Smith was born under an unlucky star would be an understatement. Born in England in 1923, Smith chronicles the tragic story of his early life in this first volume of his memoirs. He presents his family’s early history—their misfortunes and their experiences of enduring betrayal, inhumane poverty, infidelity, and abandonment.

1923: A Memoir presents the story of a life lyrically described, capturing a time both before and during World War II when personal survival was dependent upon luck and guile. During this time, failure insured either a trip to the workhouse or burial in a common grave. Brutally honest, Smith’s story plummets to the depths of tragedy and flies up to the summit of mirth and wonder, portraying real people in an uncompromising, unflinching voice.

1923: A Memoir tells of a time and place when life, full of raw emotion, was never so real.

Veröffentlicht am 15.02.2013 10:32:42 GMT+01:00
SWORD OF TULKAR is free for today only (Friday.) It is an anthology of historical fantasy set in the bronze and neolithic ages and contains 2 stories and 10 poems. The lead story is set in the late bronze age and is about a girl seeking vengeance for her tribe, aided by the spirit of an Ancestor, at a time of great cultural upheaval. The places in the story are based on actual archaeological sites and finds in the U.K.
I am also the author of STONE LIRD, a full length novel set in the era of Stonehenge.

Veröffentlicht am 17.02.2013 03:32:17 GMT+01:00
Dragon Fate (War of the Blades)

Dragon Fate, the first novel in J.D. Hallowell's War of the Blades, is a heroic fantasy adventure in the classic tradition of the genre. Delno Okonan is a young former soldier eager to put the swords and strife of war behind him, when a chance encounter leaves him inextricably entwined in a tangled web of dragons, magic, and intrigue, as he struggles to find his place among dragons and men, and stave off a plot by renegade dragon riders that threatens all he now holds dear.

Praise For Dragon Fate:

"Excellent...really well-written and compelling."
~ Geoffrey Kabaservice, author of "Rule and Ruin"

"If you are a fan of Fantasy and dragon-lore, it would be hard to go wrong with Dragon Fate....Action, adventure, and, of course, dragons. You will not be sorry for downloading this."
~ Adam Byrn Tritt, author of "Ezekiel's Wheel"


Dragon Blade (War of the Blades)

Swords forged by dragon magic. Ancient rivalries flaring into all-out war. Dragon Riders caught up in a clash of hidden powers. A world hangs in the balance.

Dragon Blade, the second book in J.D. Hallowell's War of the Blades, is the epic conclusion to the story begun in Dragon Fate.

Delno Okonan, his draconic bond-mate, Geneva, and their allies among the Dragons and Riders are once again caught up in events controlled by unseen forces. They must uncover the real secrets behind the death of a senior Dragon Rider and the sudden rise of the Roracks, ancient enemy of dragons and men, to defeat a threat that could destroy them all and leave the world they know forever altered.
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