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Ann Herrick meint:
Hey, Nobody's Perfect (Books We Love young adult romance) (English Edition) EUR 2,68
Insulting a guy in a wheelchair--is that any way to start a romance?

Veröffentlicht am 02.09.2014 17:59:47 GMT+02:00
Action-packed from start to finish with a finale that will leave you gasping.

The Dancing Boy (English Edition)
The army had no use for Tom Gillet after he'd lost a foot in Afghanistan. If it hadn't been for a young Afghan kid called Shafiq, he would have lost his life. With his world turned upside down, and on the verge of PTSD, Gillet's family life crumbles. From an ex- army pal he discovers that Shafiq has been sold into sexual slavery to a Taliban warlord as a dancing boy. Grabbing the opportunity to start his own personal war, Gillet returns to Afghanistan to search for the boy. Betrayed by those he thought allies, a dramatic change of events take place when he receives news in Afghanistan that his son has been kidnapped in the UK by Al Qaeda and is to be used as part of a plan to blackmail him into disgracing the Americans present in Afghanistan. As he begins his search for his son, Gillet uncovers not only the extent of child sexual slavery present in Afghanistan and the UK, but Islam's plans to march into world domination.

Veröffentlicht am 21.08.2014 16:28:16 GMT+02:00
A.H. Scott meint:
A Missed Flight

Red stiletto on her right foot began tapping against floor, “I want to speak with your superior”.

“Ma’am, please calm down” Older man tried to quell the rising tide of anger in this woman.

Nancy’s chip of arrogance was tossed into the face of these TSA employees, “I’m late for my plane. Now, I suggest you get me on that flight..” Taking a breath, her voice rose, “NOW!!”

Balding man with those baggy eyes placed his cap on slowly and made a suggestion, “Well, since you put it that way, ma’am” Using a snippet of charm, he actually smiled at this gruff brunette.

Nancy shrugged, “Why should I go anywhere with either of you?”

Curvy and petite, the blonde followed her fellow TSA employee’s lead, “We just want to take you as one of our special clients through the shortcut to the boarding area” She added, “That is what you wish us to do. Correct, ma’am?”

Standing there with arms folded, Nancy snickered, “Yes, exactly”.

TSA agent with those sad eyes motioned his hand in a wave around the outside of the metal detector to this passenger, “Please, come this way, ma’am”.

Nancy walked behind him and was followed by the female agent, “Now, this is the type of service I am accustomed to”.

As this man pushed through a pair of slate grey, steel doors behind the TSA security station, Nancy was led through a restricted section of the terminal.

Consisting of a long hallway with six rooms on either side of the walls of sky blue color; Nancy was directed past several other passengers being questioned in a trio of those enclosures.

Man with the bushy moustache stopped directly in front of the last room on the left. Opening the door, he made a request of her, “Right in here, ma’am”.

Sense of relief in getting the apt treatment by a pair of wannabe purveyors of authority, Nancy whisked by him and peeked into the darkened room with a smile, “Is this the shortcut?”

At that moment, Nancy had an impression that the final room may have been an exit to the boarding area.

Blonde of short stature who looked like a plump Cabbage Patch doll responded to this woman’s carefree question with a quick action. Pushing Nancy inside of that room, this TSA agent’s soft voice turned into a vicious growl, “No, bitch!! It’s your final destination” Closing the door behind this pushy passenger.

For Nancy, the tables of power could shift in a snap. Or, in this instance a slamming door….end of excerpt

Strap in for a tempestuous trip from the mind of A.H. Scott.

You can take off without even leaving the ground.

Now Boarding!! Now Boarding!!

This is “A Missed Flight”.

As Nancy saw her flight take off the ground, she thought it was missed. Yet, timing which seemed wrong, actually was perfect all along.

For a certain class of business traveler, pleasure is an unexpected coincidence.

Power trips.

Power shifts.

Ready for take-off?

(oh, I bet you are…..)

