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Used books for teens (aged between 10 and 14)

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Ersteintrag: 16.03.2008 13:40:10 GMT+01:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 16.03.2008 13:45:27 GMT+01:00
Elinaz meint:
Dear all,

I recently came back from some volunteer work in a Nepali school, where I met a lot of smart kids. They have a small library of books at school and I was wondering, if there could be a way to stock it up.
Maybe some of you are looking for some more space on your book shelves but are loath to throw books away. I would be happy to collect the books and either send them or bring them to Nepal the next time I will go. Needless to say they should preferably be in English :).

My email address is:
and I shall be happy to give you more information about the intended destination of these books either via email or through this forum (though it might exceed the intended use of this one).

Thanks for considering

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 20.03.2008 12:44:47 GMT+01:00
E. W. meint:
Hi Elinaz,

what a wonderful idea! I wonder whether it is practicable, books being so heavy and all, but I wish you luck with it! I'll look at my bookshelf and see whether I can bear to part with anything. :-)

All good wishes!
E. W.

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 20.03.2008 16:29:18 GMT+01:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 20.03.2008 16:30:13 GMT+01:00
Elinaz meint:
Hi E.W.

Yes, that's true, they are heavy, but we found a way to send it to Nepal collecting everything in the UK and shipping it from there. And fortunately the people involved in this are colleagues of mine whom I meet across Europe on our assignments. The extra suitcase is always with me ;-)

So if you can bring yourself to the supreme act of parting, I'd be grateful and happy to pay the postage to my address. Though I can relate to the "parting pain" very well :-) being very jealous of all I own in print.

Thanks for your support

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 20.03.2008 21:29:43 GMT+01:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 21.03.2008 12:17:56 GMT+01:00
E. W. meint:
Hi Eliaz,

thank you for your sympathy, I am a little embarrassed about being so partial to my books, particularly children's books... What would they be most interested in? I have this, probably completely romantic, image of small Nepalis who are unspoilt by TV and video games and would have enough naiveté and a long enough attention span for things like "Gulliver's Travels", "Alice in Wonderland" , fairy tales and so on - but that's probably a completely mislead notion. Can you give examples of books that they particularly liked while you were there?
I know that Nepal has been influenced by British culture, but what would they think of English classics like Edith Nesbit and Frances Hodgson Burnett and so on? Would books like that be too far removed from their experience?
I am very curious to hear from you again!
Best wishes,

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 26.03.2008 18:56:17 GMT+01:00
Dear Elinaz,

I am the author of a spiritual children's book called "Here You Are" which you can check out at, (very little information there, just a listing) and There are lots of reviews, children's-, teachers'-, and librarian's comments to give you a feeling for the book.

I did a 100-Book-Give-Away on in February (to celebrate my grandson's first birthday) for people just like you who would pass the book on to children who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. So "Here You Are" - which is a shiny, colorful hardcover gift book, is now also bringing joy to children in volcano ravaged Equador, orphanages in India, children in US War Refugee Camps, Inner US City schools, Hurricane Katrina survivors, etc (I write about it on my blog at

I'd be happy to send you a box for free - (the books come 32 to a box). The book is a colorful, hardcover book with lots of beautiul chalk drawings of sun, moon, clouds, trees, stars, flowers, butterflies etc, and raises the big questions of life - Who made everything? - Why am I here? - "What are enemies and friends? etc, etc. Without giving an answer - the answers are between the lines - the little person in the book asking himself all these questions, discovers the wordless answer to all his wondering deep in his own heart which results in a serene, awake happiness in the end.

The Give Away is done, but I am partial to Nepal and know that the children there would love "Here You Are" - so I'll extend it to you because I have a few books left. Let me know where to send them to you in the UK ( I'll also go through my grown children's bookshelves for more. I just did the same for a PhD student doing field work in Ecuador and got a great picture of the teacher and her son she works with back - high up in the mountains of Ecuador (you can see the picture on the "Volcanos and Floods" post on my blog)

If you like I will post your request on my blog - you are also welcome to put it there in a comment. It will be less visible so I'll be happy to make you a post. People love pictures, so if and when you have pictures of kids reading "Here You Are" in the future, I would be thrilled if you took the time to send them to my email address so I can put them an the blog as well. For all the books I give away I need to generate enough interest and publicity, so people also keep buying them to keep making that possible in the long run.

