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Welche englischen Ausgaben von Hobbit und LotR?

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Ersteintrag: 25.11.2012 17:31:04 GMT+01:00
Yzariael meint:
Hallo zusammen!
Ich möchte mir gerne die englischen Originaltexte Tolkiens zulegen. Allerdings bin ich bei der Fülle von Ausgaben leider etwas überfordert, zu welcher ich nun greifen soll. Es geht erstmal nur um den Hobbit und HdR.

Beim HdR tendiere ich zu einer dieser Ausgabe
The Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings: 50th Anniversary Edition

Sind diese empfehlenswert? Welche ist besser (falls jemand die Vergleichsmöglichkeit hat)? Wichtig sind mir vor allem die Karten!

Beim Hobbit sieht es da schon schwieriger aus, da scheint es ja noch mehr Ausgaben zu geben.... Habt ihr da Empfehlungen? Es ist ja erst vor kurzem die neue Pocket Version erschienen, dann gibt es zig Jubiläumsversionen und dann noch die Wahl zwischen illustriert und nur Text....

Danke schon mal im Vorraus!
Antwort auf den Eintrag von Yzariael:
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Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 25.11.2012 21:44:09 GMT+01:00
A. Customer meint:
Hi, hope you don't mind an answer in English -- it's late ;).

The two LotR versions you're looking at both contain the 50th anniversary version text -- one is the US version, the other the British version. The text is identical and the maps are large and clear. The best thing about these versions is that scholars went over the text carefully to correct many errors that had crept in over the decades. There is a less luxurious (but still very nice) version from 2003 (isbn 0618645616) with the same text and smaller maps.

The Hobbit has also had a corrected version issued around the same time. I prefer the versions without illustrations -- envisioning it myself is one of the joys of reading -- but tastes differ.

I have heard that the movie tie-in versions have lots of errors in the text.

Have fun reading them!

Veröffentlicht am 26.11.2012 01:39:10 GMT+01:00
Yzariael meint:
Thanks a lot for your answer! So the only difference between US and UK version is the cover? I'm not going to take the 2003 Version, because of the size of the maps.
For the Hobbit, I think I'll choose the 70th anniversary Edition (2007).

Btw. do you know if the german movie tie-in versions also contain the errors? It's good to know, that they changed the text in the newer versions...

Veröffentlicht am 26.11.2012 16:05:53 GMT+01:00
Ich kenne das Problem. Nach der Meinung unseres Book-Clubs sind die neusten Ausgaben (Siehe Veröffentlichungsdatum) deswegen die besten, da einige Missetaten der älteren Werke behoben oder optimiert wurden.
Wenn Dir Tolkiens Werke gefallen, dann schaue Dir auch das hier mal an:
Paperback: Aldrians Adventures Part I + II
E-Book: Aldrians ADVENTURES

Paperback: Aldrians Abenteuer: Sammelband Teil I und II

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 27.11.2012 09:11:04 GMT+01:00
A. Customer meint:
I think -- no expert here -- that the UK and US versions differ only in the cover, but possibly also in format -- seems like one of them is a cm. or so larger.

You can't go wrong with the 70th ann. version of the Hobbit. There is also an annotated version, with notes about what Tolkien changed to make the story in "The Hobbit" match what he was writing later in LotR. Depends on one's geekiness level whether that is interesting!

As for the German version: I don't know anything about the movie tie-ins, except that they are the newer translation. There are two: the original one by Margaret Carroux is from 1969 and I do recall hearing it had some errors. On the plus side, she had the advantage that Tolkien was still alive and knew German, so she profited from some input from him (to say he worked with her on it would be going too far I think). Purportedly to correct the errors in that edition (though doubtless with an eye to new revenue with the films coming out) a new translation was issued in 2000, done by Wolfgang Krege. He had the assignment to use modern language in his version. A quick googling will give you an overview of the differences in the translations (and the controversy; there is a lot of dispute!)

Veröffentlicht am 29.11.2012 21:58:27 GMT+01:00
While the comments on the *printed* version give you sufficient information what to chose, I suggest that you take into account the two very good *audio* versions that are available. The "original" BBC version is just incredible and for a long time it was the only audio version I was listening to.

But the German version by "der hörverlag" is a close rival and I can wholeheartedly suggest it to you as a second source of LotR when driving the car - or in any other situation where a real book would be inappropriate ;-)

Veröffentlicht am 01.12.2012 13:36:03 GMT+01:00
Roy Merrit meint:
Margaret Carroux` Translation is in my opinion definitely the best one available. The so called 'new speak' implemented by Wolfgang Krege is, putting it middly, irritating in few situations! So, yes the german movie tie-in version contains errors but as Robbins very suitable pointed out; it depends on your level of enthusiasm wether you recognize them or not. Personally, they annoy me a lot, but they are definitely not essential, for someone who just wants to enjoy a good story! (Unless you plan to involve yourself to the broad discussion, and join us Tolkienians ;-))

In case of the mentioned audio versions: Make yourself clear, wether you want an audio book(hörbuch) or a reading(Lesung)- the distinction couldnt be more fundamentally! The version mentioned by Michael is an audio book- one of the better ones. There are several available but some of them are simply crap! I dont wanna screw amazon, but in that case I counsel you to go your local Shop and take a test run, to see what you like.
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