For your travelling pleasure, strap in for flight entertainment with the trailer here:

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=D41domeXKLk

A Missed Flight

Veröffentlicht am 17.08.2014 19:59:43 GMT+02:00
A.H. Scott meint:
Master Fabrizzio's Vault: Taking Eric

Eric’s rising fears were masked by a thin veneer of arrogance, as his mind raced back to what occurred just a few hours earlier.

He had been invited to the Calvianni estate to have dinner with this Italian financier. As both men spoke of business and life, there had been another person who’d joined them.

Lina, a beautiful woman in her 30’s, with penetrating dark eyes and black hair which cascaded down her back; wore a black gown with a tiger’s eye pendant, which dangled against plush breasts.

Eric, whose hard charging ways had given him a reputation in spheres of both business and boudoirs; had thought Lina would be just another notch in his belt.

Fabrizzio Calvianni used this nick in the armor of this American to prove a long-standing theory he had about alpha males. For many a year, Calvianni culled varied men of industry into the hallowed folds of his home in Lazio, Italy.

Eric was the latest test subject in the eagle’s nest of alphas….end of excerpt

Behind the marble walls and manicured gardens of the Calvianni estate existed dark corners of temptation, torture and triumph…

Catherine Dolore invites you inside, “Master Fabrizzio’s Vault: Taking Eric”.

Master Fabrizzio's Vault: Taking Eric

Veröffentlicht am 17.08.2014 19:59:31 GMT+02:00
A.H. Scott meint:
Master Fabrizzio's Vault: Clarissa Unveiled

Clarissa shook her wrists as she was freed and walked over to Master Fabrizzio, who was now situated in the center of the vault.

Sven; a muscular and brooding man with brown eyes and hair, rolled a large box into the center of that location.

Box was the length of a dining table and height of three feet high. Wrapped with a shiny metallic paper with the words of various Birthday Greetings upon it, showed this item’s arrival in the vault would begin the acceleration of Clarissa’s birthday extravaganza.

Three party hats were situated on the left, middle and right of the box’ top.

“A birthday isn’t a birthday without a gift” Master Fabrizzio began the calliope of coital circumstances for this young woman, “And, this is your gift, Clarissa”.

“What is it?”

“Three hats just for you” Keeping the contents of that box under wraps of disclosure, Master Fabrizzio did have one catch in allowing Clarissa to make a choice that would affect the way things would proceed, “Now, if you remove one of the hats, you must remove them all”.

Clarissa took up the dare and removed the first party hat, which was orange in color with flecks of gold glitter upon it…..end of excerpt


Clarissa, the daughter of an art gallery owner in Stockholm has no idea that her father has planned a surprise birthday celebration for her.

His old friend, Fabrizzio Calvianni has graciously offered to assist in bringing his daughter out of her sexual shell.

Colorful streamers, cake and champagne are on the menu inside of Fabrizzio’s mansion; while darkness, indecency and swallowing are in the offing inside of Master Fabrizzio’s vault.

Master Fabrizzio's Vault: Clarissa Unveiled

Veröffentlicht am 17.08.2014 19:59:02 GMT+02:00
A.H. Scott meint:
The Genesis Brotherhood: Butterflies of August

Standing alone in the boardroom of Stephenson Publishing Company, its’ president Langley Stephenson was in the midst of reviewing galleys and covers for upcoming releases in the Fall/Winter book catalog.

With his back to the glass door entrance of this large room, on that Thursday morning in August at 9:45, a soft voice called out to him.

“Uncle Langley?”

Turning around, Stephenson replied to a person he got to know very well since Valentine’s Day earlier that year, “Evelyn? What are you doing here, dear one?”

Evelyn gave him a family-friendly peck on the right cheek, “Just making a pit-stop here to meet my Dad. We’re heading back down to Texas”.

“Ah, yes. Kirkpatrick told me something about going back to the ranch later this afternoon. I didn’t know you were in town” Walking around an oblong, glass topped table towards the window he began placing some advertising images on a trio of easels, “It’s good to see you, as always”.

Evelyn placed her black purse onto the table’s edge and sat down with her back to anyone passing by that location.

Stephenson Publishing’s President had an unspoken rule for all employees involving having that boardroom and other offices with clear glass doors to promote transparency.

