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The Baltic Sea Object Was Predicted

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Philip Chen meint:
By my book which was written twenty years ago and published last year.

If the Swedish explorers who found a mysterious object in the Baltic Sea have the same experience as my fictional characters in the following excerpt, I am going to have to declare my book nonfiction.


The pinging of the depth sonar increased in frequency as the Squid spiraled toward the bottom. The Squid settled gently on the soft bottom, stirring up a cloud of silt, undisturbed for centuries in the quietness of the Hatteras Abyssal Plain. Until the silt settled, there was nothing that the crew could do but wait. Anderson switched on the outside lights for a second, but all they saw was the reflection of the dust cloud.

The time gave McHugh and Robison an opportunity to revisit the topographical maps drawn by McHugh's oceanographic team at Port Hueneme, California, from data collected by Nematode and the USS Marysville. The plan was for this team to reconnoiter the northern sector of the mysterious object. Liu and Sevson in a subsequent dive would explore the southern sector.

"From this map, it appears that we have landed about one half mile to the northeast of the object," said Robison making some rough calculations based on the Squid's descent time and current meter readings.

After the silt cloud had dissipated, Anderson adjusted his buoyancy and ever so slowly lifted off the bottom so as to not kick up any more silt.
Taking his magnetic bearings, adjusted for the magnetic anomaly, Anderson headed the Squid southwest, toward the mysterious object that had long tantalized everyone on this mission.

Twenty minutes past and the forward scanning sonar picked up a signal that was unmistakably the object. As the object drew closer, Anderson turned on the outside flood lamps. McHugh and Robison reclined on the mats that served as cushions and looked out the forward portholes.

What they saw was a smooth, almost polished black curved surface that extended to the limits of illumination, as far as the eye could see. Anderson steered the Squid on a path that first ran along the edge of the object, it was like walking along a curved wall of black glass. He then steered the Squid up and over the object, again nothing but the same black glassy surface. There were no cracks, no seams, no doors, no windows, nothing.

Walt conducted temperature, current, salinity, background radiation, and sonar tests - nothing.

The Squid stood off of the object and tried to measure changes in or fall off from any of the readings - nothing.

Only the metastable helium magnetometer showed any indication of the presence of the object, the readings correlated with the earlier surface and over-flight data.

Anderson and Carver used the depth sounding sonar to construct a profile of the object. The shape was that of a gigantic oval object, no seams, no bumps, no doors, no windows, no anything.

"[ ], that thing is just not real. Nothing real could be that smooth," exclaimed a mystified McHugh.

"You know what you said to pside, Bob?" said Robison.


"I think we're in deep [ ]," replied Robison.

Usin g the strobe lights and television camera, Robison took multiple shots of the smooth, grayish-black curved structure, the size of a football field. The height of the object was about fifty feet from the silt bottom; there was no way to determine how deep the object sat in the silt.

Bathymetric readings from the USS Marysville suggested that the object sat in the center of what might. have been an impact crater but the centuries had softened even that conclusion.



A very realistic science fiction thriller about the accidental discovery of mysterious, but mute, objects in the ocean in 1967 and what happened. when they woke up in 1993 and began sending signals to outer space. Mike, pulled back into a clandestine agency to finish the job he began over twenty-three years ago as a navy ensign, is strangely attacked by gangs of what look like ordinary Americans. Attacks he can handle, but he is shaken when he learns that a revered friend has died. Will the death of Mike's friend mean that the secret of these mysterious objects will be locked. forever in the dark ocean bottom?

45 four and five star reviews on Amazon US and UK. 98,250+ words. 354 pages.

This book is so realistic that readers often finish the book wondering, "if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing.".

Strongly recommended by noted U.S. book critic Alan Caruba, who says, "If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star."

This story ge ts more real with each passing day.

[[ ASIN:B003 YCPK4C Falling Star]] | Print
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