Everybody else reading this post - the more you buy - or recommend to others to buy "Here You Are" the more I can give it away! Do what you can - this book is a real little treasure for kids of all walks of life. Hope you have a moment to check it out. Hugs to all of you who give your time to work with children!

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 27.03.2008 09:14:22 GMT+01:00
Elinaz meint:
Dear Mayke and dear Elisabeth,

thank you very much for you email and generous offers which I very gladly accept on behalf of the children of the
Shamrock school in Nepal.

For the shipment, I have to check the address with a colleague who is also involved in this project and lives in Wales. He generally organises the shipment through the British Army, which seems the only way to get all items duty free and guaranteed to the final destination since the British Gurkhas are involved in this project as well.

If it is acceptable for you I would check and get back with the information in a few days? If I am informed correctly, there is also the possibility to get a receipt for your donation, but I need to check.

Shamrock School has been founded in 2006 and is entirely sponsored by Capt. Duncan Cradden, a former member of the British Army. He has served in Nepal and decided that he wanted to do something to help children from very poor families or orphans to avoid their usual fate of being married at 14 (girls) or spending their lifes as farmers on other peoples land with no prospects.
He has connected with a network established by a former Nepali British Gurkha officer who has founded more than 60 schools in remote regions of Nepal. Through a selection process they choose those children who are most needy but also most promising. These children then come to Shamrock School in Pokhara, which is a full boarding school set up in a former hotel.

To date there is a total of 43 children (19 girls, the rest boys) aged between 10 and 14. They live and go to school there. One aspect of the project is dedicated to train the Nepali teachers to teach interactively and support the children in learning to think autonomously. The standard teaching is Nepal usually is learning everything by heart and not asking oneself questions about it.
So for local standards, the didactics in Shamrock are quite revolutionary. But, and that is the nice part, the exam results of Shamrock pupils are way above the average results. The have more distinctions and honours than any other school in the district and therefore more chances to get a scholarship to a good college and university.

I have been there in February and have spent 2 weeks with the children at school. It has been a very intense emotional experience for me; these children are so giving, so interested, so open and eager to please but also to learn, that I felt overwhelmed.

As I said the school is entirely supported by Capt. Cradden. However any donations, such as books for example or any other items are welcome. There also is the possibility to donate funds; there is a UK accountand shortly there will be a Euro account as well.
Capt. Cradden appreciates donations with an aim: for example there have been donors who established, that they wanted the children to have a fun outing, or someone else said, the top girl pupils of each should receive a price, or someone sets up funds to support something.
I have for example bought and donated a washing machine which serves twofold: one, it saves the beautiful lake from pollution and two it supports the children in the effort to look and be clean. And it teaches them about resource saving, since the water from the washing machine is collected and reused - the local washing machines are a little different than the ones we are used to.To support the machine I have set up a fund into which I send money to pay for the soap, the electricity, the maintenance etc.

I think with a little creativity one could come up with a lot of different ideas.

If you would like to publish something on your blog, that would be very much appreciated. Here is a link with a little more information. It contains another link with pictures from the school which will be soon updated with the most recent shots. (

Elisabeth, concerning what they like to read: they have a small library which contains Jules Verne as well as the first Harry Potter. As of very recently, they some days have a special treat (when the electricity works - there is up to 8 hours a day load shedding) to see a film after supper. When I was there it was "the sound of music" and "high school xyz" (I don't remember the title). I have seen the kids read anything in print, from cooking recipes to newspaper to monographic volumes about Ferrari cars, to children's books. In my opinion any book will be fine, there are so many kids with different interests. One girl wanted to be a poetess, the other a dancer, the next an Army officer, the next an eye surgeon - among the boys there is an aspiring hotelmanager. So they have a wide range of interest, know quite a lot of surprising things about other countries and I think we cannot go wrong with any book.

I hope this gives you a rough idea about Shamrock. I will gladly tell you more about it, if you would like and I hope this does not exceed this forum's intent.

Thank you very much for your support and help.
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