Never had a sexual harassment lawsuit or whiff of illicit impropriety between male or female who worked at this operation of traditional values been made, due to this innovative implementation of architecture.

For what was a consistent rule for the majority who worked at Stephenson Publishing did not apply to Langley.

Decadent dance of Lee and Evie took the stage once again with his next stream of words spoken to her.

“You know how breathtaking you are to me, Evie?” Lee let down his guard and spoke to the young woman who sat with her back to the glass entrance of that boardroom, “That night in Asheville was quite a delight”.

Evie nodded and began tapping fingertips onto the glass topped table, “To be taught by you is heaven’s delight, Lee”.

“Evie, you are a most succulent student for any man to teach”, Lee’s hands were placed downward onto that glass structure, as he replied with vigor, “You are a very quick study in the art of making a man happy, Evie”….end of excerpt

Helen S. Ciliegia invites you to take off across the horizon of desire with her latest installment of “The Genesis Brotherhood” series.

“Butterflies of August” continues the tale of Langley Stephenson, a man who never second-guessed his choices in life and living.

Stephenson Publishing had a niche in bringing the world wholesome books which focused on family, faith and traditional values.

Langley carried himself as a commodore of control.

And, control his world he did. From family to business and beyond to the greatest triumph with the Genesis Brotherhood; Langley Stephenson’s aura glowed with confidence.

It was something which couldn’t be bought with money or traded with dropping of a lengthy list of influential names.

He was a man who never flinched from his beliefs.

In fact, Langley Stephenson’s root was revivified in the path which the Genesis Brotherhood had taken over the years.

Yet, an arrow from an unexpected source pierced Langley’s armor; allowing a sultry breeze of August to ensnare captivation’s improbability.

Scintillating heights are soared in “The Genesis Brotherhood: Butterflies of August”.

The Genesis Brotherhood: Butterflies of August

Veröffentlicht am 17.08.2014 19:58:18 GMT+02:00
A.H. Scott meint:
The Chimes Of Nine

It was as if she were transported back to the 1940’s, as her eyes drank in the design of this elevator.

On the ceiling, an art deco glass design had four tiles of smoky blue and white, as an off-white glow filled that location.

The walls were tufted forest green leather with brass rivets up and down the panels.

Helen smiled to herself, in wondering whether she’d be seeing Bogart or Ann Sheridan when the doors opened on her floor.

Although the building had been retrofitted with modern amenities, the elevator remained an original from days gone by.

Undressing and placing her clothes into a small basket on a stool in the corner of the elevator, Helen pulled a robe from the silver hook on the back wall of this ascending capsule.

As the doors of that elevator opened, she walked towards two large, open doors.

She did hesitate for a moment, while thinking of what would happen just beyond the crimson doors. But, courage and curiosity stiffened her spine.

Helen entered the room. It was dark and she heard the sound of a person clearing their throat.

She knew what would come next.

And, she approached the middle of the room and silently waited.

Helen sniffed the air and a distinct scent of coconut flowed throughout the room.

A voice of a female, maybe in her late 50’s or 60’s was suddenly heard, “Tell me, my dear” pausing, “You know what this situation entails”

Helen lightly replied, “Yes”

Female once again spoke, “You must speak with a confident reply to me” She snickered slightly, “And, treat me with respect”.

Helen, a woman in her 30’s suddenly spoke with a stream of confidence towards this elder female, “Yes” Slightly squinting in hopes of seeing more than just a silhouette, “I do know what I am responsible for” Her voice calmly added, “Please, excuse my disrespect. I truly apologize”.

“Now, that’s better, my dear” The elder woman was reassured with Helen’s response and made a request of her own, “Let me look at you under the light”.

A small spotlight flickered on just above where Helen stood.

Helen was a bit nervous, as she stood there with a gentle smile on her face.


Helen knew this was her moment to begin the recreation for this evening. She wasn’t going to disappoint those in the darkness.

Silver robe of silk fabric fell onto the black and white marble floor….end of excerpt

A silver etched invitation to an exclusive club leads a woman into a world of enlightenment, excitement and erotic enchantment.

When you've got a golden ticket, you get to take a chocolate ride to Willy Wonka's.

When you get a silver ticket to this factory of fantasy, you are pampered in pleasure's delights.

A.H. Scott charms you in “The Chimes of Nine”

The Chimes Of Nine

Veröffentlicht am 17.08.2014 19:57:46 GMT+02:00
A.H. Scott meint:
The Sentence Of Anna

Being the mistress of a married nobleman in France, was a life that Anna never sought out. Alas, when Duke of Givenchy, Philippe Paramour came to her village when she was 17, this powerful man chose this raven haired young woman.

Anna's father and mother had been provided with a small monthly allotment from Philippe. By age 20, she'd accompanied him on several journeys around the countryside. Three years as his mistress gave Anna entree into a world beyond the peasant class.

Her beauty pleased him. This kept Anna a woman worthy of a Paramour.

Philippe could be harsh when Anna didn't follow his various orders for her. One of these came when staying at the villa of an old friend of the Duke's family.

The Terrance family had been equine trainers and breeders for the French royalty for over two hundred years.

Villa and stables were surrounded by a medium sized pasture on one side and a small river on the other side.

Valery Terrance's graying hair had a layering of waves atop his head. In younger days, Valery’s golden hair set him apart from his older brother with dark brown hair.

His athletic physique was quite limber, compared to portly Philippe. Both men met in their early teens. What bound them as friends was their love of fencing and females.

Philippe had brought many of his comforting companions through Valery’s villa over the years.

Anna was just the spicy flavor of this moment in April.

The Duke of Givenchy had a penchant for peasant girls to be swept up in the world of wealth and privilege, which only a nobleman could afford.

A skeleton household staff at the villa or its surroundings for this visit by Philippe and Anna were a quartet of stablemen in the connecting stables down the dusty road from the main house.

Past midnight, Valery came upon something that would make his eyes water. Terrance's villa had their doors removed during spring and summer months, which left only a partition between each bed chamber in the form of thick, burgundy colored fabric.

As the villa's owner sauntered past the bed chamber of Anna, he could hear her moaning. "Stop it, please", Anna panted.

Valery felt an impulse to see what was happening on the other side of that heavy curtain. Finding an opening quickly, his mouth was aghast.

Anna, with arms wrapped around one of the bedposts on a large sized bed, was naked and shivering as the wind blew around that luscious body….end of excerpt


In 1747 France, the Duke of Givenchy, Philippe Paramour was a man of power and position. Philippe's noble title gave him liberation of his most debaucherous yearnings. The Duke's favorite past-time was taking young peasant girls under his wing as lovers and travelling companions across the French countryside.

This is "The Sentence Of Anna".

Anna's sentence at times would have been intolerable to a lesser woman of her immature age. But, what she gained under the strict tutelage of Philippe was the skills of maturity and demure sophistication.

Author A.H. Scott delivers a punishment of power, pride and passion in this tale of explosive encounters and ribald release...

The Sentence Of Anna

Veröffentlicht am 17.08.2014 19:56:08 GMT+02:00
A.H. Scott meint:
Sangre (Daughters Of The Rose Moon)

“Valeria, he told me he loves me” She gave a proud smile in acknowledging that miracle “We made love” Blissfully recalling those moments of magic “I left him sleeping in bed and went into the bathroom” Visibly showing Valeria the bane of despair, she pulled up her pink cotton tee shirt, “Then this, Valeria”.

Having to see Sangre’s flesh for what it is, Valeria placed hand over mouth, “Does he know?”

Sangre hated to admit the truth to anyone, but had to tell everything to Valeria, “When the sun rises” Inhaling the air, as if courage were in the wind, “He will”.

Valeria knew Sangre better than anyone. She’d seen the tears and fears of this young woman in all its’ vividness. Event of this night was the last thing she ever wanted Sangre to have to deal with, “My heart is with you, dearest one” Placing Sangre’s smooth hand in her wrinkled one, “Get some sleep and things will be as they should be in the morning”.

“I just wanted….” Sangre looked downward in a pause and said a trio of words she never thought would come from her lips, “…To taste life”.

“And, you have, sweet Sangre” Valeria stood up and lifted Sangre upward also. She softly spoke to her, “Rest your eyes and your mind”.

“You are right, Valeria. Everything will be as it should” Sangre hugged her and rested head on Valeria’s shoulder, “I love you”.

“I love you, Sangre” Returning that hug and letting her go gently, Valeria traced both thumbs along those tear stained cheeks.

Sangre nodded and retreated upstairs to her bedroom for rest and a smidgen of solace.

Wishing to wash away the fiasco under a shower head, Sangre turned the silver knob to release a stream of warm water.

Closing her eyes as that liquid splashed against skin, she thought about Brian. His kisses, kindness and smile gave Sangre pause in her decision to leave him sleeping.

Wondering whether things could ever be normal between her and any man, suddenly was answered in a most unusual way.

Placing her hands forward against the white shower tiles, she began to second guess herself.

Holding head down and slowly opening eyes, Sangre’s choice was crystallized, as a stream of crimson color swirled down the shower drain…end of excerpt


Brian fell in love with a dream.

Yet, this dream was a nightmare, for this woman was not what she seemed.

Her name was “Sangre”.

Sangre (Daughters Of The Rose Moon)

“In the end…..we are left with ourselves” – A.H. Scott


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Veröffentlicht am 21.07.2014 22:28:05 GMT+02:00
Ann Herrick meint:
How to Survive a Summer Romance (or Two) (English Edition) EUR 2,68
Find out the impact of lust, love, hormones, memories, and relationships for Kaysie, her mother, and her younger sister, when the family vacations for a month at Lake Winnipesaukee and summer romances take center stage...

Can Kaysie have a summer romance with Troy and still remain true to Brian? After all, Brian did tell her to have a fling or two while she was on vacation! But what happens when feelings and hormones collide? Can Kaysie trust her heart to stay on track? And how is she going to keep an eye on her mother and Troy's father--who just happens to be Mom's former summer romance? How did fun in the summer sun get so complicated, anyway?

Veröffentlicht am 13.07.2014 21:16:14 GMT+02:00
Ann Herrick meint:
My Fake Summer Boyfriend (English Edition) 2,68
Sun, surf, sand and Alex--Katie was swept away!

Katie eagerly agrees to pretend she is Alex's girlfriend for the summer in order to protect his job. Amid sundrenched waves, they develop a friendship that is on the verge of turning romantic, when who should arrive but Nicole, Alex's old girlfriend. In three days, Nicole ruins Katie's relationship with Alex. So Katie gets involved with Logan, Nicole's handsome older brother, though Alex is the one for her.

Soon enough Katie learns that fake romances can get out of hand and lead to complications she never imagined.

Veröffentlicht am 04.07.2014 22:04:26 GMT+02:00
Ann Herrick meint:
Trading Faces (English Edition) 2,68

Can Darcy nab Cybil's boyfriend by switching bodies with her?

Veröffentlicht am 30.06.2014 18:11:18 GMT+02:00
Frank Mundo meint:
Loser. Freak. Weirdo. Gregory is different.

Veröffentlicht am 19.06.2014 05:05:31 GMT+02:00
Ann Herrick meint:
Trading Faces (English Edition) 2,68
Can Darcy nab Cybil's boyfriend by switching bodies with her?

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 18.06.2014 22:08:41 GMT+02:00
L. Hawkins meint:
Thank you for doing this. I was going to ask if someone could direct me to the MOA when I did a quick search and discovered this thread.

If I may I would like to post a few of my books here.

"High School is no place for punks."

Taming The Golden Boys of Central High

"Live Hard and Dream Big!"


"Huh? What? Who is gay?"
Popstars: Cover 2

"Toad-face is coming..."

The Prince & The Toad: Madison's First Love

Miles was a hopeless gangster with no reason to live until he met Angela. If you've ever wondered if love was enough, check out

The Princess & The Thug: Hood Love

Rex was not looking for love, just revenge. Then No-No happened along. Love has the power to change people.

Rex Revenge: Hood Love 2

Veröffentlicht am 03.06.2014 11:13:33 GMT+02:00
The Dancing Boy
The army had no use for Tom Gillet after he'd lost a foot in Afghanistan. If it hadn't been for a young Afghan kid called Shafiq, he would have lost his life. With his world turned upside down, and suffering from PTSD, Gillet's family life crumbles. Then, from an ex- army pal he discovers Shafiq has been sold into sexual slavery to a Taliban warlord as a dancing boy. Gillet grabs the opportunity to start his own personal war, and returns to Afghanistan in the hope of finding the boy. With his PTSD worsening, and betrayed by those closest to him, he begins to uncover the horrors of Bacha Bazi. Then a dramatic change of events take place when he receives news his son has been kidnapped by Al Qaeda and brought to Afghanistan as part of a plan to blackmail him. As he searches for his son he reveals the extent of sexual slavery present in not only Afghanistan but countless others countries including the UK.

Veröffentlicht am 30.05.2014 01:26:02 GMT+02:00
Umsonst bis 30ten Mai:
Get your FREE copy today.... usually you have to work for success... this one is free + funny!!!
#892 Kostenfrei in Kindle-Shop
Nr. 1 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Fremdsprachige eBooks > Englische eBooks > Biografien & Erinnerungen > Spezifische Gruppen > Frauen

Veröffentlicht am 28.05.2014 15:31:02 GMT+02:00
Enjoy this lovely Wednesday, everyone! Here are some medical-related suspense novels and their Amazon bestselling rankings on Amazon.UK:

As his colleagues and patients are falling dead around him, why has Dr. Danny been spared from the pandemic of the millennium?
Silent Fear: a Medical Mystery (A Dr. Danny Tilson Novel)
Amazon UK Bestsellers Rank: #8,241 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
• #6 in Kindle Store > Books > Crime, Thriller & Mystery > Thrillers > Medical

As Dr. Danny Tilson performs the most astounding brain surgery of his career, the silence is shattered by a woman with a velvet voice and aqua eyes. His life will never be the same again.
Operation Neurosurgeon: You never know ... who's in the OR (A Dr. Danny Tilson Novel)
Amazon UK Bestsellers Rank: #27,100 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
• #9 in Kindle Store > Books > Crime, Thriller & Mystery > Thrillers > Medical

Outcome, a Novel: "a unique work of fiction by a master storyteller, "Outcome" is a deftly written novel that will engage the reader's total attention from beginning to end, making it highly recommended." Midwest Book Review
Outcome, a Novel
Amazon UK Bestsellers Rank: #38,377 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
• #14 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > Professional & Technical > Medicine > Physician & Patient

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 18.05.2014 21:28:21 GMT+02:00
Ann Herrick meint:
My Fake Summer Boyfriend 2,68
Sun, surf, sand and Alex--Katie was swept away!

Katie eagerly agrees to pretend she is Alex's girlfriend for the summer in order to protect his job. Amid sundrenched waves, they develop a friendship that is on the verge of turning romantic, when who should arrive but Nicole, Alex's old girlfriend. In three days, Nicole ruins Katie's relationship with Alex. So Katie gets involved with Logan, Nicole's handsome older brother, though Alex is the one for her.

Soon enough Katie learns that fake romances can get out of hand and lead to complications she never imagined.

Veröffentlicht am 17.05.2014 11:49:03 GMT+02:00
Alexis Scott meint:
The Years 'The Years' by Alexis Scott is a 'faction' novel - some would even call it the 'non-fiction novel' (see Wikipedia). The first chapter outlines, in graphic detail, the facts of Bloody Sunday on January 30th 1972 when fourteen men - many of them teenagers - were shot dead and twenty seven injured by British paratroopers. The rest of the story is part fiction, with fictitious characters but as impeccably researched as a history book. Told in the forceful language of Derry's streets, The Years is a roller coaster ride down forty years of the town's history. Francie, released from jail after a long sentence, is trying to come to terms with the changes peace has brought, as well as dealing with what he did - and didn't - do on Bloody Sunday.
Meanwhile, the unnamed paratrooper who killed a man on Bloody Sunday, is having to return to the nightmare he left behind decades earlier.
A deeply-moving and thought-provoking story, The Years is also a thundering good read. This is one of the best accounts you will ever come across of what really happened on Derry's Bloody Sunday but it is more than that: it is about personal responsibility and forgiveness.
Alexis Scott was born in Derry and was a teenager living there at the time of Bloody Sunday. She moved to Scotland in 1973 and trained as a solicitor there. Her other books include 'Eating Wolves', 'Hidden Histories', 'Deaconsbank', 'Affairs of State', 'Tough Times', 'Cuisine Americiane' and 'Martyrs and Other Stories'. Her first novel 'Eating Wolves' published in 2003 was praised by John Carey in the Sunday Times in October 2003 ('I prefer the novels that aren't on my Booker shortlist').

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2014 16:44:42 GMT+02:00
Ann Herrick meint:
Life, Love, and Surviving High School
Claire makes an offer about Brent that Becca can't resist....

Becca's in high school, but she hasn't been on the same page as her best friends since just before the start of middle school and she doesn't know exactly how things got so different. Not different in some edgy, gritty, she's-a-rebel way. More of a Yes-she's-a-dork way. Which makes it all the more amazing that while other friendships have crashed and burned all around them the four of girls have managed to stay Best Friends Forever. She doesn't need to share in her friends' spotlight. Becca's happy to follow along in the shadows, as long as she's not totally cast aside.

She's definitely not ready for guys. In fact, she just wants to skip right over high school and jump straight to twenty-two. By then she figures she will have gotten through her first date, first kiss, passed her driver's test, taken the SATs, filled out all those college applications, somehow survived living in a dorm and gotten her college degree without all the anxiety and drama.

Instead, just after silently deciding to not even think about guys and concentrate on school work for the next four years, she is instantly mesmerized by Brent, a seriously great-looking senior who also happens to have a long-time girlfriend, Claire. Not one to be the "other woman," Becca imagines creative ways for Claire to be out of Brent's life.

Meanwhile, Becca forms a strictly friends-only relationship with Colt. Becca and Colt turn out be good partners when it comes to studying, taking pictures for the school newspaper and working on a term paper together.

But when one day Claire makes an offer about Brent that Becca can't resist, that changes everything.

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2014 03:54:58 GMT+02:00
Irma Fritz meint:
Jetzt kostenlos! -- Cigarette Break (The Angel of Death)

Ein junges Ehepaar, C.J. und Crystal, landen mit ihren drei kleinen Kindern in einer abgelegenen kanadischen Pension. Crystal und die Kinder finden es dort ganz idyllisch. Aber C. J., der Soldat ist, sagt es ist ein guter Ort für Selbstmort machen. Am Ende kann er es aber nicht alleine tun. Was passiert wenn C.J. und Crystal auf eine Rauchepause gehen?

Nr. 2 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Fremdsprachige eBooks > Englische eBooks > Belletristik > Populäre Belletristik > Krieg

Veröffentlicht am 10.04.2014 21:00:08 GMT+02:00

Echoes Of Madness
The year 1916. From out of the insanity of World War One emerges a madness inflicted on the innocent by the guilty. When 1st Lieutenant Richard Finch accused his C/O, Captain Sebastian Windward, son and heir of Lord Windward, of cowardice in the face of the enemy there can only be one outcome. The accusation is reversed and Finch is arrested and awaits a court martial. But Finch has sympathisers within his cavalry regiment, and makes a bid for freedom back to England. Forced to survive in the shadows of the East End of London to avoid arrest the effects of battle begin to erode his mind and will time run out before he can take his revenge.

Veröffentlicht am 29.03.2014 23:19:13 GMT+01:00
Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas is a fun read for all ages based on historical sites and history. Captain Alberto Dicer writes the story of his life while raiding the treasure ships of Spain during the 16th century. Free on Sunday 30 March 2014 otherwise at lowest price.
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